Chemistry with his TV Love Interest

LaineyGossip – I mentioned yesterday that there are a few more details about one of the recent splits announced in Hollywood this week. Turns out there was someone else: his love interest this season on his TV show. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes to capture it for show. Her career has seen a resurgence since. Eventually the two fell in love. They were together, very close, at a Halloween party in New York this fall hosted by a famously controversial writer (this isn’t a super important detail) and those who observed them that night are not surprised now that he’s ended it with his wife.

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71 comments to Chemistry with his TV Love Interest

  • Aperry741

    Michael C Hall and Julia Stiles?

  • ODDandOFFputting

    is this michael c hall and julia stiles?

    i dont get showtime, so i can’t say i’ve seen this season of dexter yet, but this is my guess.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    I don’t watch Dexter but if Michael C. Hall is the correct answer he sounds like he’s one of those actors that fall in love with their co-stars quite often.

  • Bree


    Did Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles have sex scenes??! If so this is solved….hell, it’s not even blind lmao

    But seriously, they need to evacuate women from the set when that guy’s around. He’s gonna get Lauren Velez next, lmfao

  • SheilaK

    On the other hand….there weren’t that many LOVE scenes shown? Not sure about a career resurgence for her either…hmmm

  • newtsgal

    What about Dylan Walsh from Nip/Tuck?

  • Lulubell

    And James Frey for the writer? I was super sad to hear about MCH and Jennifer C, but if Julia Stiles is the reason, I have to admit that makes me kind of happy because they were SO good on the show! I love them all, actually. Sad the show is over for another season.

    • Ralphie

      That’s so wrong to be happy an actor’s marriage is over because you liked his chemistry with an actress from the show. That’s why it’s acting…he still betrayed his wife. Its acting…it’s their job.

      Usually people who think TV couples are cute go to crazy fanfiction boards where they can channel their obsession rather than actively root for a real-life marriage to end.

  • Kiki

    Oddly I didn’t think they had any chemistry at all on screen – Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles. I thought she did a respectable job but was otherwise mis-cast. I think a better or different actress would have brought something NOT on the page to that character that Stiles simply didn’t.

    Dylan Walsh – well, I thought Nip/Tuck has been off the air more than a season now, but maybe not?

    • Mia444

      Totally agree, Kiki. She was adequate in the role, but never really engaged me as she should have.

      Agree with everyone who thinks the not-so-blind is Stiles and MCH, but has her career sparked because of it? The show just had its finale a week ago.

  • nonymous

    wasnt it Micahel’s wife who filed for divorce?

  • ANON32

    Today’s “blind item” from Lainey is from a little article she posted yesterday… She wrote: “So many breakups. Yesterday it was Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Today it’s two names on a muuuuch bigger scale. This article is about Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. But come back tomorrow and I’ll have more for you on Hall and Carpenter. It’s complicated. Probably a lot more complicated than Scarjo and Ryan.”

    Today’s BI is def. about Hall and Carpenter

  • Cat Grant

    This reminds me of this blind:

    Sounds like Michael c Hall and Julia Stiles. Pretty * if he had an affair on the very set his wife worked on.

  • lzahart

    Sadly I believe it is MCH and Julia Stiles. Ew. Julia Stiles.

    They did have one super pivotal sex scene on Dexter this season. It was a big deal, the writers gave several public comments saying that they had not initially planned to have one and that the relationship was originally written as platonic, but that when they saw the chemistry btwn the 2 of them, they just had to write it in. In fact in one interview one of the producers said “but he (MCH) had such a good feeling about Julia…” that they couldn’t help themselves but to go there.

    Wrt the “career resurgence”- she was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her role on the show. I don’t believe she has been nominated for jack in some time if ever so I would consider that a resurgence.

    This is just gross if its true. Its bad enough to cheat on your wife but to do it with another colleague when you work with your wife??? That is just despicable.

    • FzFz

      Yeah pretty messed up if it’s true, I’m still hoping it isn’t

    • Cat Grant

      And JC must be pissed at the writers/producers! You would think after 5 years they would have a modicum of allegiance to her. To know that there was something going on between the two and encourage it by changing the plot’s direction? Yo immortalize the affair on screen.

      Unless they were all really just in the dark.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. She must be feeling betrayed on an insane level. Poor woman, that would be extremely difficult to heal from.

  • Tonia

    Hi, long time reader, first time poster. Yesterday on Lainey’s site this was posted:
    So many breakups. Yesterday it was Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Today it’s two names on a muuuuch bigger scale. This article is about Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. But come back tomorrow and I’ll have more for you on Hall and Carpenter. It’s complicated. Probably a lot more complicated than Scarjo and Ryan.

    So to me it sounds like today’s blind is about Michael and Jennifer. Dexter and Lumen only had one love scene that was aired. But throughout the season, I kept telling my husband “Wow, I have never seen Dexter look this happy. I think he is truly falling in love with Lumen” Maybe Michael C Hall isn’t THAT great of an actor and I was seeing his true emotions for Julia.

  • yepimbored

    Definitely MCH and JS. According to a report, they hung out togeter this week and he was caught checking out her butt.

  • Bigmama

    I hope it isn’t them. I like Julia Stiles but going after a married man who’s wife just stood by him during his cancer rehabilitation is low class.

  • vinyldestination

    Michael C Hall and Julia Stiles for the win. And I, too, believe that were great together this season. Plus the other rumor is that she might return for the next season. But! Bad Michael! Bad.

  • duro

    MCH and Julia Stiles. Its obvious.

  • Mia444

    The picture is also a clue pointing to Dexter, because it could be interpreted as blood in a heart-shaped vial and Dexter’s a blood expert. Plus, the word chemistry brings to mind a lab, which he works in.

  • ODDandOFFputting

    the balls on this guy to cheat on his co-star/wife with another co-star!!

    maybe he’s really a serial killer, too…

  • Ruby Red Lips

    Def Michael and Julia S – this link from BlindGossip (tho references Lainey) also collaborates it

    [not a BG link]

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    What a shame these actors were exploited. Yeah, of course MCH and JS made the choice to indulge and to dishonor but doesn’t make it easier when others are actively manipulating you. I feel really bad for Jenifer Carpenter. I’d want out immediately but a contract is a contract.

    And Stiles is NOT attractive. What’s his problem?!

  • wpolochick

    Wasn”t there a previous BI about this w/an actor cheating w/his costar? I’ve been trying to comb throug the archives and can’t find it, but I remember Michael C. hall was a popular guess at the time.

  • wellwhaddayaknow

    When will these people learn that surging loins does not equal long lasting love? Long lasting love is someone sticking by you while your hair falls out, your ‘nads shrivel and you look like walking death. You’d think they took their cue from the melodramas they worked on. If this is MCH and company then it is so cold-hearted it is just BEYOND. This is all sideline opinion tho, so who knows, maybe MCH and JC had been separated…no wait…that shizz is still stone-cold mean…methinks you’re taking this carpe diem thing too far Mikey…

  • Dak1928

    I just saw the clip. Meh. It wasn’t exactly hot, and having an affair with your co-star is so ordinary. Happens all the time. The wife’s better off without him; he seems a bit boring.

    • somethingoriginal

      that gives me hope. maybe they broke up early this year and she didn’t want to seem like she was abandoning him in such a tough time so they kept it under wraps. then he’d be a free agent to hook up with julia and all she’d be doing is standing by and rolling her eyes. this story makes me feel better, i’m going to convince myself that this is true and that santa is real and that puppies live forever on a farm upstate.

  • winnie

    But what’s complicated?

  • JamesAA

    This blind item could be Hall-Stiles too

  • stinkweed

    Wow, way to screw over your wife after she stands by you through your cancer.

  • jenb

    like i said alot of break up is in the making, i been saying that for a while

  • newtsgal

    If it is MCH & JS I really feel for his wife, I know what it’s like to care for someone with cancer only to be dumped in the end. As for JS, in my book she is worse than Bombshell in the homewreckin’ * club, she was working with him and his wife and still had an affair with him. It’s just TRASHY!
    But, like my ex I’m sure he’ll get his in the end.

  • Apple

    For all we know Michael & Jennifer were split up before Dexter filming started shooting and he hooked up with Julia. In the press release it was said they have been seperated for some time. You could tell how awkward it was with the few scenes that MCH and Jennifer had this season.

    • Cat Grant

      Still, it’s called courtesy. You don’t hook up on the set where she works every day. And have the writers change plots to rub it in her face. Classless.

      Allegedly, of course.

  • Opie

    I thought all season how good of actors they were to make me totally forget they are married in real life. I love that show and I did love the Lumen love interest that was unexpected and very sweet. I just hope like everyone else says that they separated long before anything happened. I am willing to bet they were talked out of filing for divorce before the end of the season as it would overshadow the series and MCH was nominated for Dexter this year. So series ends on Sunday, this comes out on Mon.

  • Beyonic

    Oh please let this be Dexter!!! I hate his self-righteous bony behind sister! Let her die in next seasons premiere… then Luman can return for my Dexter to love with his & hers cutlery 😀


  • MrsDarcy

    Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall for teh winz.

    Julia recently came out saying she didn’t break up the marriage (see link below). However, considering that the reps for Jennifer and Michael said the couple had been separated for some time, who’s to say the Michael and Julia hook-up didn’t take place during the said separation? The way Julia responds to the rumor in a very carefully worded and contrived manner.

  • HotTeacher88

    Interesting. Michael C. Hall was soooooo convincing as a gay man in “Six Feet Under”. Wow. Bisexuality is deep.

  • nycgal

    Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles – I think this one was solved already, everyone is talking about this now.