Top Member of Parliament Is A Sick Pedo

queen elizabeth shocked[The Sun] Horrified MPs have called in police after receiving information that a top Labour politician is a paed*phile who preys on young boys — and has a liking for » Continued

Big Problem With A Presidential Candidate

political parties 1[Blind Gossip] This famous film actor is in a really awkward position. He has always supported a certain political party and been very vocally » Continued

Huge Presidential Secrets

potus seal[Blind Gossip] There is a man who could be elected President of the United States in 2016. We happen to know two very private things about him that he definitely does NOT want you to know! » Continued

Major Political Campaign Covered Up Assault

democrat republican[The New York Times] BG Note: The following letter was printed in the weekly New York Times Magazine column “The Ethicists” on May 27, 2015. » Continued

Secret UKIP Rant

ukip button rainbow[Pop Bitch] BG Notes: The UK elections are today. Right now the race is too close to call. UKIP is the UK Independence Party.

Which tabloid claims to have a tape of an » Continued

The Republican Congressman And The Boy

man and teen boy 1[Blind Gossip] A male Member of Congress from an East Coast state » Continued

Red Hot New Couple Alert

bill oreilly 2SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We have a new couple alert for you… and it’s a shocker!

They are both over 30 and single. That’s where the similarities seem to end. Because he is a hard-core » Continued

Here Is A List of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Lovers

hillary clinton 2[National Enquirer] Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified » Continued

Obama Appointee Goes Wild

people wearing wild animal heads[New York Post] Which foreign diplomat appointed by President Obama is » Continued

Bitch Boy

sydney leathersSOLVED!

[New York Post] Sydney Leathers — the woman who finished off Anthony Weiner’s political career with a s*xting scandal — has struck again.

This time she’s exposed the k*nky fet*shes of a Democratic » Continued

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