Ladies’ Man and Man’s Man

man popular 2[Blind Gossip] This young actor gained fame on television but has successfully made the transition to films. He is a good-looking guy, but he is constantly working hard to convince everyone that he is a ladies’ man.

There was a string of young actresses » Continued

Network Executives Knew

executives 2[Blind Gossip] If you weren’t mad enough about this story about a family that is already in the news, just wait until we drop this bombshell! » Continued

Second Couple Impacted By Affair

couple breaking up 14[Blind Gossip] We told you that this famous actress is getting a divorce… but we forgot to tell you about the impact the affair had on her lover, the actor, and his famous significant other. So let’s talk about that second couple now! » Continued

Stud Is Skittish About Coming Out

white horse 3[Billy Masters] Could it be that the sexy star of a now-defunct second generation show is » Continued

Kissy Dinners Behind Her Husband’s Back

romantic dinner[Blind Gossip] This multi-talented celebrity couple filed for divorce earlier this year. They gave the usual vague excuses at the time (e.g. “We’ve grown apart”).

Do you want to know who our sweet little actress was quietly fooling around with for a YEAR before they filed? » Continued

Why She’s Dragging Her Kids To Work

mom dragging child[Allie Is Wired] This former teen TV star now has teens of her own. Now that she’s reprising her signature role » Continued

No Wedding For Ego

bride 6[Blind Gossip] This young actress is too professional to take any issues with her cast mates public. However, since she won’t, we will! » Continued

Upfront At The Upfronts

rita ora blazer[Blind Gossip] A certain actress from a hit TV show caused a bit of a stir at the Upfronts in New York City by dressing » Continued

Thin Skinned

woman plugging ears 2[Allie Is Wired] This reality show personality is paid to dish out the dirt, but she’s not about to take what she gives.  Turns out she’s » Continued

The Coming Out Compromise

gay coming out closet[Blind Gossip] We’ve been telling you for years that this young actor was only playing straight because » Continued

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