ESPY Private Chatter

espys danielle green[Blind Gossip] While everyone was publicly smiling and very accepting of one of the featured recipients at the ESPY Awards, the unofficial chatter of those in attendance was quite the opposite! » Continued

Billboard Fat Comment

billboard music awards 2015[Blind Gossip] A famous female singer walked into the ladies’ room at the Billboard Music Awards. At the same time, another famous female singer was just exiting with a friend. » Continued

Backstage At The Kids Choice Awards

kids choice awards 2015[Blind Gossip] This actress is best known as the star of some large films that have always been fan favorites at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

But let’s not talk about her work when we can talk about something much more interesting: her personal life! » Continued

Pay For Peepee Pics

man money 6[Pop Bitch] Which Grammy winner used to pay ordinary civilians who took his fancy 200 quid a pop to » Continued

Not Exactly Model Behavior

women fighting 3[Blind Gossip] There were plenty of stars gathered in London for the BRIT Awards… but not everyone was getting along!

This performer » Continued

How This Oscar Nominee Relaxes

bathhouse[Naughty Gossip] Which happily married actor with a kid “accidentally” visited a gay bathhouse just before the Oscars? » Continued

Unsteady Backstage

shoes 1[Blind Gossip] Among the Oscar presenters, there was an actress who was drawing a bit of attention – and concern – backstage. » Continued

Sweetheart Speculation

woman drinking wine 4[Blind Gossip] We heard lots of speculation that this Oscar nominee was going to be heading to reh*b right after the awards season was over. » Continued

When The Oscar Cameras Are Watching

couple red carpet 3[Blind Gossip] This actress and her man were certainly putting on a show of affection during the televised portion of The Oscars! He was caressing her on the red carpet » Continued

Grabby Greeting

hand 1[Blind Gossip] This actress had a hairy encounter with an actor she knows who got a little grabby while greeting her at The Oscars. » Continued

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