Mob Plan

fans 4[Blind Gossip] Celebrities usually try to keep a low profile during their travels so they can avoid chaos at places like airports and hotels.

Not this film actor! » Continued

She Is One Of His Skeletons

skeletons closet[Blind Gossip] This film and television actress from a foreign country is best known for her high-profile relationship with » Continued

Her Heritage Is A Lie

rachel dolezal[Blind Gossip] Remember the case of Rachael Dolezal, a white women who pretended to be black? Well, we hear that a certain television » Continued

Three Big Serves

tennis serve[Pop Bitch] Which big-serving tennis player enjoyed a threes*me with » Continued

The Finest Growler

ben affleck 3[Pop Bitch] Seeing as he’s in the news for being linked to his nanny, » Continued

The Ice Cream Hater

ice cream 3[Blind Gossip] Everyone is piling on this young actress and calling her all sorts of nasty names. We’re going to explain to you why » Continued

Musical American Sniper

sniper hiding in grassBONUS CLUE!

[Blind Gossip] These two music artists are back to sniping at each other. Nothing terribly surprising about that. However, what is surprising to us is how » Continued

The Glow Is Off This Relationship

woman glowing[Blind Gossip] This actress’ Significant Other thought that their public appearances as a couple meant that they were now a big and permanent part of each others lives.

Maybe not. » Continued

Teammate Prank

prank 1[Blind Gossip] This famous athlete is off-season, so you probably haven’t seen him photographed lately. It’s a good thing, too, because he certainly wouldn’t want you to see what he looks like right now. » Continued

Three Weeks And A Shotgun

shotgun wedding[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress from a popular (and long-running) television series has a couple of exciting things going on in her life! » Continued

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