A Little Bit Cruel

eye crying 2[Blind Gossip] It turns out this gorgeous model was not as happy as she looked in her relationship with that superstar actor! » Continued

Lucky Number Eleven

eleven[Blind Gossip] The producers of this TV show really want you to believe that their new host was their top choice. » Continued

Five Hundred Feet

wash[Blind Gossip] We know you’re hungry for gossip on a Monday morning, so gather ’round! We have a couple of EXCLUSIVE bits of gossip about a very famous young celebrity! » Continued

F*cked Up Funny Guy

oscar coc[Blind Gossip] This funny guy is just the gossip gift that keeps on giving!

We’ve told you before that his devoted family guy act is totally fake. Well, let’s talk about what he was doing on a very recent night. Of course, he wasn’t home having dinner with his wife and reading his kid/s a bedtime story. » Continued

The Obsessed Sponsor

man holding woman[Blind Gossip] Red carpet events are usually filled with the glamor and excitement surrounding the opening of a new film.

Occasionally, they are also filled with reminders of » Continued

High Five Mystery Man

high five[Blind Gossip] A certain professional athlete from one of the big three sports is getting very frustrated about being in the closet. He is tired of having to hide his » Continued

Two Lines And Three Reasons

pregnancy test[Blind Gossip] She got two pink lines on her pregnancy test! However, there are three reasons why this singer is not » Continued

The Real Bully

bully 1[Blind Gossip] This celebrity is vicious towards anyone who dares to make him – or his very entitled child – look bad. » Continued

Photo Blind Item 3

blind photo 3[Blind Gossip] Do you recognize this celebrity?

While she has the puffy lips and strong jawline of a young Angelina Jolie » Continued

The First Call

iphone 4[Blind Gossip] This acting couple split up a few years ago. Both have done TV and films, and they even did a project or two together when they were still a couple. » Continued

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