Whiny Whack

mafia 1[Blind Gossip] Authoritative TV producers operate a bit like Mafia dons. Casting and storylines are closely guarded secrets, to be leaked only at the producer’s discretion… and woe be it to anyone » Continued

He Is Not Shipshape

man shirt small[Blind Gossip] When he was forced to stop drinking recently, this famous film actor needed another way to relieve his stress… so he started eating.

He has » Continued

Angry Actor And The Real Girl

ryan gosling lars and the real girl[Vanity Fair] BG Note: In a recent Vanity Fair article, writer George Gurley talked to David Mills of Abyss Creations – a company that manufactures life-size, anatomically correct companion dolls – about their dolls and their clients.  » Continued

Five Difficult Talent Clients

five people 1[The Wrap] In an April 2014 email to Sony’s former co-chairman Amy Pascal, Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper… [provides] a lively list of » Continued

This Actor Is Dumb and Slow

amy pascal angelina jolie[The Wrap] Ever wonder what Hollywood studio executives think of talent agents? So did we. The contents of Wikileaks’ archive of hacked Sony emails » Continued

The Real Story Behind This Star’s Injury

hospital patient 2[Blind Gossip] We told you last week about a celebrity who lied about why she was in a hospital. Now we have another liar for you! » Continued

Home Alone

home alone 1[Blind Gossip] One of the stars of a very successful film franchise has a child who may be in trouble.

At the recent celebration of their new film’s opening » Continued

Broadway Pants

man no pants[New York Post] What Broadway star picked up a cheap » Continued

Coachella Rejection

coachella 2015 concert[Blind Gossip] This major actor made an appearance at Coachella this weekend. We’ve seen him there before, so his presence was not a big surprise. He may have finally » Continued

Wee Hands

hand begging[Pop Bitch] Which famous British actor likes to follow ladies into the toilets of upmarket » Continued

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