Who Was Nicki Minaj Bashing?

nicki minaj katy perry taylor swift[Blind Gossip] Nicki Minaj wrote her own blind item by tweeting about women with slim bodies in videos. » Continued

So Much In Common

couple tattoos[Bossip] This poor tormented songstress has been through a series of bad relationships since she first landed in the spotlight, and it looks like it’s just a matter of time before her latest ill-fated dalliance hits the headlines. » Continued

Her Cheating Heart

jeans phone number[Lainey Gossip] The easy assumption is that their marriage is over because he cheated. He may have. But I’ve spoken to over a dozen impeccable sources » Continued

Destroy Miranda

blake shelton miranda lambert 4[Blind Gossip] We told you yesterday that it was that Blake Shelton’s smack at Miranda Lambert’s fidelity was a PR attempt to make Lambert look like the bad guy in their marriage.

Given that » Continued

Attention Passengers

flight attendant mask[Allie Is Wired] What shameless singer forced fellow passengers on a flight from London to » Continued

Pregnancy Shock And Lies

baby 25[Blind Gossip] Much of what you are hearing about this young music star’s pregnancy news is a lie. We will tell you what we know so far. » Continued

Bite The Hand

man teeth[Blind Gossip]This is the second time that this young singer has bitten the hand that tries to feed » Continued

Dumb Pop Star Strategies

woman ponytail[Blind Gossip] It’s bad enough when a celebrity does one dumb thing. When they do three dumb things in less than a minute, though, it sends their PR team into hyperdrive! » Continued

Personal Assistant Is Suing Singer

stalker[Sandra Rose] A washed up R&B singer is about to be sued by the personal assistant » Continued

Young Hetero Love

teens dating 4[Blind Gossip] If you were wondering if this male vocalist is really getting serious with the most current girl in his life, wonder no more! » Continued

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