King Bloodbath

king 2[Blind Gossip] Everyone who has worked for this entertainer in the past got their jobs and kept their jobs by stroking his ego » Continued

Spin The Failure

clearance sale[Blind Gossip] Watch the way these celebrities behind a certain brand spin an upcoming announcement.

The celebrities are basically going to say that » Continued

She’s Not Busting Her Own Chops

lamb chops[Blind Gossip] This huge star had literally better get her act together, because if she doesn’t, she is going to have another flop on her hands! » Continued

Big Gave Little A Gift

gift 3[Blind Gossip] They are outwardly nice to each other. But the nastiness and power struggle between these two musicians is like something out of the TV show Empire! » Continued

The Replacements

menudo 3SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We know that some of you are upset over changes in your favorite band. However, if you can stop crying for five minutes, you’ll want to know what’s next!

Management is now » Continued

Beyond Pure Friendship

friends 1SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] Whenever you see a group of celebrities of various ages and genres get together for anything other than an official reason (e.g. a major awards show) you are right to suspect » Continued

Star Wives Rivalry

candles 1[Mumbai Mirror] Socially, they are part of the same pack, with plenty of air-kissing and lunch dates to keep the world drooling over their camaraderie. But these star wives have one heck of a professional rivalry waiting to brim over. » Continued

An Investment In Drugs

money drugs[New York Post] Which Wall Street bankers took a sailing trip to Mexico » Continued

Swinging Out Of Hand

man on swing[New York Post] Which married top business executive’s love of swinging got out of hand when » Continued

Baby Business


[Blind Gossip] This actress and her husband will be announcing their pregnancy VERY soon. We think it will happen within the next week or so. The announcement is being controlled and orchestrated to an unnatural degree. Why? Because the wife is » Continued

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