One Percent Kidult

rich kid[Fashion Weekly] How does a 10-year-old boy among the blessed 1 percent spend his days » Continued

Fading And Moaning

babies 2[Pop Bitch] Which fading celebrity has been moaning about her ex’s predilection for adding » Continued

Why She’s Dragging Her Kids To Work

mom dragging child[Allie Is Wired] This former teen TV star now has teens of her own. Now that she’s reprising her signature role » Continued

One Up The Rival

baby sleeping[Blind Gossip] This TV star was recently talking about how worried she is that her husband might have fathered a child before they married. » Continued

Home Alone

home alone 1[Blind Gossip] One of the stars of a very successful film franchise has a child who may be in trouble.

At the recent celebration of their new film’s opening » Continued

The Thot Thickens In Child Custody Battle

parents pulling child[Hollywood Street King] Before becoming one of today’s blind item subjects, this homewrecker didn’t think twice to boogie out » Continued

Cut Your Share

child money 2[Blind Gossip] These parents have said that they don’t want their child/ren in the spotlight. If they were being truthful, they would say that » Continued

Her Time Tally

clock 4[Blind Gossip] This TV celebrity’s less-famous sister recently did a quick tally of the number of hours the celebrity typically spends » Continued

The List Maker

list of rules[Blind Gossip] This actress is going totally crazy making lists for her husband’s girlfriend!

The lists are rules that the wife » Continued

Pop Star Survived Childhood Nightmare

Child abuseBG Warning: This item from an outside source contains sensitive material about child abuse. If you find such items objectionable, simply skip this post.

[National Enquirer] A world famous music icon is hiding a dark and tragic secret » Continued

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