Parents Quash Announcement

woman quiet[Blind Gossip] Both of the parents in this Hollywood family are big celebrities. Combined, they have had success in music, television, and films.

Their child/ren wants to make » Continued

You Felt Sorry For A Lie

girl in wheelchair 2[Blind Gossip] Want to know what really happened with that young celebrity who is in big trouble? Well, we are going to share the very interesting backstory with you!

Earlier this month » Continued

Parents Worried About Starlet’s Side Jobs

parents daughter[New York Post] Which parents of a starlet were overheard at a restaurant discussing how they wish she’d no longer work » Continued

This Family May Get Their Story Line

man sad 3[Blind Gossip] In public, this family declares how much they love and support this young male relative. In private, though, they » Continued

Stephen Amell And The Velociraptor

stephen amell and daughter[Blind Gossip] Actor Stephen Amell – who is most famous for his role on Arrow – recently wrote his own blind item about his encounter with a famous young celebrity. » Continued

Athlete Isn’t Such A Family Man

family man 3[Blind Gossip] This professional athlete pretends to be a family man. However, he is not actually living in his family home anymore!

While on a road trip a while back, he » Continued

Funny Fake Family Man

family man 2[Blind Gossip] This humorous TV guy has a book coming out next year. It’s designed to help reinforce his fake image as a family man. » Continued

Behind The Misleading Kiss

couple kissing 22This is a EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we require media outlets and bloggers and social media users to clearly and properly CREDIT AND LINK to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] We told you that the photos of this kissing couple were misleading. Now we’re ready to spill the details!

This couple is » Continued

Family Walk Out

family 8[Blind Gossip] This multi-hyphenate guy loves the the overt sexiness and spontaneity of his celebrity wife. That’s why he married her. However, his family doesn’t have quite the affection for her. » Continued

Hooking Up With George Zimmerman’s Brother

robert zimmerman jrBG Note: In an article titled “Zimmerman Family Values”, George’s gay brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., tells a GQ interviewer about a night he spent with a news personality.

[GQ] His family-spokesman gig has been making him feel » Continued

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