1. Talisker says

    Serena Williams dropping out of the ladies doubles at Wimbledon – her sister didn’t look too impressed or sympathetic and Serena’s performance was just bizarre!

  2. GrannyGoose says

    Celebrity: Serena Williams?

    She dropped out of the Wimbledon doubles with Venus

    • RDHC says

      Wait…..maybe not. I just read something about her constantly being subject to pregnancy rumors. But, I don’t know what big event she would have missed because she was drunk.

  3. amyinkamloops says

    Kim Kardashian – don’t know what the event was, but she claims not to drink.

    • ravenglass says

      Claims that are totally false. Don’t say you “don’t drink” when you’ve been filmed sipping wine & cocktails.

      Amy, I’m envious you’re in Kamloops. Beautiful city.

  4. ashanean says

    Celebrity: Serena Williams, dropped out of Wimbledon
    Double match with her sister Venus

  5. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Blake Lively says she doesn’t drink but don’t know what major event she might have dropped out of.

  6. 4sixx2 says

    BeyoncĂ©. I’d drink, too if I had to live a life of lies under the microscope.

    • bec215 says

      …except she invited that into her life and wants the trappings of fame that come with it…. she’s just enough of a control-freak that she likely won’t drink b/c she might do something that contradicts the ‘perfect life’ she’s built and puts on display.

  7. Witch Baby says

    Serena Williams pulling out of Wimbledon? The blind item says celebrity and she recently had a very weird meltdown on the court and seemed woozy and unbalanced, in the reports of the story it’s mentioned she might have had a thing with her coach but I can’t find any pregnancy rumors.

  8. CanaryCry says

    Kimmy K?
    Taylor S?
    Madonna (who’s been really loving up the wine these days)?
    Some UK songbird?

  9. sherlock says

    Would this be Serena Williams?What the hell was she thinking.Wimbledon is the biggest and most important tennis tournament.

  10. Vampira says

    Wow, I thought she would have been more disciplined than that, and at least wait until after the match!

  11. pwhit72 says

    Totally JHud. She canceled an event in Chicago a few days ago and has always claimed she doesn’t drink.

  12. dawnro says

    So much Serena Williams @ Wimbledon, Martina said that she was SURE that it wasn’t ‘the flu’. The instagram pic of her the next day looked as tho she was nursing an overhang!

  13. niesey2927 says

    Can’t be Serena because the players are substance and enhancements tested before & after tennis matches with strict security. Alcohol would have been detected before she was allowed on the court.

  14. sassygurl1987 says

    Poor Serena! Nobody believes that she was ill even after posting an instagram or a selfie! She was even called out by Martina Navratilova!

  15. klam says

    Angelina Jolie. I remember seeing rumors recently about her being pregnant, though I don’t know if she’s dropped out of a major event.

  16. Booboo1068 says

    If the source was UK I’d go left field and say Duchess Catherine (nee Middleton).

    Serena it is then. Are we supposed to be surprised that a celeb is/ has lied about something to sell a certain (lucrative) public image? Hands up, anyone? No? Thought so.

  17. bec215 says

    I’m going with Serena Williams after a little googling… the videos are incredible – she looks like she’s playing tennis in a community center. I was in Paris a few years ago in a store when Williams came in. She was in sweats, holding a tiny dog and eating what looked like a bologna sandwich on white bread, which she was also feeding bits to her dog as she walked around the store, dropping crumbs and crust everywhere. Her small entourage just milled around while she browsed. It was bizarre – it was also hugely embarrassing. American travelers already deal with enough stereotypes and preconceptions – this did not help. The staff either recognized her and gave her a free celebrity pass, or didn’t recognize her but were too gracious to ask her to please not eat and feed her dog in the store. These girls have been working so hard for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that one of them ‘cracked’ under the pressure – perhaps, even, Serena wants to retire permanently, but her father or her sister are pressuring her not to… who knows. What struck me is that her family and coach claimed ignorance of what happened to her – if she’d had a flu bug, they’d have certainly known that before the match – their refusal to ‘play along’ hints, to me, to a greater divide… was this her way of rebelling and acting out and getting her way (i.e., not having to play when she’s lost her motivation, but was forced to by her controlling father, or demanding sister)?

  18. JAT says

    it’s not Serena – although she looked drunk for sure

    she doesn’t claim to not drink
    she spoke in bon appetite mag interview about liking cheap wines from Publix

  19. tarap says

    Not Serena due to alcohol. She drinks. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness and alcohol is permitted in moderation. IMHO, while watching the match I kept thinking that her lack of hand/eye coordination looked very much like the beginnings of a nasty neurological disease that a close friend has. I hope I’m wrong. To me, she didn’t appear drunk. She could walk just fine. I would bet the bank that the WTA tested her after the match.

    I have no idea who it is though.

  20. brittaanylaurr says

    Demi Lovato, I forget what she didn’t show up too but there was backlash saying she was pregnant and she jumped on twitter and said she was sick. plus being sober is her whole image and platform.