Her Own Family Won’t Speak To Her

ignore 1[All Things Real Housewives] This popular Real Housewife seems to have a lot of people fooled. While everything looks pretty much perfect from the outside, behind closed doors there’s a shady past full of lies and secrets, leading to her own family not speaking to her.

This diva is estranged from both of her parents and a brother. She will not reveal exactly why her own family hasn’t spoken to her in years, but the estrangement certainly raises questions among some of her friends… especially since this Real Housewife keeps her past so tightly sealed.


TV Show:

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    • gumshoe says

      Heather Dubrow’s family has been on the show and actually sat down and had a dinner with the OC women. Her family seemed gracious towards Heather and even commented about how proud they were of her. I’m not so sure this fits only because of that one episode.

    • gumshoe says

      Serafina, It’s a great guess and I think you might be right. I missed the clue about them not speaking for years. This could very well be her.

  1. Ahem says

    While “lies and secrets” may seem to go hand-in-hand with Kenya Moore, this reeks of Ms. Nene Leakes, with he contrived @ss. She has a brother named Anthony, and you NEVER see her parents on the show (not as far as I can recall, anyways).

    • Samra1116 says

      Could be her—but they never showed her mother, just her aunt
      Nene don’t know who he father is.

    • say whaat says

      Her mother is a paranoid schizophrenic who has denied Kenya’s existence since the day she was born. No brother. Kenya was an accidental teen pregnancy. And we’ve met Kenya’s supposed father who I don’t think is mentally all there. No joke either.

  2. KatarinaJ says

    key has gotta be diva because not all HW are known as divas. Don’t think Lisa Vanderpump is considered a diva. Nene is for sure but all her family feud stuff online is directed at ‘half sisters’ not a brother. Phaedra, Kenya, all known as divas.

  3. lmhilly1971 says

    I going to go with Lisa Vanderpump, it doesn’t even mention her parents in her wiki. I would have said Nene, but her mom is deceased

    • lmhilly1971 says

      the hint “everything looks pretty much perfect from the outside” has to be Lisa Vanderpump

    • mugofmead111 says

      Didn’t Kim. Z. throw her own mother out of her (nationally televised) wedding? Not surprising if they’re not on speaking terms. :)

      We already know about Kim dating a married man. There have been rumors of Kim’s stripper past (although I don’t think she has copped to that yet). What else could she be hiding?

  4. gumshoe says

    This took me a hot minute to figure this one out as there are so many women on the housewives franchise. The more and more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that this blind seems to point to Lisa Hotchstein. From the outside everything is perfect. Plastic surgeon husband, multi-million dollar home, assistant, house keepers, and endless amounts of money to spend on high end fashion. Her husband’s family has been on the show several times with his own mother and Lisa claiming they do not care much for one another. However, we have never once seen or heard about anything from Lisa’s family. This is just my own personal guess. She just seems like the type that if everything on the outside looks fine, no one will question what is going on in the inside.

  5. gumshoe says

    And although the picture looks nothing like Lisa or her husband, the clues still add up. She never talks about her past or her hometown. And we all know she is a major diva. Only wanting the finest lifestyle her man can provide for her. Did you see the episodes of the Birkin bag debacle with Lea Black? She was so desperate to obtain a bag of her own. If you look at her instagram page you will only find selfies, old modeling pics, her nights out on the town and name dropping every designer she is wearing for that evening. There is not one single picture of any family member of hers on that instagram account. She appears pretentious and seems like there is no depth behind her. I just feel like she would want to show off her “lifestyle” to her family, but that has yet to happen. Her husband never even talks about her family either. That’s always been strange in my book.

    • illandri says

      Actually, I took a look and she posted a picture on February 14th of her mother, brother and herself at her wedding, talking about how much she loves them, misses them and will be flying them out to see her soon.

      It may very we’ll be her, but your comment sounds jealous and uneducated.

      • gumshoe says

        It’s just a guess – I thought that was what this site was all about. Not sure how that sounds jealous and uneducated.

    • illandri says

      My apologies. My intention is not to offend, but I see how my comment did just that. I was just surprised that you would claim to know what she has posted on her Instagram account when a simple and quick look myself made me realize you were incorrect.

      I had never looked before and when I read your description, it painted a completely different picture of her than what I saw when I looked.

      Please ignore me. I’ve been off the coffee for a week and I am suffering withdrawals. LOL

      • gumshoe says

        It’s all good. My posts were lengthy and a bit cruel. I’m juicing and am seeing cheeseburgers everywhere. When I checked out her instagram I must have skipped over that one picture. I apologize as well.

  6. shelaur22 says

    Yeah she’s a good guess. I read speculation on another site that she was a call girl in Vegas when she met her husband, and was possibly in the country illegally (I guess she’s Canadian). Her family was never even alluded to on RHOM, and I agree, that’s very strange.

  7. laxgirl says

    Don’t think its Lisa Vanderpump, she married Ken at 21, so there was really no time to develop a “past”. It’s not Lisa Hotchstein, she is a former playboy model, so her having a past is defin a given (almost expected). Plus she is from some tiny town in Canada and everyone can see her life is not perfect, even she admits to that b/c she is struggling to have children. Think this points more to Heather Dubrow. Her house is perfect, she always looks perfect, she always acts perfect, she strives for perfection. Plus, she spent many years toiling in Hollywood as a wannabe sitcom actress, plenty of opportunity to develop a “past”. I know part of her family appeared on the show once, but it was very brief and it didn’t look warm and fuzzy at all. Also, the pic is of a dark hair woman…

  8. gumshoe says

    Can’t be Heather. It says her family hasn’t spoken to her in years. Which Heather’s has.

  9. wendybar says

    I think it is Dina Manzo. She is supposed to be back on the New Jersey Housewives, and I know she doesn’t talk to Caroline, and her brother Chris. Not sure about the parents…

  10. jennnjen says

    it sounds like Lisa with the “perfect” comment, Brandi was recently accusing Lisa of being perfect, but this smells of Brandi putting a story out…

  11. SuzNYC says

    I don’t know DIVA makes me think of one of the Atlanta ladies, not LVP or Manzo. Brandi’s family looks like they don’t want much to do with her, (who would?) but I think they are reconciling…

  12. say whaat says

    Everyone mentioned, except Lisa Vanderpump, has spoken of or we have seen their parents, family. No one cares about Miami Housewife Lisa Plastic Surgery (c’mon-it’s true).
    You can’t pull ANY info off a bio for LVP prior to her marrying Ken other than she attended acting schools as a child, which is super odd. No parents’ names, siblings. It’s also nearly impossible to find the ABC video she shot in the early 80’s when she was that band’s muse. Lisa may have married at 21, but she had quite the life up until then including some soft porn & being a video vixen yet it has all but vanished. Strange.

    Celeb: Lisa Vanderpump
    Show: RHOBH