Actor Hates His Own Movie

[CDAN] What Hollywood actor got ‘buyer’s remorse’ about a movie he stars in and began publicly distancing himself from it at its Sundance after-party, saying another movie was better?

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Making Out After The Golden Globes

[Gawker] This not-so-funny funny lady spent the night at the HBO afterparty for the Golden Globes making out in the corner with a rather sexy male model. There’s nothing nerdy about that.

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Cranky Film Star Complained and Counted

[CDAN] This just about A list movie actress who got her start on television has been developing a bit of an attitude over the past year. I think it is because she is really trying to stay off c*ke. Anyway, she was at a charity event the other night where she was getting paid and spent the entire night complaining about the temperature in the room; the food; the drinks; people wanting to meet her; the number of people she agreed to meet and who was keeping count; and the list just went on and on.

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Grammy Girl Was Slurring And Forgetting


[NationalEnquirer] Which Grammy-winning singer is back on dr*gs? The entertainer – who hasn’t had a hit song in years – stunned guests when she showed up at a recent Hollywood event slurring her words and forgetting friends’ names before nodding off during the reception dinner! » Continued

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Host And Cheap Girlfriend Rejected

[CDAN] When this reality host went on vacation to the same place as his former boss/reality judge he thought he would get invited to the party his former boss was throwing. Nope. The former boss wants no part of our reality host or his “cheap girlfriend.”

Former Boss:

Reality Host:

Host’s Girlfriend:


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Big Stars Created Fake Feud

[BlindGossip] These two big stars created a fake feud a while back to get some publicity. It worked. But now, even though there is no feud, the tabloids are going to make one up to keep the story going. They will soon report that the two hate each other and are demanding to be » Continued

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His Girlfriend Is Having An Affair

[BuzzFoto] This B list hip-hop artist, who won an award this last year, is planning a big surprise bash for his girlfriend soon. He’s enlisted his best friend to help him with the festivities, but doesn’t realize » Continued

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Drama At His First Christmas Party

[BuzzFoto] This young star just got a place of his own and is super excited to host his first Christmas party. He invited a long list of guests, and his ex-girlfriend is on the list. She’s still bitter about the breakup and has decided to bring her new boyfriend to the party, even though he wasn’t invited. The holiday drama should be interesting. 671

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She Wants The F Word

[CDAN] What former A list tween actress was heard at a party saying, “If my next movie does not have the word f**k in at least 20 times I’m not doing it.”

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Partying And Grifting

[CDAN] So, this former B list movie actor from a family of actors has not been getting much work lately at all. Part of the problem? Well he is a raging dr*nk who has spent a great deal of time getting thrown out of hotels. This one though tops it all. Our actor was in a country » Continued

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