Pregnancy Shock And Lies

baby 25[Blind Gossip] Much of what you are hearing about this young music star’s pregnancy news is a lie. We will tell you what we know so far. » Continued

Return The Sperm

sperm 1[Blind Gossip] While this dark-haired TV star and those around her are claiming that her relationship with her man is over for good » Continued

The Baby Fix

baby 27[Allie Is Wired] This Hollywood power couple has been on the brink of divorce » Continued

Her Anchor Plan

woman money 27[Blind Gossip] This wealthy guy is probably so dazzled by the beauty and fame of his new celebrity girlfriend that he does not even realize » Continued

Maury Wants In On This One

maury povich baby[Blind Gossip] This celebrity gave birth to a baby within the past year or so. Her relationship with her significant other is a bit shaky » Continued

Hospital On Lockdown Over Secret Celebrity Patient

hospital 1[Blind Gossip] This is a EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we require media outlets to clearly and properly CREDIT AND LINK to when discussing this story. Thank you!

There is something very strange going on in a major U.S. hospital.  The hospital – which is in a large city that is not located on either coast – sent memos to their staff very recently to remind them about their legal obligation to adhere to HIPAA laws regarding patient security and confidentiality.

They sent out this memo just as » Continued

Carry My Baby For Lots Of Money

sofia vergara 2[Blind Gossip] Sofia Vergara is not the only celebrity who has been hunting for a surrogate!

This well-known over-30 film actress has » Continued

Light Baby

baby 26[Media Take Out] We have been telling you about a real popular celeb who is pregnant, and set to announce her pregnancy any day now. Well we just got a giant pot of extra hot and spicy tea. According to a person in hubby’s family » Continued

The Parent At The Party With Strangers

party time[Lainey Gossip] Motherhood hasn’t slowed her down. Not professionally and definitely not when she parties. I mean, some people can use recreationally and it doesn’t become a problem. Maybe that’s why she feels she can » Continued

All About The Baby

baby crying 3[Blind Gossip] The fact that she is having a baby next year is great. The fact that she and her Significant Other are fighting » Continued

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