Character was Based on a Real Teen Idol

tiger-beat-magazineVillageVoice – Which teen idol could the character named “Zack” in Dance Flick—you know, the one who sings the song about being a big gay—possibly be based on?

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  1. Good Mourning says

    I hear “Zack” and I immediately think of Mark Paul Gosselar’s character in Saved By The Bell. But Effron is the more likely candidate.

      • skymom says

        Don’t feel too bad, I’ll see you and raise you on showing our age. That’s because the first name that came to mind for me was good old Vinnie Barbarino — John Travolta (but I’m sure it’s wrong, and the correct answer is a more contemporary teen idol…) 😉

    • maurav says

      Zack reference… maybe AC Slater? Maybe Mario Lopez!!! He is BFF’s with Eva, and God knows that woman would have my best gays dripping off of her!

  2. LacesOut says

    Well, as soon as that charachter was introduced in the movie, I knew it was Zefron. Yep. and we all know he is…no shocker there.

  3. lolzer says

    Hahaha, I don’t know what to think of Zack Efron. I’d say he’s bi(just to be nice).

  4. Lizzard says

    Well, if I wasn’t sure it was Zac Efron before, I totally am now. I went to the imdb site for the movie and if you pull up the whole cast there is a Coach Effron listed as uncredited.

    I don’t know if I really think he is gay though. Perhaps bi, but possibly just a massive metro…

  5. Tease says

    I know he is exhausted pretending to be straight, it’s alot of work but this is about money and the powers that be made him a straight star..

    maybe he’ll come out in 20 yrs once he has amassed millions.