TV Actors Caught in a Make Out Session

NewYorkPost – Which closeted male small-screen stars, who both have publicly dated actresses and other famous women, got stuck in a deep make-out session with each other at a Super Bowl after-party in Dallas?

He Sparked a Lot of Love at Sundance

NewYorkPostWhich high-ranking entertainment executive got Sundance off to a flying start by offering free ecst*sy — “the good stuff”– to partygoers, sparking a lot of love in the room?

Hot Actor Needs the Blue Pill

NewYorkPostWhich hot actor was seen asking numerous famous people for Viagra after things got hot and heavy with an actress during a night of hard partying?

The Actor and The Sundance Waitress

BuzzFotoThis A List aging actor was at a Sundance party sans girlfriend at a table with several other big names. He stayed at the party only a few hours, but entertained himself by buying shots for the waitress working his table. He seemed to enjoy seeing her flirt and make out with his buddies, » Continued

King Can’t Keep It In His Pants

EOnline – Oh King Schl*ng! How happy you’re about to make many of your groupies all over the world, when they find out that high profile relationship you’re in don’t mean a thang.

See, King is king for a reason. He’s charming, knows how to command a room, and is good looking in that yeah, I know I’m the s–t kind of way.

So, it only makes sense he found an equally yummy counterpart whom he has flaunted all over the world. » Continued

A New Year’s Eve Bacchanal

NewYorkPostWhich well-known moneyman had sex with four young and attractive Asian women within five hours at his New Year’s Eve bacchanal?

Cootie Guy Woos a Girl

CDAN – Last night at a party, this former B list television actor and now a guy who just screams cooties and sleaze when you look at him, was doing his usual pick up game. » Continued

How She Moved Off The Waiting List

EOnline – We’ve always had a girl-crush on Carmelita Salami-Climber. She’s très likable.

Hell, this reality starlet has won America over, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be dancing out of the spotlight anytime soon.

But we just learned the funniest story about Carmelita, while she was trying to make the jump from being just famous to über-famous: See, Miz Climber has been in the Hollywood scene for many years and has never been » Continued

Acting Cool and Taking Jabs


BlindGossip – There are so many Golden Globe Awards after-parties that it’s almost impossible to avoid bumping into someone you don’t particularly want to see. These contentious and very famous exes wound up at the same party, literally within a few feet of each other.

When someone asked her if she knew that her ex was there, our actress simply rolled her eyes and calmly returned to the previous topic. She did manage, however, to make a sarcastic comment about another famous film actress who was at the awards show (but not this particular after-party). When someone commented that the other actress only had one film project in the works, our actress commented “Well, she certainly has a promising career ahead of her in television.” » Continued

He is Still Too Fat to Sit

CDAN – This former A list movie and television actor, recently lost a great deal of weight. Apparently it was not enough though. At a recent party, he sat his still large frame into an antique chair and it promptly collapsed under his weight. Damage? $35,000.

Boyfriend Makes All the Decisions

CDAN – This pretty much B list actress who is in one of the biggest movies of all time has a boyfriend who told a group of people at a recent party that he was the boss in their relationship and that he will also be making the decisions of what movies his girlfriend will be doing next. Name the actress and movie.

Lovebirds at the Holiday Party

BuzzFoto – These on-again, off-again celebrity lovebirds are back on for the time being. They are driving everyone around them crazy with their excessive » Continued

Chemistry with his TV Love Interest

LaineyGossip – I mentioned yesterday that there are a few more details about one of the recent splits announced in Hollywood this week. Turns out there was someone else: his love interest this season on his TV show. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that » Continued

How Plastic Girl Stays Thin

StarMagazine – Which plastic surgery-loving actress stays thin by purging after every meal? During a recent dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, she kept excusing herself to go to the powder room. Everyone at the party knew.

She Threw a Holiday Party

BlindGossip – She was disappointed that her husband lusted after another woman. Disappointed that none of her relationships since have worked out. So this actress organized a cheerful holiday party for the crew of her recent film. But after a horrible phone conversation with her ex, she was so depressed that she disappointed everyone by not showing up at her own party.

Idiot Spikes the Punch Bowl

CDAN – This idiot star of this almost networks few hit shows decided that he wanted to liven up a recent cast party. He spiked the punch they were using in a beer bong with roofies. Yeah. Fortunately he told everyone after only one person had done a bong and that person was fine. Nothing happened to our actor because he is the lead male on the show.


Why He Visits The Bathroom So Often

BuzzFoto – There have been some rumors of this B List-in-his-day, aging actor and an ongoing cocaine problem. We know the source of the rumors started with his frequent trips to the bathroom during events and parties. » Continued

Hook Up at an AMA After Party

CDAN – Last night, these two male, British celebrities hooked up at an AMA after party. No big deal really except for the fact that both are married to women.

The Blonde Hoover

PopBitch – We’ve mentioned seeing this Hollywood blonde hoovering up a huge line of gak at a fashion week party before. New York party hosts say » Continued

A Break Up and a Confession

CDAN – I don’t know if this was a pickup line or if it is actually true, but this almost A list movie star in a huge franchise confessed to two women at a recent party that he was a virgin. Hmmm. He said he was looking for the right woman. This guy could have just about anyone he wants so I don’t know. It might explain a certain break up not too long ago.

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