A Good Offense

couple fighting 12[Blind Gossip] There is a story out there that this husband is jealous of his actress wife’s career success, and that it is causing problems in their marriage.

This is total nonsense » Continued

Behind The Power Couple Split

heartbreak 2[New York Post] Which power couple continues to deny a split while rumors swirl that » Continued

A Little Laugh Over Big and Big

woman laughing 2[Blind Gossip] This TV actress is having a little laugh over her personal life!

She was very upset last » Continued

Infidelity Anniversary

couple arguing 8[Blind Gossip] This married celebrity couple recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. They put out a public message about how happy » Continued

This Hunk Just Left His Wife

man luggage[Naughty Gossip] Which sexy straight hunk that has just split from his wife after many years » Continued

This Will Rock Your Faith In Marriage

rock star 5[Blind Gossip] We don’t want this little story to rock your faith in marriage. But it just might.

In comparison to many rock stars » Continued

The Perpetual Victims

girl crying 5[Blind Gossip] Have you ever noticed the way that the significant relationships of these siblings are spun? They are perpetually the » Continued

Pretending To Be Together

Divorce[Pop Bitch] Which hugely popular BBC and ITV primetime star is the subject of a very strange rumour that he and his wife » Continued

The Con Man

con man 1[Blind Gossip] It’s interesting how people are now questioning whether there was something toxic about the marriage of this famous singer. Of course there was!

The shadiness » Continued

His Vows Are Bull

bull flowers[Blind Gossip] There are rumors circulating that this film actor and actress’ marriage is in trouble because he is » Continued

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