He Was Leaving His Hostile Home

[Blind Gossip] This Actor won multiple awards for his craft before his untimely passing. However, his personal life was not as rewarding as his professional life.

His relationship with his Significant Other was bad. Really bad.

Although they lived very comfortably and wanted for nothing, she was constantly pressuring him about money. She wanted to buy a lavish house that was twice what he knew he could afford. “I’m not Brad Pitt,” he would tell her. “I can’t afford a $5 million house.”

The fighting got so bad that he took projects and trips just to get away from her. The fact that he didn’t bring her along infuriated her even more.

He was very generous with his time when it came to working with charities. He would spend time quietly visiting sick kids at a children’s hospital, feeding the homeless, or engaged in other similarly compassionate acts. He wasn’t into PR stunts so the press never knew about most of this.  He would also give the charities $10,000 or $20,000 whenever possible. Of course, this was maddening to his S.O., who thought that all of his time and money should be spent on her.

Life at home became so stressful that Our Actor jokingly referred to it as a “concentration camp.” His child/ren from a previous marriage refused to visit him at the home because the atmosphere was so hostile and they couldn’t take the constant fighting. He took to sleeping at his office rather than going home, and was purchasing a condo so that he would have some place to go when they broke up.

Yes, he was planning a permanent split with her. He passed before that could happen. Unfortunately, the S.O. he was planning to boot now controls much of his money. Fortunately, he did make sure that his child/ren will want for nothing.


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