Cougar Groove

betty white boombox[Allie Is Wired] What former reality star stepped out recently wearing a VERY » Continued

Thin Skinned

woman plugging ears 2[Allie Is Wired] This reality show personality is paid to dish out the dirt, but she’s not about to take what she gives.  Turns out she’s » Continued

Wedding Snub

women arguing 3[Blind Gossip] In the eternal quest to create drama for a reality show, these two women have agreed to » Continued

He’s A Fed Snitch

tyga kylie[Hollywood Street King] “Dude forgot these streets got eyes – ears too.”

Today’s blind item subject looks to be a man who is secretly » Continued

Disloyal and Disrespectful

respect 1[Blind Gossip] These two celebrities work together on a reality TV show. They are professional and friendly on-air, but Older Guy avoids Younger Guy as soon as the cameras are off.

» Continued

Carried Out Of A NYC Bar

industry nyc[Tamara Tattles] This West Coast housewife is winging her hungover ass back to the West Coast today. I received » Continued

Fashion Trash Denied

doorman club[Naughty Gossip] Which Real Housewife Of NYC was not happy when » Continued

The Smelliest Reality Puss

smelly cat[Naughty Gossip] Real Housewives of Miami veteran Joanna Krupa has slapped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville with a lawsuit, after Glanville allegedly accused Krupa of having smelly private parts, but in fact it’s a different » Continued

Two Problems With This Teen Couple

holding hands 3[Blind Gossip] This cable channel – which has  moved away from its original programming angle – just started filming a new reality series that will premiere in the fall. It will feature » Continued

Bar Fight With A Wannabe

women fighting 10a[Blind Gossip] This past weekend, a female reality star traveled to New York City. While out at a bar with some friends » Continued

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