Wailing And Finger Pointing

accuse[Blind Gossip] Lots of wailing and finger-pointing going on at one singer’s PR camp yesterday. The client’s oh-so-carefully crafted and honed reputation suffered a smack upside the head, and she was VERY unhappy about it.

Whose fault was it? » Continued

The Real Bully

bully 1[Blind Gossip] This celebrity is vicious towards anyone who dares to make him – or his very entitled child – look bad. » Continued

Such Bad Reviews

bad review[New York Post] Which movie has got such bad reviews that, at a recent premiere » Continued

Event Access Denied

doorman club[New York Post] Which power publicist showed up at a bitter rival’s event and was embarrassingly » Continued

Filling The VIP Seats

movie theater 2[New York Post] Which major movie publicist is infuriating the top critics by filling his reserved VIP seats at advance screenings with » Continued

Publicist Pumping Up Personally and Privately

personal trainer 4[New York Post] Which publicist has sparked gossip over a very close relationship with a personal trainer?



Scrambling To Find Her A Man

brad pitt 4[Hollywood Street King] She may have Oscar to call her own, but publicists are said to be left scrambling to find this Señorita a male counterpart… so they can keep her facade, and their jobs! Don’t believe me… Just ask Brad Pitt.

It’s a » Continued

Female Pop Star Shunned

[Daily Mirror] Which one-time A-list British pop star was shunned by » Continued

Mens Room Depravity

mens room 5[Naughty But Nice Rob] “I was with a client in the men’s room,” says A-list publicist Ken Sunshine. » Continued

Manager Fires Nightmare Client

nightmare elm street[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which tabloid star’s manager just fired them for » Continued

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