The Overlap

one woman two men 10[Blind Gossip] While working on a film just a couple of years ago, this pretty actress from a famous family fell in love with one of her male costars. The relationship progressed, and they eventually got engaged. Sweet, right? » Continued

Closing The Gap

man proposing 1[Blind Gossip] This famous couple has an even bigger age gap than the two previous blind item couples.

He is a film actor. She is » Continued

Daddy Gap

daddy issues[Blind Gossip] She thinks it’s amusing to wear a ring on her ring finger and then coyly deny that she is engaged. » Continued

Age Gap And Commitment Gap

man engagement ring[Blind Gossip] This couple has both an age gap and a commitment gap. She is a famous hyphenate and he is a famous athlete. These two actually » Continued

Ring Flasher Just Loves The Attention

pink diamond ring[Blind Gossip] This singer is showing off a huge new ring. While she has not confirmed her engagement, she has not denied it either.

A close friend of hers » Continued

Tapering You Off The Ring

engagement ring 17[Blind Gossip] This female celebrity was thrilled to announce her engagement last year. » Continued

Summing Up Her Engagement

marriage proposal 1[Blind Gossip] Everybody is all happy and smiling about this film actress’s engagement to another celebrity. However, one of her good friends » Continued

Singer Got Secretly Engaged

pear shaped diamond[Blind Gossip]  A few days ago, a top recording artist got secretly engaged!

There are a lot of details in the mix, but we’ll simply tease you with one right now: » Continued

Happy Wedding

bride happy[Blind Gossip] We know you are all wondering about and speculating about this actress’ behavior. The explanation may surprise you. » Continued

Engaged Sleaze Is Hooking Up With Online Fans

man computer 2SOLVED!

[Tamara Tattles] This sleazy reality show participant is pulling the wool over the eyes of his fiancée. Despite all sorts of public proclamations of love, it seems the future groom is » Continued

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