The Finest Growler

ben affleck 3[Pop Bitch] Seeing as he’s in the news for being linked to his nanny, » Continued

The Ice Cream Hater

ice cream 3[Blind Gossip] Everyone is piling on this young actress and calling her all sorts of nasty names. We’re going to explain to you why » Continued

The Glow Is Off This Relationship

woman glowing[Blind Gossip] This actress’ Significant Other thought that their public appearances as a couple meant that they were now a big and permanent part of each others lives.

Maybe not. » Continued

Three Weeks And A Shotgun

shotgun wedding[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress from a popular (and long-running) television series has a couple of exciting things going on in her life! » Continued

The Overlap

one woman two men 10[Blind Gossip] While working on a film just a couple of years ago, this pretty actress from a famous family fell in love with one of her male costars. The relationship progressed, and they eventually got engaged. Sweet, right? » Continued

She Is Obsessed With His Costar

superstar 2[Lainey Gossip] His girlfriend wants what his co-star has. An actor dating another actor and she’s getting a little obsessed » Continued

Party Pouter

woman crying 18[Blind Gossip] She’s beautiful, successful, and getting plenty of new work. She is best known for a role she formerly played on a popular TV series. So why was this pretty actress so darn miserable at a very recent convention-related party? » Continued

Amanda Seyfried on Salaries And Roles

amanda seyfried marie claire uk[Blind Gossip] Gorgeous actress Amanda Seyfried is not afraid to speak up about doing what she thinks is equitable and right when it comes to her career. » Continued

Gun And Panties

zoe saldana mark ruffalo[New York Daily News] Action veteran Zoe Saldana isn’t pulling any punches when describing the » Continued

Bag Of Chips

simba chips monkey[Yahoo] A hotel guest is demanding a bag of potato chips — that are only available on another continent.

Such is the job of a high-end luxury hotel concierge » Continued

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