MTV Whispers That Female Singing Star Is Actually A Man

Nicole Scherzinger 2[Pop Bitch] Who started the ridiculous rumour that’s been going around MTV this week that » Continued

Clean Shaven

woman shaving[Blind Gossip] During a tour a couple of years ago, the members of this band routinely picked out young girls from the audience and » Continued

Racist Singing At The Oscars

woman singing 3[Blind Gossip] Lots of musical performances at last night’s Oscars, some better than others. There was one performance that took a lot of people by surprise, as the singer was  performing in a style and costume atypical for her. We thought she was incredible… but not everyone was similarly impressed! » Continued

That Photo Leak

woman photoshop[Blind Gossip] When un-PhotoShopped images of a celebrity hit the media, you have to wonder who released them and why.

Well, in the case of this famous singer, the images were leaked by » Continued

Rejecting Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson[New York Daily News] Kelly Clarkson has revealed she feels like she has “the plague” after being rejected by » Continued

Smart Singers and Dumb Singers

smart dumb[Blind Gossip] Here’s what one classic female singer had to say about two younger singers.

“You can tell who is going to be successful » Continued

A Very Unlikely SNL Pairing

snl 40 2[Blind Gossip] Two Saturday Night Alumni were discussing some of the musical guests they had worked with over the years when one mentioned » Continued

Beseeching A Boybander Breakup

couple kissing 24[Blind Gossip] Our first boyband has a dating formula for keeping fans happy. The girlfriends can be real or fake, but they either have to be wholesome or successful » Continued

Pop Star Flashing

man flashing[Naughty Gossip] Which young, hung, pop star who lives in a glass house loves to walk around » Continued

Disrespectful Little B Insults Steven Tyler

steven tyler 1[Blind Gossip] This famous pop star had a very successful world tour last year. However, traveling around the world does not necessarily mean that she is worldly or mature! » Continued

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