Stolen Freak Out

jewelry 1[Blind Gossip] This very established actress was recently robbed of several valuable items. However, there is one item that is causing her more stress than all the rest combined.

It turns out that the laptop that was stolen contains some intimate photos/videos of her and her ex – as well as her and her current beau – and she is freaking out about the thought of them being published! A detective advised her that she should publicly pretend that the laptop belongs to someone else to give her more leverage in case the thief tries to contact her directly to negotiate some sort of deal.


Her Ex:

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  1. JenJenJen says

    Susan Sarandon?? Think it just broke today or yesterday that her apartment was robbed

  2. tuckerlee123 says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon

    Ex: Tim Robbins

    She must be carrying a torch for him still if she has kept nude photos of him/them. That was years ago. Susan, you are too old for this shit.

  3. creeping_thistle says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon’s house in Manhattan was burgled last weekend. $ 100,000 worth of jewels.
    Ex: Tim Robbins.

  4. PastyWhite says

    Jennifer Aniston? The jewelry picture made me think of her big engagement ring. Ex being Brad Pitt, current being Justin Theroux.

  5. hihotintin says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon just had her home broken into and they mentioned a laptop was stolen
    Her Ex: Tim Robbins

  6. Veralynn says

    Actress – Susan Surandon
    Her Ex – Tim Robbins

    Her apt was broken into this weekend in NYC.

  7. geewhiz says

    Poor Susan S! I thought that laptop would be trouble when I read about that. Why even make that part of the theft public?

    • CanaryCry says

      SS has become quite the AW of late, especially with her flagging career. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

  8. mandyleigh says

    It was just in the news that Susan Sarandon was robbed … so I’m going with her & the ex being Tim Robbins

  9. iluvgossip says

    8/4/14- Susan Sarandon
    Her Ex- Chris Sarandon

    Shocking…you go Susan. Hope she gets the laptop back, and her jewels.

  10. south chicago says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon
    Her Ex: Tim Robbins

    just read about this on the internet. Her apartment was robbed by somebody who used a ladder – climbing from next building – to get to her terrace. Some of her “Thelma and Louise” jewelry was taken along with some other jewelry and there was mention of a computer being taken also.

  11. redstilettos says

    When will these celebritards learn not to put anything risqué on the phone or laptop? For some reason Jennifer Aniston popped in my head.

  12. alexxxess says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon

    Her Ex: Tim Robbins?

    Eeeek that stinks. Why would she still have photos like that of Tim though?

  13. bbc says

    My idol – Susan Sarandon
    Ex – could be Tim Robbins or that younger dude she dated after they split

  14. mngirl says

    Actress: Susan Sarandon
    Ex: Tim Robbins

    DM had an item today about her apt being burglarized and a laptop was one of the stolen items.

  15. LeahLynn28 says

    Susan Sarandon?
    Tim Robbins?
    Isn’t she too old to have intimate photos in a laptop?Go figure…