An Imposter At Vivienne Tam

vivienne tam 2

[New York Magazine] Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: And speaking of models! Here’s your blind item of the day: Who was the imposter backstage at Vivienne Tam who almost walked in the show — hair and makeup included — until the casting guy realized she wasn’t quite right? [More...]

Cardboard Fashion

cardboard shirt

[Star Magazine] What superstar fashion mogul put a piece of cardboard under her shirt on the set of her show to give her the appearance of a flat tummy? Says an insider:"She was really struggling with her weight, so she was looking for any help she could get!" [More...]

Hot Designer Hot Dog

hot dog

[Village Voice] Which once-trendy designer has burned so many bridges that a recent press request was greeted with silence? (Coincidentally, he was recently spotted pulling a hot dog out of a garbage pail and eating it! So not chic!) [More...]

Malibu Robe

woman robe

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar winner gets a kick out of answering the door to her Malibu mansion wearing nothing but a robe? The aging star has a staff that can do door duty, but the attention junkie likes to shock delivery guys and workers – most of whom don’t even recognize [More...]

Her Party Behavior Is Bananas

emily vancamp 2

[EOnline] Have we mentioned that Chiquita is, well, bananas? If her using her man-trapping nether regions to sleep her way to the top (or at least to primetime) or that outrageous diva 'tude (seriously, who does this broad think she is?) wasn't enough to convince you, well, [More...]