The Fill In The Blank Relationship

fill in the blank[Blind Gossip] Starting this week, you are going to be teased with photos of two musicians – one much bigger than the other – and media reports that they are dating. » Continued

Hilarious Fictional PR Poop

i love prSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This multi-hyphenate’s PR team is more entertaining than she is!

They have been working so hard to keep their star from being embarrassed this week that they are just throwing tons of hilarious fictional poop » Continued

Pretend The Engagement Never Happened

[Hollywood Dame] This going-to-be an A Lister and his fiancé have quietly split just in time for him to make his blockbuster break. He and his PR team want to pretend the engagement never happened while she is doing everything she can to [make the] marriage happen for all the wrong reasons.

Public Relations Had Private Relations

[NewYorkPost] Which P.R. executive recently jumped ship to another company after word spread she was sleeping with her famous, and married, clients?

The Reason He Adopted A Child

[BuzzFoto] This aging, legendary musician told a source recently that the only reason he adopted his child was to help his image recover after a scandal. It worked. 753

Rewrite The Baby Carriage Song

[BlindGossip] Add one more celebrity pregnancy to the list! This one is a surprise because their relationship was designed to be just a PR set up. They were scheduled to break up later this year. But they wound up becoming friends with benefits, and before you know it, she wound up pregnant. Although they definitely » Continued

Cancel The Twilight Coming Out Party

[HollywoodDame] This ‘Twilight’ star was due to come out of the closet, but has decided to wait at the insistence of his PR team and studio. He wants to claw his way to the top as a more established actor to ensure his career will be able to » Continued

Bigger Roles Or They Are Breaking Up

[Hollywood Dame] This PR created couple is quickly crumbling despite public displays of unity and reps planting “sources” and “insiders” insisting the couple is perfectly happy. He is exhausting all of her high powered friends and connections. Look for a break up soon if he doesn’t start nabbing bigger movie roles.

The Truth Behind This Attractive Couple


[BlindGossip] He’s a big movie star. She’s had one really major role, and is already booked for half a dozen new projects. You probably already know that they are dating. What you may not know are the facts behind the pairing. » Continued

Staging Scandal For An Edgy Image

[BuzzFoto] This up and coming ‘musician’ is trying to get herself an edgy image so she plans on coming up with a scandal within the next six months. She’s hoping for a stage r*hab stint, or a relationship with an older man. Her handlers are doing their best, but so far, no one is buying it. 627

Amy Winehouse Event Plus One

[PopBitch] Which of the mourners who attended Amy Winehouse’s f*neral must have got the day confused with some sort of PR event? Seems to be the only reasonable explanation for why they asked if they could “have a plus one”.

Mom’s Plan to Improve Public Opinion


BlindGossip – Mom was worried about something much more important than her daughter’s increasingly wild and erratic behavior. She was worried about how public perception of that behavior would affect Girl’s career. So, after a particularly shocking incident, Mom decided to get Girl out of the public eye for a while by taking her away to another city.

Girl quickly got bored hiding out » Continued

My Mommy Has a Pretend Boyfriend

BuzzFoto – It’s a sad world when celebrities start teaching their children to lie about what goes on in the home. This B/C actress sent her confused daughter to school who confessed to friends, “Mommy’s boyfriend is pretend.” When the actress found out about it, she was worried the word would spread to her ex. She decided that if her fake relationship couldn’t pass by her daughter, she’d have to step it up, and she’s been working on convincing her daughter over and over that her PR relationship is real, even though it’s not. 515

Princess Covered Up Secret Trip

NewYorkPost – Which New York princess used her considerable p.r. power to cover up a trip to rehab a few months after her wedding?

How to Succeed in Public Relations

NewYorkPostWhich junior publicist at a management firm p*mped out his well-connected boyfriend for $10,000 a pop? The executive offered access to his mate’s Rolodex and publicity power to prospective clients, promising exposure to fashion’s elite for a five-figure price.

Priscilla’s Status is Shocking

EOnline – Turns out Blind Vice vixen Priscilla Desert isn’t as trampy as some of you think. Sure, she hasn’t exactly kept the best male company (much to the dismay and spin control of her team) but don’t you dare label her slutty by association! You wanna know why? Yes, Priscilla Desert is » Continued

TV Star Was Thisclose

BlindGossip – A certain female television star was thisclose to coming out last week. She was quite » Continued

Young Singer Planning Scandalous Photos

BuzzFoto – This young singer is so desperate to prove herself as the real deal, she’s planning a very sexy and scandalous photo shoot soon. The only reason this is a blind is because the source that tattled said it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet and the hype needs to be handled by her PR. 413

If You Give a Druggie a Baby

BuzzFoto – We really hope our source is wrong on this one. To repair this fallen starlet’s image, her PR are toying around with the idea that a baby might correct her behavior and her public persona. As in turning this drug wreck into a mother. It’s worked for other stars before, but we think it is despicable! 409

The Real Story Behind Bachelor Casting

CDAN – This recent Bachelorette reject was a popular fan favorite this past season. Popular enough, in fact, that he was on the short list to be the next Bachelor. Unfortunately, however, the guy screwed himself badly by » Continued

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