Abandon All Hope

abandon all hope[Blind Gossip] Fans of this young singer are hoping that he is changing his mind and coming back. » Continued

The Mommy Ex

mom and son 2[Blind Gossip] This actress is young and pretty and has a ton of film projects lined up. She would be pretty happy right now… if it wasn’t for the chronic interference of a certain older actress! » Continued

Nothing To Do

teen in bed[Blind Gossip] If you were recently disappointed by the finale of a hit television show, you’ll definitely want to hear this! » Continued

BG12345: Monday

jeb bush coffeeGood morning, Blinders!

Here’s a hot cup of Joe an iced cup of Jeb to wake you up this morning!

Jeb Bush is going to announce his candidacy for President today. Donald Trump is expected to announce tomorrow.

Are you excited about any of the candidates so far?

We have a BG12345 for you today!


Love, Ace

More Mannequin

mannequin 2[Blind Gossip] This very famous actress is just coming off another round of plasticizing herself. We didn’t think it was possible for her to get any more » Continued

Although She’s Pretty And Nice

pretty girl 2[Blind Gossip] This pop star has been with the same guy since last year, and they seem happy together. But is the relationship genuine?

He has told friends that » Continued

The Truth About This Upcoming Fake

couple kissing 25[Blind Gossip] These two actors used to work together on a TV series that ended in the aughts. They are still good friends. However, fans have always desperately wanted » Continued

The Watermelon

watermelon 1[Blind Gossip] We hear a lot of crazy stories about music artists, but this juicy story comes straight from the artist himself!

This bad boy » Continued

Mr. Serious Versus Mr. Tomfoolery

fool[Blind Gossip] There’s ugliness and fighting behind the scenes of this famous band!

Management is already having a challenging time holding » Continued

Take The TARDIS To Save This Teen

doctor who peter capaldi[Pop Bitch] Minglings between cast and crew on the set of the latest series » Continued

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