Five Times In Ten Years

dating 2[Blind Gossip] This actor recently broke up with his girlfriend. No surprise there. She was just the latest in a long line of » Continued

Lots Of Takes For Loopy Girl

clapboard 2[Blind Gossip] This popular model has landed multiple acting gigs. However, her behavior has raised some » Continued

Overlapping Foursome

four people puzzle[Blind Gossip] Here’s an interesting foursome of celebrities. Two actors, one model, one singer.

Singer and Actor 1 were dating last year. » Continued

Underage Girls At The Concert

girls concert[Blind Gossip] Here is a story that is being shopped around: A few nights ago, this Singer and his band held a concert. There were a couple of underage girls at the Meet & Greet. The Singer » Continued

Pretty Vicious Kittenfight

two kittens[Blind Gossip] These pretty girls are two of the hottest models right now. You’ve probably seen photos of them hanging out together. That’s because they are friends. » Continued

She Used To Be

models 7[Blind Gossip] She used to be a model. She used to be the wife of a famous film actor. She used to be » Continued

Not Exactly Model Behavior

women fighting 3[Blind Gossip] There were plenty of stars gathered in London for the BRIT Awards… but not everyone was getting along!

This performer » Continued

Leo Dumps RiRi For A New Model

leonardo rihanna 2[Radar Online] That was fast! Less than one month after Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio became Hollywood’s hottest new couple, has learned that notorious modelizer DiCaprio has returned to his old ways and ditched the pop star. And in a move that’s sure to sting, he sealed the split by making out with » Continued

Pretty Hammer

woman dunce cap[Blind Gossip] She is being touted as a new “It” Girl, but this pretty model isn’t making many fans among casting agents.

» Continued

The Virginity Taker

couple in bed 25[New York Post] Maksim Chmerkovskiy says he lost his virginity at age 16.

“I know that I was » Continued

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