Punxsutawney Phil Knows There's Only Six More Days

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today! That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers… it’s Groundhog Day!

Do you know what that means?


…in less than a week! That’s right, campers, Animal is officially going to be here on February 8th!

Do you like pets and other animals? We need 100 volunteers to peruse the site and give us some feedback before it is officially launched.  If you would like to help Punxsutawney Phil (who is a personal friend of Animal’s), please respond “YES!” below. Please make sure to use a valid email address so that we can send you the link. Thanks, campers!


We are so happy that so many of you volunteered to help Animal! Yes, we can use all of you! We’ll be pinging your email addresses today. Once we validate your email address, we’ll send you the link. Thanks! Love, BG

Here’s Why Reality Star’s Dog is Still Crazy

dog funny 1StarMagazine – Which bottle-blonde reality TV star has been nipping her dogs’ meds? The pooches were prescribed anti anxiety pills by a vet, but Mommy says they do wonders for her too.

This Chihuahua Won't Have to Swim For His Life

chihuahua 1CDAN – I don’t know if you have read the reports from California but our animal shelters are overwhelmed with Chihuahuas. I blame Paris Hilton. In the last 12 months just in Los Angeles, 4700 of them have been taken in by shelters. Anyway, there has been an idea to ship some of the dogs to other shelters around the country to even things up. This usually annoying B list movie and television actress who is on/off/on a hit network drama and who has been doing nice things lately paid for the cost of flying 25 of the dogs to shelters in New Hampshire with another 45 to follow. Shelters in New Hampshire have waiting lists of people who want the dogs so this is a very good thing.

SOLVED! » Continued

How to Help a Man Get Over His Dog

st bernard 1PopBitch – Back in the 80s, Bernie Winters was staying in the same hotel as a hard-living rock band. He got talking to one of the female members, who ended up in reality TV. » Continued

A Man and His Dog Meet a Man and His Dog

man walking dogCDAN – This C list actor used to be a B lister. A very solid B lister. He was on two of the funnier shows ever on television. Since his last hit show ended, he has gone from job to job but has never repeated his earlier success. Our actor is married with child/ren but » Continued

What the Egotistical Actress Named Her Dog

woman and dogCDAN – This married B+/A- list movie actress has a dog. The dog’s name is the same as the name of our actress. The reason for this? According to the actress there are two reasons » Continued

He Followed Reality Star Around Like a Puppy

puppy 2CDAN – I like to call this one Easy & Skeezy. It doesn’t really have anything to do with either of the people involved as a nickname. It just means that it is fairly easy to solve and one of the participants is particularly skeezy. When I refer to someone as an A list reality star, it just means they are on the top of the reality show food chain.

So, over the weekend, this married A list male reality star would not stop hitting on this younger A list female reality star. He kept following her around like a puppy, and saying things like, “we should really work together.” Yes, he said that. When they were first introduced she was very polite, but then he started getting close and doing the touching thing. The rest of the night was the puppy dog thing and trying to impress her. She wasn’t. It didn’t stop him from telling everyone at the party though how she was into him.


» Continued

Rapper Tweets About Surprising Dog Treats

dog-surprisedStyleList – Which unsavory former model turned actor-rapper has been Tweeting about feeding drugs to his dog?

Beauty Queen’s Husband Hates Your Dog

sad-puppyCDAN – This aging former list television actor hasn’t been on anything big in years. Back in the day he went from a hit drama straight into a hit comedy. Now he spends most of his days yelling obscenities at his neighbors dog. His neighbor is a b list actor who was the lead on a semi hit comedy. Our former a list actor is married to a former beauty queen who was on a hit television comedy.

1-former a list actor
2-b list actor
3-former beauty queen/actress

Actress Cares About The Kitty


CDAN – This C list actress/writer/producer on a very hit television comedy had noticed all of these photos of a missing cat on telephone poles and in windows. She didn’t really think much about it, but a day or two after she first saw the pictures, she met » Continued

This Athlete Really Loves His Dog

dog-surprisedNYDN – What estranged wife of a former sports figure is claiming that he had unnatural relations with their pet? Hubby is barking loud denials.

Actress Abandons Puppy

BlindGossip – Which young celebrity should be reported to the humane society? She made a big fuss over a new puppy a while back, bringing it everywhere with her. Then the dog got older and bigger and more unruly, and the novelty wore off. She stopped traveling with it, and after a few indoor accidents, stopped allowing it in the house. The poor pup now spends half its time completely alone in the backyard, sometimes without food and water for the day if the owner forgets about it. The other half of the time, it’s left in a kennel while the owner travels.

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