It’s Not Friendship Or Love

love money[Blind Gossip] Not going. Not going. Not going. Going.

Wait. What happened? Why the change of heart?

Have you seen any photos of these two famous couples together in the past year? No. How about a photo of just the two women together? No. That’s because the first couple is NOT friends with the second couple!

In fact, the female of the first couple goes out of her way to avoid the female of the second couple, because she considers her “trash” (there’s that word again!). “Trash” was really embarrassed when she invited the female of the first couple to participate in an upcoming big event with her and was soundly rejected. She was further embarrassed when the first couple declared that they were not going to go to the event at all.

But then… something changed. A member of the second couple agreed to give a member of the first couple total control over his business affairs. Now, all of a sudden, the first couple IS going to the second couple’s event! That’s because their attendance was part of the business transaction.

The relationship between these two couples is NOT friendship. It’s all business, baby!

This concept also applies to the first couple’s marriage. It’s not about love. It’s about business.

Actually, this concept applies to the second couple’s marriage as well! It’s not about love. It’s about business.

First Couple:

Second Couple:

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