She Was Swirling In Vegas

ice cream swirl[Blind Gossip] This TV Girl was recently in Las Vegas… and she was WILD!

If she was some young, unmarried celeb, it would not be such a big deal. But she is » Continued

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Outraged At The Misogynist

misogynist[Blind Gossip] This talented performer is absolutely furious with a guy who used to be on her TV show!

She always knew that he had misogynistic tendencies, but she is completely outraged about his latest » Continued

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TV Star Is Drunk As A Skunk

drunk skunk[All About The Tea] Sweet mother of pearl!

This wealthy reality TV housewife has certainly seen her troubles in life. She chooses to drown her sorrows » Continued

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BG12345: Tuesday

jennifer lawrence 3Good Morning, Blinders!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! You’re getting a BG12345 today! It’s a mix of new and solved items.

We feel bad for all those celebs who got their accounts hacked and their photos leaked. There’s public life, there’s private life, and then there’s REALLY private life. We certainly talk about private lives and really private lives here, but the publication of these photos was not even a consideration for us. Sorry if that disappointed some of you, but we are gossips, not pornographers.

The thing we find especially interesting about this scandal is the whole “blame game.” Is it the celeb’s fault? Apple iCloud’s fault? The hacker’s fault? The Reddit/Twitter/Tumblr user’s fault?

Have you ever taken a nude photo of yourself or of a significant other? Would you be upset if it was stolen and published? Would people be justified in blaming you?

Love, Ace

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This Reality Couple Isn’t Real

couple fake happy[All About The Tea] This reality TV celebrity is faking it for the cameras. Shocker!

He hooked up with his current girlfriend for the sole purpose of getting cast on a hit reality show. » Continued

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Athlete Rants At Paps

[Pop Bitch] Which Brit sports star had a Jonah Hill-style rant at paparazzi in LA » Continued

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We’ve Met Before

introduce[Blind Gossip] This television talk show recently had multiple celebrities on set on the same day. One of them walked up to another to introduce herself » Continued

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Grey’s Anatomy Snark

ellen pompeo 1[Blind Gossip] Actress Ellen Pompeo is usually all sweet and perky on her Twitter feed. So when she posted a jab about the behavior of » Continued

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The End Of The Season

seasons[Blind Gossip] Her significant other did not accompany this television actress to The Emmy Awards. » Continued

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The Fame

attention seeker[Blind Gossip] She wants a big acting career. She has been acting for years – and is very well known – but she still can’t open a film. » Continued

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Dropping Towel

man towel 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] A Vine star invented pranking his friends by dropping a towel, but now the craze has been adopted by » Continued

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Awards Show Seating Shuffle

[Blind Gossip] One major celebrity had a minor hissy fit at the prospect of sitting next to a seat filler at a recent awards show. » Continued

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Totally Unbearable Me

me me me 3[Blind Gossip] This actress did not win an acting award at last night’s Emmy Awards. However, she was happy that a more famous actress didn’t win either! » Continued

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Ginger Secretly Heads West

woman redhead 3[Daytime Confidential] I’m hearing a very popular, flame-haired, former East Coast » Continued

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Pop Star Lunchbox

lunchbox[Sunday People] Which pop lothario with many a bedpost notch is surprisingly more of a » Continued

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Lie Down On A Table

woman torso 3[Blind Gossip] This male rapper asked this young female singer at a VMA after party if she would do something for him. He asked her to lie down on a table and allow him to » Continued

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Pop Star Cautionary Tale

piggy bank 1[Blind Gossip] Here’s a cautionary tale for all you big-spending pop stars who think that the party will last forever.

This pop singer » Continued

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He Really Wants To Hurt Her

divorce 19[Blind Gossip] He does not want you to know about his rampant infidelity because his image depends on you believing that he is a nice guy. Well, that persona is an act. He is actually » Continued

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Singer Disses Another Artist

[Blind Gossip] One of the male artists at the 2014 VMAs sang live. He is an accomplished and experienced artist, but » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

beyonce knowles 9Good Morning, Blinders!

Boy, was that VMAs show last night messy or what? Every time you think an awards show can’t get worse than the one before it… it does!

It was definitely The Beyonce Show. She told producers when they could and could not film her reaction shots, kept her little sister out of camera range, huffed and puffed her way through half a dozen disjointed numbers, and called herself a feminist. See my ass? See my vagina? Feminism!

Did any of you buy her “surprise” that Jay-Z presented her with some silly award and called her “The Greatest Living Entertainer’? Who else did you think was going to present it?

Well, at least Blue Ivy got to see Mommy spread her legs wide open and gyrate on the stripper pole. Feminism!

You’re getting a BG12345 today! Enjoy!

Love, Ace

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