Athlete’s Wife is an Attention Hog

CDAN – This A list athlete (in his sport anyway) told his C list movie actress wife that he didn’t want her anywhere near him during some press he is doing. He feels like she tries to take all the attention away from him and makes every conversation or interview about her projects and her life and totally ignores him.

The Actress and The Girly Athlete

TheGossip Boy – Which A-List name but B-list actress is now hooking up with an athlete that has been passed around Hollywood like a party favor.  He thinks that he is the next best thing but in reality the women only like to bed him because he very sensitive in bed.  Translation: it’s like making love to another woman.  Wonder what his team members would think after hearing that?  Not Kate Hudson.

Formula 1 Driver has a Public Tommy Tank

HolyMoly – Which Formula 1 driver is known within the circles for having a bad drink problem. At a recent house party in Sweden, he walked onto the lawn at 4am and started having a ‘Tommy Tank’ in full view of everyone. He can’t remember a thing about it.

Girl Singer Waits for the Premier League

HolyMoly – Which girl band spent many of their formulative hours shagging Charlton Athletic players. When one member was asked why she didn’t partake, she said: “I’m waiting for the Premier League.” Oh to have the benefit of hindsight!

Love of His Life Inspires Gay Athlete

DailyMirror – Which English international sportsman is gearing up to come out to teammates now he’s met the love of his life?

Red White and Blue Frozen Yogurt

BlindGossip – While this celebrity was not one of the performers at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, he still managed to make a big impression on some of the athletes there. He was a spectator at one of the outdoor events and was apparently having trouble coping with the cold weather. He later told the athletes that he was so cold during the event that, if he got lucky that night, certain bodily fluids were likely to have the consistency of frozen yogurt.

Female Golfer Gets Schooled

CDAN – This A list female pro golfer is sleeping with a married college professor.

Big Ego Not So Funny at Olympics

BlindGossip – While quite a few celebrities have managed to make their way up to Vancouver for the Olympic Games, one actor certainly made a less-than-super impression. He really wanted to see a particular event – for which tickets were in big demand – and was observed trying to buy some off of a scalper. When told the price, he started yelling at the scalper, saying that the price was outrageous and that there should be some sort of discount for celebrities like him. Although scalping is not illegal in British Columbia, a little discretion would have probably been more appropriate. Then again, maybe our actor was just trying to be funny.

Actress and Athlete Are Not Exclusive

CDAN – Apparently this relationship between a C+/B- list movie and television actress and her A list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as the world has been led to believe. Both of them have been seen out with other people in the past few weeks and they weren’t exactly platonic dates.

Young Star Trashes Carrie and The Who

BlindGossip – Which young star embarrassed themselves at a Superbowl party yesterday? Not only did they have way too much to drink, they were also very loudly critical of both musical guests that performed. During Carrie Underwood’s singing of The National Anthem, they started to howl and clutched their ears as if in pain. During The Who’s halftime performance, they talked loudly about how stupid it was to have some “Grandpa  Band” that nobody ever heard of playing. When someone at the party asked them to pipe down because they actually did want to hear the music, the young star responded by saying that it was a waste of time to listen to music that sounded like crap they had heard a million times before. It will be interesting to see how much our star enjoys people critiquing their singing in a an upcoming film.

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