He Was Leaving His Hostile Home

[Blind Gossip] This Actor won multiple awards for his craft before his untimely passing. However, his personal life was not as rewarding as his professional life.

His relationship with his Significant Other was bad. Really bad.

Although they lived very comfortably and wanted for nothing, she was constantly pressuring him about money. She wanted to buy a lavish house that was twice what he knew he could afford. “I’m not Brad Pitt,” he would tell her. “I can’t afford a $5 million house.”

The fighting got so bad that he took projects and trips just to get away from her. The fact that he didn’t bring her along infuriated her even more.

He was very generous with his time when it came to working with charities. He would spend time quietly visiting sick kids at a children’s hospital, feeding the homeless, or engaged in other similarly compassionate acts. He wasn’t into PR stunts so the press never knew about most of this.  He would also give the charities $10,000 or $20,000 whenever possible. Of course, this was maddening to his S.O., who thought that all of his time and money should be spent on her.

Life at home became so stressful that Our Actor jokingly referred to it as a “concentration camp.” His child/ren from a previous marriage refused to visit him at the home because the atmosphere was so hostile and they couldn’t take the constant fighting. He took to sleeping at his office rather than going home, and was purchasing a condo so that he would have some place to go when they broke up.

Yes, he was planning a permanent split with her. He passed before that could happen. Unfortunately, the S.O. he was planning to boot now controls much of his money. Fortunately, he did make sure that his child/ren will want for nothing.


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    • GossipProblem says

      Can’t be. All his children were from the women he was with when he died. Never married before his partner.

    • sssss says

      His will said he was worth $70million – he definitely could have afforded a $5 million house. Who could this be?!? Doesn’t fit James Gandolfini, Paul Walker or PSH

    • GossipProblem says

      Clues: the man in the photo looks like James, there’s a young girl in the photo (he has a daughter from his 2nd marriage), he has a son from a previous marriage, and he was known for giving to the Wounded Warrior Project (charitable). His son was left a trust, and his daughter received part of his estate. He was in Italy when he passed without his wife(he took trips away from her a lot).

      • MaryRead says

        Definitely. He did a lot of charity work with vets and their families, and he did not like interviews or media attention. He was in “The Mexican” and another movie with Brad Pitt. The “wanted for nothing” and “want for nothing” seem like clues…he was in a movie “Money for Nothing” but that’s as close as I can get to interpreting that. That’s unfortunate–the guy seems like a class act.

    • I Am PunkA says

      Makes the most sense that Ace would also know details on this.

      Ace knew James personally, per a previous blind.

    • Stefanie2530 says

      James Gandolfini was worth $70 million at the time of his death. He could easily afford a $5 million dollar home. He had homes in CA, NJ, NY and Italy at the time of his death.

      His wife does not control his estate alone. She, his sister, his friend and his attorney are co-executors of his estate.

      • jodie99 says

        Yes, but according to mainstream media reports, he botched his will and the money wasn’t distributed as he would’ve liked. Sounds like maybe poor Mr. Gandolfini (whom I love) was not so great with money. Remember he also shared a raise with other Soprano’s cast members? What a loss.

        I lived near where he died in Rome, when he died. It was a 10 min. taxi ride to the hospital, yet the ambulance took 30 mins, and they sent him to a public hospital — a no-no for anyone who can afford private hospital in Rome.

        Plus, it took the hotel 30 mins. to agree to check on him, and Italian public facilities have no auto-fib machines, which would’ve instantly likely saved him.


    • PandoraWolf says

      I don’t think Jasmine was left in charge of his money. Unless they are considering his daughter’s mom the SO, but I don’t think so?

      Man, just reading all the guesses makes me so sad about who Hollywood has lost recently. I want to cry now.

      • PrettyInPink84 says

        No. Not at all. He liked to pick them not fully ripe off the vine. Always started at 15. His last girlfriend was 15 when they got together and they were still together when he died. She was like 28 and he was 40 (?). Not offense to Paul because I love him in all of his humanitarian effots and being laid back and down to Earth.

      • felipepinafi says

        He wasn’t gay ILoveYouHortense.Actually I think he was one of the few straight guys in hollywood

      • ladygeneral says

        No. Paul was not gay. @PrettyinPink84 His last girlfriend was 16 when they met. She was 23 when he died. They were not together–exclusively–but really good friends(with benefits) when he passed.

    • 3snaps says

      On second look, maybe not. Apparently he had multi million dollar homes in multiple locations so he could afford a $5 mil home. Not sure who else it could be.

  1. Rhett says

    Philip Seymour Hoffman. This gives much needed context to his tragic death. My prayers for his children.

  2. Booboo1068 says

    Philip Seymour Hoffman?

    There were rumours around the time of his death there were problems at home and that in his will he took care if his kids.

    Sad, whoever this is.

  3. Ana-nj says

    Actor: Paul Walker.

    Im pretty sure this is about him. I might say he career took off with the Fast and Furious franchisees. But I have never (I think) read something negative about him. Now with his death I know he was involved in charities. He was doing a charity event when the accident happened. His death was so tragic. When I saw the video I couldnt believe it. I was in denial. I had seen all his Fast and Furious movie and I though of him as an humble, honest, down to earth guy. So sad this read this. I hope he finally found the peace he was looking for.

    • felipepinafi says

      Sometimes i ask myself if you guys really read those blind items.Paul doesn’t win any awards for his craft and he also never was married.

      • Madeleine says

        The blind never says he was married, just that he has a Significant Other.

        That being said, I don’t think it was Paul Walker.

  4. rudy says

    This is so sad. Bob Hoskins was a wonderful artist. Sounds like spousal abuse almost.

    My condolences to the children.

    • MissNormaDesmond says

      I think that’s too much of a jump. Hoskins likely didn’t plan to engage in a stressful divorce at age seventy-one and afflicted with Parkinson’s. Plus, he’d retired due to his illness, specifically to be with his family at home – so it’s not like he was trying to actively get away from his wife.

  5. wfreshie says

    was gonna say philip seymour hoffman,but, he had his 3 children with the same lady…don’t think he ever married either!

    back to the drawing board

  6. cgrant0423 says

    My first thought was Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but he and his SO had broken up prior to his passing…..I’m leaning towards James Gandolfini.

  7. I Am PunkA says

    Obviously not Aaron Spelling. He left a mess behind to his troll of a widow. His family is now a bit of a joke as a result.

  8. MaybeImRight says

    Because of the Brad Pitt mention (they did 3 films together), Ace’s known relationship with him from previously solved blinds, and the fact that the clues fit (multiple children, humble guy, questions about the relationship with the wife), I’m going with:

    James Gandolfini.

  9. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    James Gandolfini and the reason I know is I remember you posting that awesome story Ace about him when he passed. What a B*&%^@.

  10. Shoegal1 says

    Philip Seymour Hoffman sprang to mind but he had no children from a previous relationship.

  11. jackballjonez says

    I thought it might be PSHoffman but he has no prior children, so my best guess so far is Gandolfini

  12. aceticle says

    James Gandolfini? He had one ex-wife and a child from that marriage, as well as a child from his marriage to Jennifer Lin, whom he was married to when he died.

  13. minx says

    I thought it was Philip Seymour Hoffman until I got to the part about a child from a previous marriage. The only other one who seems to fit is James Gandolfini.

  14. Lelaina Pierce says

    Sounds just like Philip Seymour Hoffman BUT I could find no information that he was previously married or had children with someone else.

  15. gotu says

    The only relatively recent one that could fit that I can tell is James Gandolfini.

  16. heshmalesh says

    James Gandolfini – His death was definitely untimely, has a child from a previous relationship etc.

    Can’t really think of anyone else who this fits

  17. robin says

    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Perhaps that’s what kept him from staying clean.. needed the escape

  18. kitteekat says

    I would say Philip Seymour Hoffman but his SO gave birth to their children

  19. fiona12 says

    At first I thought it was PSH but it can’t be him. He was with Mimi Donnell for 14 years but they separated in 2013. He only had kids with her. There was no previous marriage or kids from previous relationships as this blind mentions. I can’t think of any other acclaimed actor who died recently. I know Peter O’Toole died in 2013 but I don’t know anything about his home life :/

  20. lovefifteen says

    I’m guessing Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I don’t see any word clues.

  21. aojsn says

    hmm, i think it must be …

    our actor: james gandolfini
    significant other: deborah lin

  22. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Philip Seymour Hoffman is the first one that comes to mind. Since it says he won multiple awards for his craft, it can’t be Paul Walker or Corey Monteith.

  23. crowdRise29 says

    James Gandolfini?

    Either him or PSH, but PSH didn’t have any children from a previous relationship

  24. slimfast10 says

    Ace this sounds an awful lot like your friend James Gandolfini. Only thing that makes me think it might not be is they call his parter a significant other not wife. I believe he was married to her in 2008. Other that James, got nuthin….

    • MikeInSanJose says

      Wait… Heath didn’t have kids before Michelle, and he was never married, was he…?

  25. MrsBreeder says

    I’d say Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was in Moneyball with Brad Pitt…but he was already separated at the time of his death.

    Going to go with James Gandolfini, who was in The Mexican with Pitt.