Celebrities Want Google To Forget

google no[Blind Gossip] Following a controversial European ruling,  Google has received scores of “right to be forgotten” requests, including a couple of requests from celebrities.

The European Court of Justice last week that individuals have the right to redact results on searches of their names. While the original intent was to be able to allow individuals to remove the ability to search on incorrect or out-of-date information, some view it as a way to to block unflattering or undesirable information, even if it is factually correct.

One request came from an actor who had an affair with a teenager. He wanted all references to that affair removed from the search engine.

Another request was made by the child of a celebrity who has asked for articles about their criminal convictions to be taken down

Google is reportedly working on an automated tool that will allow users to submit “right to be forgotten” requests, and is expecting a flood of demands to be pared from the search engine’s index

One of Google’s persistent fears has been that some will use the legislation to try to redact embarrassing – but legally published – details about themselves.


Child/ Celebrity Parent:

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36 comments to Celebrities Want Google To Forget

  • tuckerlee123

    Actor: Jude Law?

    Child /Celebrity parent: Cameron and Michael Douglas

  • ravenglass

    Actor: Morgan Freeman

    Child/Celeb Parent: Cameron Douglas/Michael Douglas

  • sabrina325

    Actor: Rob Lowe?

  • PIncorrect

    George Clooney and the Silvio Bersculoni (spelling right?) scandal.
    Kid? No clue.

  • august

    James Franco for teen affair, the other have no clue.
    Weither right or wrong I hate James Franco.

    • Elisa

      James Franco reminds me of that certain type of drama kid from high school: the one who always had to talk about their art, feelings, and that regular people weren’t special enough to understand.

    • beckss

      wish it was him but he didn’t actually get anywhere with the teen and bg is usually good with it’s wording

    • CanaryCry

      Than you, guys. I find Franco to be very smug, overrated & brownnosing.

  • amccar

    Actor: Rob Lowe
    Child/Celebrity parent…not sure who it could be there are a lot of choices! My first thought was Michael Douglas son. Can’t remember his name and don’t feel like googling it;)

  • LooLoo

    Actor- Rob Lowe? No, we haven’t forgotten, Rob.

  • shelaur22

    I’m sure AnnE will submit a request to have her relationship with that Madoff wannabe forgotten, as well as her crotch shot when she wore that BDSM dress.

  • GeorgiaR

    John Stamos allegedly had an affair with a teenager, although I am sure there are plenty more.

    The first case of a child of a famous celebrity who has a criminal conviction that comes to mind is Redmond O’Neal, whose father is Ryan O’Neal and mother is the late Farrah Fawcett. The second case of a child of a celebrity with a criminal conviction is Cameron Douglas, whose father is Michael Douglas.

  • JaneDawson

    Ugh. I’m started to back Taylor Swift up on her “do wrong, wrong shared” policy. Too many entitled brats crying foul when their cheating/illegal activity is exposed.

    Guessing James Franco and Emma Roberts/Roberts family.

  • Katmandu

    Oh. Well, what fun is that???

    Maybe they should call it “Travolta-sizing” – like the interview with the gay porn star some years ago. Poof! gone, disappeared, never heard about again.

  • fishfish123

    Actor: John Stamos

    Child/Celebrity Parent: Cameron Douglas / Michael Douglas

  • katt388

    Actor Morgan Freeman Kid?

  • What Had Happened Was...

    Actor: Colin Farrell or Jude Law

    Child/Celebrity Parent: ??

  • Sure

    I honestly don’t know! It’s confusing but for the child/celebrity O.J.and his son popped in my head. The actor could be anyone.

  • haley1020

    James Franco?
    Ireland Baldwin?

  • FunkyLeprechaun

    I don’t know if I like this. There will be other search engines, Bing for example, to keep those records alive. Google is doing a disservice.

    • db8ng1

      Word. Public records, public knowledge.
      People want access to these things.
      Google will lose tons of users.

  • katekatebobate

    ROB LOWE!!!! def the first one, the second imma say the Murphys’

  • PoniTayl

    Actor: Colin Wells

    Child/ Celebrity Parent: Redmund O’Neal / Ryan O’Neal

  • Mtlmeee

    It could be most of Hollywood! However, I agree that there should be more privacy on the internet. I myself, don’t have anything to hide but I hate googling my name and reading about a lot of my history. I understand that it is public, but it’s one thing going downtown to the court house and investigating someone and another thing googling them just out of curiosity.

    If it’s really important to investigate someones history, one will take the time, if it’s just curiosity, they won’t bother going to the courthouse.

    Furthermore, I don’t care if someone owes taxes, has unpaid parking tickets, how much his house is worth,etc.. I think the only time someone should be on Google is if he has a criminal record, especially if it has to do with child molestation!

  • sassay

    Woody Allen

    • ToadKisser

      Considering he has been married to the teen he had an affair with for a couple of decades, I don’t think he would bother trying to get it erased from the internet. Lol

      I think Rob Lowe has political aspirations, so it’s him.


    Actor: don’t know
    Child/Celebrity parent: Nick Hogan and Hulk Hogan was my first thought.

  • PandoraWolf

    I’m confused: if Google is an American company, how an a European ruling delete this information and NOT make it available for American Googlers?

    And how can you delete information regarding a criminal record? If it’s a ‘legal’ teen, well then, who cares; if it’s an ‘illegal’ teen and in the public eye then there should be criminal records, of which you shouldn’t be able to just delete them.

    My guess for the actor was Scott Bairstow. Probably-maybe doesn’t fit the criteria (when I looked up the name saw the girl was 12, so not a teen), but it’s been so long I could see him trying to expunge any public record of it so he could maybe try to get back into acting.

    And if it’s on Wiki, then it’s still there. That’s how I looked up his name.

  • kattt

    My first guess for the Actor was Roman Polanski, although he’s known more for a filmmaker than an actor
    Complete out of left field guess since he was also accused of rape rather than an “affair” but he just happened to be the first person on my mind since he lives in France and this would have to be by someone European

  • Lisa

    No clue on this one

  • thelasthigh

    Jerry Seinfeld and his former 17 year old girlfriend

  • BritishPound

    Hugh Grant
    Michael/Cameron Douglas

  • TXMom

    Actor: Jerry Seinfeld/girlfriend Shoshana Lonstein. I think he was her prom date.

    Child/Celebrity Parent: no clue