It’s Not Friendship Or Love

love moneySOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] Not going. Not going. Not going. Going.

Wait. What happened? Why the change of heart?

Have you seen any photos of these two famous couples together in the past year? No. How about a photo of just the two women together? No. That’s because the first couple is NOT friends with the second couple!

In fact, the female of the first couple goes out of her way to avoid the female of the second couple, because she considers her “trash” (there’s that word again!). “Trash” was really embarrassed when she invited the female of the first couple to participate in an upcoming big event with her and was soundly rejected. She was further embarrassed when the first couple declared that they were not going to go to the event at all.

But then… something changed. A member of the second couple agreed to give a member of the first couple total control over his business affairs. Now, all of a sudden, the first couple IS going to the second couple’s event! That’s because their attendance was part of the business transaction.

The relationship between these two couples is NOT friendship. It’s all business, baby!

This concept also applies to the first couple’s marriage. It’s not about love. It’s about business.

Actually, this concept applies to the second couple’s marriage as well! It’s not about love. It’s about business.

First Couple:

Second Couple:

beyonce jay zSOLVED!

First Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

Second Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

As you now know, Bey and Jay eventually decided NOT to go to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Here’s what happened:

For several years, these two couples have pretended to be friends. They are not.

We’ve told you before that Beyonce thinks that Kim Kardashian is trash. We’ve also told you before that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage is all about the business. Well, now The New York Post is chiming in to agree with us on both points!:

Inside the crumbling marriage of Jay Z and Beyoncé

Even other celebrities aren’t immune to quality control. It’s not who they hang out with, says the source — “it’s who hangs out with them.” According to the source, they shunned Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding because it was too low-rent for the Jay Z/Beyoncé brand. “They are guarding like hell their status,” the source says. “Beyoncé wasn’t going to allow a Kardashian to socially climb her. And Jay didn’t want Kanye with Kim — he thinks it’s bad for business. I think Jay lost a little respect for Kanye there.”


The question now is whether to stay married while essentially living separate lives — becoming the Bill and Hillary of hip-hop — or publicly divorce.

Ultimately, it will be about the brand.

“There’s face-saving involved — they don’t want to be looked at like other celebrities out there,” says the source. “They are business people first, entertainers second. Husband and wife comes somewhere down the line.”

Kim was annoyed that Beyonce was rejecting her friendship. She was determined to have Bey and Jay at the wedding, though, and she told Kanye that he needed to make sure that happened.

So the first week of March, 2014, Kanye agreed to let Jay-Z’s Roc Nation manage the business affairs for Donda West, Kanye’s company. THAT SAME DAY, the wedding date was announced. Coincidence? Hell no! Kimye wanted Bey and Jay at the wedding, and that business deal was supposed to solidify their attendance.

However… somebody forgot to tell Beyonce. Whoops. She went ballistic when she found out that Jay-Z had included her in his deal!

They fought. We’ve told you before how crazy their fighting can get (read Fight In The Green Room). Jay-Z even tried bribing Bey by offering her money to sing at the wedding. She didn’t bite, and as you now know, neither Bey nor Jay wound up attending the wedding.

Beyonce did not go to Kimye’s wedding because she thinks that Kim is trash and devalues her (Beyonce’s) brand. Jay-Z did not go because his business relationship with Beyonce is worth much more than his business relationship with Kanye. This was a simple business decision.

Of course, Kim and Kanye (and Kris Jenner) pretended that they didn’t even notice that Bey and Jay were no shows, but boy, they were MAD!

It was a good thing Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t go. After all, they merely passed on an event best described by The New York Post as “Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday”:

two jackasses got married


Like we keep telling you: The relationship between these two couples is NOT friendship. It’s all business, baby!

This also applies to Kim and Kanye’s marriage. It’s not about love. It’s about business!

This also applies to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage. It’s not about love. It’s about business!

Congratulations to Annabelle77 for being first with the correct guess!

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364 comments to It’s Not Friendship Or Love

  • annabelle77

    Okay, this has to be Beyonce and Jay-Z (first couple) and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (second couple).

    Beyonce thinks kim is trash, and she refused to go to Kim’s wedding. Now they are going, because Kanye has signed up with Jay-Z’s record label. The only part that throws me is the second couple’s relationship being all about business. We know that’s true for Bey and Jay; but it would definitely be a surprise if it’s also true for Kim and Kanye. Am I right?

    • carriebradshaw

      there were lot of blind items about Kimye, according to them he is gay/bi and in relationship with Ricardo Tisci, designer of Givenchy, and she want to be second Liz Taylor (minus any kind of talent) and simply need another husband.

    • PoniTayl

      Kanye has a boyfriend in Paris…Ricardo Tisci, the french designer

    • Okayeah

      I’m not at all surprised about Kim and Kanye. It’s been reported forever that he really can’t stand her.

    • stolidog

      no, not really right. Gay Fish (Kanye West) is gay, is lover is Roberto Tisci. Kim is just a beard.

      • wendy hood

        But in each of these situations…WHY THE KIDS? They both have children – Blue Ivy is definitely Jays kid (look at the face), and North is definitely Kim’s kid. Why oh why add a kid to the mess, and whats the future of those kids once these straw men relationships end their courses? Its like some form of human trafficking.

    • jezzadezza

      I think it’s partly true for Kim and Kanye. They both love their publicity, obviously. But they were seeing each other back when she was married to Damon Thomas. And that’s a rather long time to have a relationship with someone that’s not just based on business and press…

  • m0m0ntherun

    Jay Z & Beyonce 1st couple

    Kanye West & Kim Kar”trash”ian (Kardashian) 2nd couple

  • nottoday

    jay z- beyonce


  • PoniTayl

    First Couple: The Carters

    Second Couple:The KTrash & A$$-hat West

  • rabiestime

    Bey/Jay Z


  • JeanRalphio

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim

  • sake_kitty

    First couple. Kim and Kanye
    Second couple: jay z and Beyoncé

  • cocobeannns

    Beyonce and Jay Z
    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

  • brobdingnagian

    First Couple: Jay Z & Beyonce

    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim!!

  • rpca26

    First couple: Jay Z & Beyonce
    Second couple: Kanye and Kim K

  • ladymuzz

    First couple : beyonce+jayz
    Second couple : kimye

  • ritzee

    Has to be Jay Z/Beyonce and Kim K/Kanye and the event is their upcoming wedding. Everyone talked about how they wouldn’t be at K’s wedding, then they would be there but didn’t want to be filmed and now there’s talk about them going and Jay Z being the best man (may or may not be true.)
    Plus, Kanye just signed with Jay Z’s label.

  • mspope23

    First Couple: Jay Z and Beyoncé
    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim

  • sarahj103

    First Couple: Jay Z and Beyonce

    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim Kardashian

  • Mtlmeee

    Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Kim and Kanye

  • jules524

    bey and jay and kanye and kim

  • bluejasmine

    Beyonce and Jay Z
    Kim and Kanye

  • ameliaj

    First Couple: Beyonce & Jay Z

    Second Couple: Kimye

  • bellashade

    Obviously Beyonce and Jay-Z for the first couple, and trashy Kim Kardashian and Kanye for the second.

  • shampagne

    First Couple: Beyonce & Jay Z

    Second Couple: Kim & Kanye

  • smaali

    First couple– Jayz and Beyonce

    Second couple– Kayne and Kim

    I can understand the first couple being about business BUT why in Gods name would Kanye want to be in business with KIM?? He’s already famous, rich, powerful and arrogant— what does she bring into the relationship except LOWER stock value??? I will never understand that relationship and have to believe they are really in love

    • rreilly1012

      Probably because he is totally gay. She is is beard.

      • KatarinaJ

        Plus she may be lower stock but every other story in gossip columns is about what they are doing, the wedding, the baby, the plans, etc. She is what she is but she keeps him ‘relevant’ – everyone knows a SUPER couple of one celeb plus another celeb raise the stock of each individual no matter what.

    • wendy hood

      I think she has more cache in foreign markets maybe? Worked for Jay and Beyoncé, they are now considered “black royalty”. He wants that kind of sparkle in his whole mythology, I guess.

      • Mystical

        Hi Wendy. I actually wanted to comment on your earlier post about the children, but for some reason it didn’t give me that option, so I will do it here. Your comparison with human trafficking feels exactly right to me. It seems so premeditated and takes it to a level that I find it almost physically sickening. Incredibly selfish and absolutely indefensible. It is hard to imagine that this poor little girl will be nurtured or loved as she grows up. Seems like they chose to bring a human being into the world just to see how badly they can damage her, like some sort of sick experiment.

  • Tate

    Beyonce and Jay Z

    Kim and Kanye

    Do any celebs have genuine relationships or are they all business relationships?

    • Mandy G.

      That’s what I wonder about as well. Reading about all these morally bankrupt celebrities makes me so happy that I lead the low-key life I lead. I married for love, and don’t need even 15 minutes of fame, thank you very much.

      • Tate

        Same here, Mandy. Married for love, now have two great kids. Our lives are full of soccer and basketball games, cook outs and birthday parties.

        I would not trade my life with any of these rich, shallow, fake celebs.

  • Buckskinlady

    First Couple – Jared and Genevive Padalecki
    Second Couple – Jensen and Danneel Ackles

    • IcyPenguin

      Hee! As much as I would love to have my fantasies about those boys back on track, I don’t think Jensen’s handing control of anything over to Jared.

      • Buckskinlady

        When Jensen was asked recently how the wine company he and Jared were starting together was doing, he replied “You’ll have to ask Jared. He tells me what to do and I do it.”

        How’s that for a fantasy back on track 😉

      • IcyPenguin

        I think I love you, Buckskinlady. :)

  • Weekenderbedford


  • minx

    So Beyonce and JayZ ARE going to Kimye’s wedding? I’m surprised they’re slumming, but as you said, anything for business, I guess.

  • areej94

    Kimye and Jayz/Beyonce

  • radmom

    First couple: Jayonce, or Bey-Z. Second couple: Kimye

  • Nic81

    Jay z and Beyonce and. Kim and Kanye (the wannabe jay z and Beyonce)

  • not now

    I wonder how long after the wedding it will take for B and J to file for divorce.

    • PandoraWolf

      Read that her wedding finger tattoo looks a wee bit lighter and that she might be removing it.

  • Johnboyy

    Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Kim and Kanye

  • purplecat

    Even I can get this right :))


  • Sure

    First Couple: Kimye (Kanye and Kim)
    Second Couple: The Carters (Jay -Z and Beyoncé)

  • Rapunzel

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Second Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

  • fallenangelx

    Kim k and kanye

    Beyonce and Jay z

  • Estrogen

    Beyonce & Jay Z
    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

  • greasybitchs

    jay z and beyonce gweyneth and chris martin

  • PinkFlamingo

    JayZ and Bey
    Kanye & Kim
    So Yeezus signed on with Roc Nation? Well, isn’t this interesting,…

  • Andreinac13

    First couple: Beyonce & Jay-Z

    Second couple: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

    I suspected of the second couple. Today I learned about the first.

  • slimfast10

    Another Easy Peasey one Ace
    First couple Bey and J
    second Kim KarTRASHian and KW
    what a bunch of phoney balonies wish all four would go away

  • stolidog

    beyonce, jay z, kim kartrashian and gay fish (kanye waste)

  • JaneDawson

    Kimye and the Carters.

    They’re all dumb.

  • emilymc

    First couple: Beyonce and Jay Z
    Second couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

  • llamas_r_me

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay Z
    Second Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

  • KatarinaJ

    Okay one couple is OBVIOUSLY Bey and Jay-Z but the second couple is throwing me off. Rihanna just gave him total control over her management and on his label but she isn’t married so her Drake/Chris Brown whomever as the second husband doesn’t fit.

  • puppybreath

    First couple: Beyonce & JayZ
    Second couple: Kanye & KarTrashian

  • myndeeohno

    First Couple: Jay-Z and Beyoncé
    Second Couple: Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.

    Strange, strange people all around!!

    • Mandy G.

      Strange, and probably very unhappy, no matter how much fame and money they have.

    • PandoraWolf

      Hmmm…I wonder if these celebs have their kids sign confidentiality agreements once they can read and write, to avoid the inevitable tell all of ‘my mommy and daddy never loved eachother’.

      Why can’t you have an image of being a single person with no kids? If you have actual talent, who cares about any of the other stuff?

  • Audrey

    J & Bey and Kanye & Kim

  • tuckerlee123

    First Couple: Bey and Jay

    Second Couple: Kimye

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

    Second Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

    The event is their wedding next week or this week or whenever…

  • redaudrey3

    First Couple: Beyoncé and j-z
    2nd couple: Kim kardashian and Kanye west

  • Smokey

    1st couple: Beyonce & JayZ
    2nd couple: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

  • yinyang

    Kim & Kanye

  • AR09

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay Z
    Second couple: Kanye and Kim Kraptashian, I mean Kardashian

    Big event is the wedding. I thought it was strange they had suddenly decided to go. Wow Jay Z now has him and Riri?? KA CHING!

  • yinyang

    Kanye’s back w Roc Nation…

  • ShadinLA

    First Couple: BEY and Camel Face

    Second Couple: Ray J’s Co-star and Kanye (I’m the greatest) West.

  • CG

    Carter/Knowles and the Kardashian/West nuptials

  • Desiree

    First Couple: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

    Second Couple: Jay-Z & Beyonce

  • moonbaby870

    1st Couple – Jay Z and Bey
    2nd Couple – Kanye and Kim

    Blah to all of these losers

  • whitney19

    Jayz and Bey

    Kanye and Kim

  • MLeah53

    1.The Carters
    2.Kanye and Kimberly West

  • sniggex325

    First Couple : Jay-Z and Beyonce
    Second Couple : Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

  • raslebol

    Jay z/beyonce and Kim k/ kanye w

  • josiew25

    First couple is beyonce and jay z and second is Kim and Kanye

  • sabrina325

    Beyonce & Jay Z, Kim & Kanye

  • pineapple

    Beyonce and Jay Z
    Kim and Kanye

  • DelilaMars

    Beyonce and Jay Z
    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

    Big event is the West-Kardashian wedding.

  • mugofmead111

    First Couple: jay-Z and Beyonce

    Second Couple: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

    I figured Beyonce didn’t care much for Kim K. LOL

  • rightone

    First Couple: Jay Z and Beyoncé
    Second Couple: Kimye

  • CanaryCry

    Beyonce & Jay Z / Kimye.

  • chai_326

    First Couple:bey and jay z

    Second Couple:kim and kanye

    I’ve been reading blind gossip for a while but this is my firt comment. YAY!

  • Khadafi

    First Couple: Jay Camel Z and Beyonce

    Second Couple: Kanye Gay west and Kim Kartrashian

  • jjparker150

    Kanye west kim kardashian J and B

  • Blugirl85

    First Couple: Beyoncé and Jay Z

    Second Couple Kanye and Kim Kardashian (Kartrashian)

  • mrose

    Jay Z / Beyonce

    Kim K/ Kanye

  • juju1

    First couple- JayZ & Bey
    Second couple- RiRi & Drake

    Jay has control over RiRi’s career again..

  • miumiu

    First: Beyonce & Jay Z
    Second: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

  • sssss

    First Couple: Beyonce and JayZ
    Second Couple: Kim K and Kanye

  • swaggiest

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West / Beyonce and Jay-Z

  • Holly

    First: Beyonce and Jay-Z
    second: Kanye and Kim Kardashian

  • curlyandclever

    Obvioulsy KTrash and that intolerable asshat Kanye are the 2nd couple and Bey and JZ are the 1st

  • Alexicon

    First couple: Beyonce and Jay Z
    Second couple: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

  • cutieswift13

    First couple: Kimye
    Second couple: Beyoncé & Jay Z
    Big event: The Wedding
    Clue: trash – Kartrashians

  • mylaboobarbie

    First: Jay & Bey
    Second: Kanye & Kim

    Third: Is nothing real anymore? Everything is money

  • melly123

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

  • andie11

    Bey and Jay Z, Kim and Kanye

  • cutieswift13

    OOPS – first one Bey and Jay, second Kimye

  • tellingitlikeitis

    All of Beyonce’s dirty laundry is coming to light, she must be fuming!

    I, on the other hand, an laughing my butt off.

  • xtina1983

    First Couple: Jay-Z & Beyonce

    Second Couple: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

  • Jaredb21

    First Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim K

  • frs99

    Obviously Beyonce and Jay Z and second couple Kim and Kanye

  • gpshells

    First Couple: Jay Z and Beyonce
    Second Couple: Kanye and Kim

  • fishfish123

    Jay Z & Beyonce
    Kanye & Kim Kartrashian

    I’m guessing the “big event” is the upcoming Kimye wedding.

  • falberttis

    first couple: Beyonce & Jay Z
    second couple: Kim & Kanye
    no doubt.

  • rreilly1012

    1st – Jay & Bey
    2nd – Kimye

  • Sunshine Girl

    First Couple: Beyoncé and Jay Z
    Second Couple: Kim K and Kanye

  • SuzNYC

    First Couple: Jay and Bey
    Second Couple: Kim and Kanye

  • iheartkoko

    First Couple: Bey & Jay Z

    Second Couple: Kimye

  • WellHelloThere

    First couple: Bey & Jay
    Second couple: Kimye

  • lsrussell

    First couple: Jay Z and Beyoncé
    Second couple: Kanye and Kim Kartrashian

  • PC1

    First Couple: Beyonce & Jay-Z
    Second Couple: Kim K. & Kanye West