Pregnant Pregnant Pregnant

pregnant 3 women[Blind Gossip] In the never-ending quest for ratings and attention, this TV maven is trying to get the cast on this show excited about a new story line: Three of the women on the show… all pregnant… at the same time!

No, it does not matter what the fathers of those potential babies think. What matters is the attention these three women would get! Just think of the photo ops! The daily gossip updates! The reality show ratings! The endorsements!

One has agreed, but they still needs two more to join her. It doesn’t matter which two. If they can reproduce, they are eligible to be part of this story line.

Reality Maven:

TV Show:

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134 comments to Pregnant Pregnant Pregnant

  • phippskat

    Kris Jenner and the awful Kardashians…

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    For once I don’t think it’s the Kardashians since one sister is already pregnant, one just had a baby and one can’t get pregnant. So it’s some other reality TV family.

    • chandler02

      You are forgetting there are two other sisters in the family. Kim had a baby over a year ago, so she and Khloe could get pregnant as well.

    • Loves the Latin Boys

      That “Khloe can’t get pregnant” bit was likely STORYLINE, girl. They fake a lot of story’s.

    • Moonpie

      This BI is coming out now but the idea may have been floated two or three months ago before Kourtney announced her pregnancy. KK may have competition trying to get KW’s attention. Also she is obsessed about her weight and won’t chance a pregnancy now. Khloe has issues killing the rabbit. Kylie is too young and off limits even for that monster and Kendall’s modeling career which is PMK’s future money maker would be ruined with a pregnancy.

      • skunk2

        kourt is preggers, reported today Kim and Kanye are ‘trying for baby no 2′.

        Then sister 3 could be one of the jenner boys’ girls? maybe Leah?

  • ravenglass

    Kris Jenner


  • tuckerlee123

    The despicable Kardashians

  • NOTellebee

    Kardashians, natch, with Kris capitalizing on Kourtney’s pregnancy. Ew.

  • NettieHoney

    Reality Maven: Andy Cohen
    Show: One of the Real Housewives things.

    • Okayeah

      I tend to agree with this. There’s no way Kris Jenner is a “TV maven”. The only thing she’s an expert at is wh*ring out her daughters and taking her cut.

  • mlswift

    Reality Maven: Momager Kris of course

    TV show: Keeping up with the Kardashians

    The disturbing part is that it doesn’t matter which other two…would she really want Kendall or Kylie pregnant?

    • KatarinaJ

      Oh Lord Kris wouldn’t care. it isn’t like these girls getting pregnant ruins their lives. Insert nannies and millions of dollars and pre set career trajectories and fame. It isn’t like it hurts them the way it does some high school girl in middle America.

      • hadapurpura

        But Kendall is a model, a pregnancy would keep her out of it for awhile, and I don’t think kris would want that.

  • slantrhyme


  • HermioneG

    Kris Jenner & the Kardashian cult. The hint at the younger ones being possible candidates makes it even more disgusting… I don’t even understand why people are still giving them the attention they’re craving. Are people SO braindead these days?

  • Vickiefantastico

    Easy, the Kardashians. I don’t care to know their actual names. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • royal eduardo

    Kris Jenner (she will love that she was called a maven)

    Kim Kardashian as the one who has already agreed

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • tarbaby

    The one and only Kardashian clan – Kourtney is already preggers, Kim is “saying” she wants to have another one, all the while whining about still trying to lose weight, and Khloe, bless her heart, struggled to get pregnant (while married). Maybe she will manage it with this “French” guy. There is your “triple crown”!

  • CanaryCry

    The Kardashian trio?

  • RDHC

    The Kardashians, of course. They are truly disturbed.

  • gotu

    Pretty clearly the Kardashians–Kris Jenner. Lord help those poor babies brought into that mess.

  • augustmom

    PMK and the Kards…

  • lilspinchick

    Stop it. No, really. Stop. “It doesn’t matter which two”? So, Kris Jennfer doesn’t care which of her girls gets preggo on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she JUST wants 3 of them to be at the same time. :::blank stare:::

    What a GREAT storyline, Kris.

  • iluvgossip

    Reality Maven: Kim I love Attention Kardashian
    Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians

    Isn’t Kourtney already preggers? I read somewhere recently that Kim and Kanye are talking/working on their second child.
    They are HOPING this would boost ratings……YAWN, we are over them.

  • mnewt

    This smells like PMK!! Kourtney’s already pregnant and it sounds like she doesn’t care which other two get pregnant, including the teenagers. Has she no standards???

  • sabrina325

    Kris Jenner, Keeping up with the Kardashians?

  • ImWearingVersace

    Pimp Mama Kris and her Kall Girls.

  • krystie

    Maven: mona scott

    Show: Love and hip hop Atlanta

    Kaleena is pregnant and due on Christmas

  • SharmelleLaBoushh

    Reality “maven”: Kris Jenner

    TV Show: KUWTK

    This blind reeks of PMK’s desperate attempts to stay “relevant” and keep the money and fame flowing in.

  • busted

    Too obvious. Pick a kardashian, any kardashian.

  • CatBallou

    Must be Kris Jenner

    The Kardashitrashes

    Sigh … the most disturbing part – it doesnt matter which three

  • chandler02

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner

    TV Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    How TERRIBLE! Children are more than props!

  • pisces0023

    Kris “How Low Can You Go” Jenner and the KarTrash daughters.

  • buttersmom

    Kris Jenner. ..

  • Estrogen

    Kris “I will sell my kids for anything” Jenner

  • wfreshie

    ryan seacrest

    the kardashians

  • jennlynn

    I’m sure Kardashian is going to come up here… Kourtney is already pregnant… so Leaves the other girls to get on board..

    Maven also makes me think of Tori Spelling and her little Maven line of clothes.

    However this sounds like a current show with multiple regualr females on the show who are part of the main story line anyway… hmmm

  • Weekenderbedford

    Karcrashians.Poor babies.

  • ahmarna

    Kris Jenner on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kourtney is pregnant already

  • jessicab

    Uh, duh. :)

    Reality Maven: Kris Kardashian

    TV Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

  • Camila

    I hope it doesn’t work. I can’t even stand the attention the Kardashians receive with absolutely nothing happening.

  • packerpoke

    Sister wives and Kody Brown.The last show had ending where the second wife might be preganet.

    • Stars In My Eyes

      I would LOvE this! it’s not them, but as a diehard Sister Wives fan I would love to see Janelle, Sobyn, and my fave Christine all pregnant at once. That would be one hell of a season!

  • Melo

    This could only be Kris Jenner and her daughters. She’ll do anything for attention, money and ratings. So she’s okay if 2 of the 3 could be her teenage daughters? And hasn’t Kloe tried to conceive in the past? If so, that’s very insensitive on her mom’s part. I’m glad I don’t watch any of these shows to feed the greed.

  • haley1020

    keeping up with the kardashians

  • Icebox30

    Please tell me it’s not another crazy idea of Kris Jenner/Kardashian!!
    This is such a big joke… th storyline and the cast as well!!

  • haley1020

    kris jenner
    keeping up with the kardashians

  • ohhjenna

    Kardashians, and the three girls. Gooood lord, anything for a rating.

  • lisako

    Kris Jenner/Keeping Up With the Kardashians


  • kcphilly

    Kris Jenner

    KUWTK. Kourtney is already pregnant. Then of course there’s Kim and Khloe and the two teenage Jenner girls…that would be low ever for Kris. But then there’s also the wife of one of Bruce’s sons that appear on the show regularly in the past couple of years. They already had a story last year about Kourtney being convinced that the girl, Lea I think her name is, was pregnant.

  • Emmyb1608

    If this is Kris Jenner, then I’m not sure who’s worse… Her for suggesting it, or any of her daughters that would go along with it for “ratings” ?!

    • CoCoJoe

      I don’t think those girls ever had a chance to NOT be the kind of person to go along with such craziness.

  • Rapunzel

    Ewww, Kris Jenner and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”? It’s grossing me out that it says “they still needs two more to join her. It doesn’t matter which two”, like 18 year-old Kendall might be in the mix. Kourtney is obviously the already pregnant one.

  • Virginia

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner
    TV Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

  • pikasupageti

    Reality Maven: Mama Kris Jenner and her 10% cut

    TV Show: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    next season will be even more juicier if this plan goes well.

    Kourtney is pregnant for her 3rd child anyway.

  • janemare

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner

    TV Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

  • Franciss

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner

    TV Show: KUWK

  • lrod

    Ryan Seacrest.

  • january

    The grandma pimp : Jenner

  • prettybrowneyes

    I’m going to go with Kris Jenner
    TV show: the Kartrashians… Sorry Kardashians

  • cgrant0423

    I’m going with that Pimp – Kris Jenner trying to get some of her daughters knocked up.

  • ticktorboom

    Kardashian clan!
    RM: Kris Jenner
    TV SHOW: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • ravenglass

    I can see Kris, really pushing Kylie to get pregnant. Then she can play the shocked, upset mom who “never would’ve expected this from Kylie.” Kris, is probably hoping for a Bieber baby or a Smith baby but will probably get a Lil Twist baby instead.

  • rosiedoes

    If this is Kris Jenner, the implication is horrifying. For more than one reason.

  • Peony

    The Kardashians. Can they not just go away?

  • likeasif

    Gross. Kris Jenner & Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  • carriebradshaw

    must be Kris Jenner pimpin her daughters for her reality show

  • celebs-r-weird

    Where do you get these pictures?! Did you really find 3 pregnant women and put them in matching outfits? LOL!! This is probably the Kartrashians. Why people give them any attention AT ALL is BIZZARE.

  • Mixtape

    Kris Jenner, KUWTK. Rolling my eyes at the thought of teenaged Kylie being pregnant (they would never have the only naturally thin member of their family, Kendall, risk her figure and modeling career for it). But she’s apparently not in school or employed, so I guess she’s got the time.

  • sssss

    Kris Kardashian
    Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  • Vampira

    Probably the old cougar and daughter Kourtney.

  • bbaggins82

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner
    TV Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians

  • Tate

    Kris Jenner

    So it sounds like that sicko is offering up the storyline to her younger daughters too. This whole crew is so sick and twisted.

  • LeahLynn28

    Can’t be the Kraptrashians hos,because Kourtney is already pregnant,and the Jenner puppets are too young to become mothers.So they have to be from one of the Housewives cast…from somewhere in the US,whatever.

  • hushhush

    The Kardashians.
    Are they seriously considering having one of the younger sisters be pregnant if one of the oldest 3 don’t commit?!

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    This is almost certainly that vile Kar-TRASH-ian famil and it’s equally gross mother, Kris Jenner. That woman has more than a few screws loose!!!

  • PoniTayl

    Kris K-Trash
    KUWTK or whatever the crap is called

  • lovelylovely


  • True007

    PLEASE don’t let this be about Kris Jenner and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  • karaduff

    It is really sick that the producers want to bring 3 human beings into the world for RATINGS! I am so disgusted right now.

  • Brittttt


  • Vinnie

    Stupid kardashian pos mom

    Keeping up with pos kardashians

  • Ztyme

    Kris Pimp Momma Jenner and The Kardashians

    ANYTHING for a buck.

  • GeorgiaR

    Kris Jenner trying to get three of her daughters pregnant on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  • Versace

    Ugh they’re annoying.

    Kris Jenner
    Keeping up with the Kardashians

  • sammieeeee

    Easy. Kris Kardashian. I guess Kourtney is the one that already agreed to it?

  • sammieeeee

    Errr I mean Kris Jenner.

  • Khadafi

    Reality Maven: PMK

    TV Show:Keeping Up With The Kartrashians

  • Talisker

    I want to say Kris Jenner of KUWTK….. kourtney already being pregnant and Kim on record as saying she wants to add an east / south / west for North. Which leaves Khloe??? Whilst I don’t doubt Khloe wants kids she’s not exactly in a great position right now with her current ‘beau.’ And surely for goodness sake Kylie and Kendall are far too young?

  • Lisa33

    Gosh, could it be the Real Housewives of…..anyone?

  • soyella

    Really do we need to guess??

  • pineapple

    K Klan lol

  • SpiderCat

    Pimp Mama. She’ll have Kim, the oldest sister, and Khloe or one of the younger girls get pregnant at the same time.

    That’s incredibly evil. Poor babies.

  • amatahrain


  • lady

    Kris Jenner!

    Keeping up with the Kardashians

  • stolidog

    Gross. Kartrashians.

  • minx

    Well, I immediately thought of the odious Kris Jenner, because she wouldn’t care what the fathers thought. But Kourtney is already pregnant, so Kim and Khloe would have to get pregnant immediately, unless she wants one of her younger daughters to go for it. I put nothing past Kris.

    Other than that, maybe one of the Real Housewives Shows?

  • leftyluggage

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner
    TV Show: Keeping up with the Kuntrashians

    Presumably Kim, the slow one and maybe Ken-dull? God forbid Kris spawns again…..

  • blessedjess226

    Kris Kardashian trying to knock up all of her daughters with the exemption of Kourtney who is already knocked up.

  • SamuraiJack

    Kim, Khloe, Kourtney

  • audreyyy

    the kardashians

  • fishfish123

    Kris Jenner & the Kardashians.

    Kourtney is probably the one on board since she’s already pregnant.

  • starryknight

    Kris Kenner

  • Cult of Personality

    Kris Jenner

    Keeping up with the Kartrashians

  • Lisa

    Reality Maven: Kris Jenner

    TV Show: Keeping Up with the Katrashians

  • BumBum


    *sigh* that is NOT cute!

  • cathrynchandler

    Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Leah Jenner.

  • lrod

    Andy Cohen
    Real Housewives of Atlanta or Beverly Hills