Destroy Miranda

blake shelton miranda lambert 4[Blind Gossip] We told you yesterday that it was that Blake Shelton’s smack at Miranda Lambert’s fidelity was a PR attempt to make Lambert look like the bad guy in their marriage.

Given that » Continued

The Baby Fix

baby 27[Allie Is Wired] This Hollywood power couple has been on the brink of divorce » Continued

The First Call

iphone 4[Blind Gossip] This acting couple split up a few years ago. Both have done TV and films, and they even did a project or two together when they were still a couple. » Continued

Billionaires Versus Leftovers

man wealthy 1[Hollywood Street King] Just days after posts to social media revealed another dude playing Daddy to his ex-wife and kids … on Father’s Day … this Hollywood EX Husband is being left with no choice but to » Continued

Kissy Dinners Behind Her Husband’s Back

romantic dinner[Blind Gossip] This multi-talented celebrity couple filed for divorce earlier this year. They gave the usual vague excuses at the time (e.g. “We’ve grown apart”).

Do you want to know who our sweet little actress was quietly fooling around with for a YEAR before they filed? » Continued

Double The Marriage Stress

double wedding[Blind Gossip]  Before her husband, this famous actress had dated some of the most eligible men in the world. So we wondered why she would get married after dating this guy for such a short period of time. » Continued

Split List

divorce 13[Blind Gossip] We’ve been telling you about this celebrity couple’s troubles for YEARS. The public announcement of their separation is going to be » Continued

Queen Bans Designer From Met Gala

rihanna met gala 2015[Mouth To Ears] Fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala, went down last night. But there was one particular American designer that you may have missed dazzling us on the red carpet. » Continued

Why She Is Selling Her House

house for sale 4[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. She owns more than one home, but there is one house in particular » Continued

Date Debate

date nut breadSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] First point up for debate in this upcoming celebrity divorce: dates!

No, not the kind of dates that are chopped up to make delicious muffins and breads. » Continued

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