Double The Marriage Stress

double wedding[Blind Gossip]  Before her husband, this famous actress had dated some of the most eligible men in the world. So we wondered why she would get married after dating this guy for such a short period of time. » Continued

From Zen To Nag

woman nagging[Blind Gossip] This famous actor thought that he was marrying a woman who was calm and modest and “very zen.” Since he tends to be the opposite » Continued

Fifty Shades Of Humiliation

fifty shades of grey[Blind Gossip] They are both superstars in the music industry who frequently dominate the music charts. But we were a bit shocked to hear » Continued

This Beard Moves Fast

woman beard 7[Blind Gossip] This young actress has a thing for gay male celebrities. She really believes that her presence makes them appear more straight. » Continued

A Good Offense

couple fighting 12[Blind Gossip] There is a story out there that this husband is jealous of his actress wife’s career success, and that it is causing problems in their marriage.

This is total nonsense » Continued

Behind The Power Couple Split

heartbreak 2[New York Post] Which power couple continues to deny a split while rumors swirl that » Continued

A Little Laugh Over Big and Big

woman laughing 2[Blind Gossip] This TV actress is having a little laugh over her personal life!

She was very upset last » Continued

Infidelity Anniversary

couple arguing 8[Blind Gossip] This married celebrity couple recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. They put out a public message about how happy » Continued

This Hunk Just Left His Wife

man luggage[Naughty Gossip] Which sexy straight hunk that has just split from his wife after many years » Continued

This Will Rock Your Faith In Marriage

rock star 5[Blind Gossip] We don’t want this little story to rock your faith in marriage. But it just might.

In comparison to many rock stars » Continued

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