How She Really Went From Thick To Thin

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[Blind Gossip] This celebrity inherited the looks gene from one celebrity parent and the lying gene from the other celebrity parent. Her latest whopper is about her weight, claiming that her trim figure is the result of healthy eating and exercise.

Ha! Not even close. Her life is one long party. Always has been. She doesn’t have the discipline to pursue an education or a career, never mind a healthy diet or a physical fitness regime.

So how did she go from thick to thin? It’s all about the drugs. There is more than one that she likes… but she will always love c*caine.




Celebrity: Tallulah Willis

Parents: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

A few months ago, we told you that this celebrity offspring was in trouble on multiple fronts. Tallulah Willis, the 20-year-old daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has just admitted to having an eating disorder, and is reported to have gone to rehab last month for a c*caine and alcohol addiction.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Willis clan, Tallulah is the little girl in orange in this family photo taken a few years ago when Demi Moore was married to Ashton Kutcher.

demi bruce ashton kids

Let’s start with the eating disorder.

In April of 2012, Tallulah gave an interview where she credited her mom with “providing positive messages about her body and self-esteem while growing up,” but says that eating disorders are still rampant among the people she knows, and says that body dysmorphia is practically the norm. “So many friends of mine have had…eating disorders…especially before Coachella, there’s this whole like diet craze where you just…don’t eat anything for like a month.”

Does anyone else see the irony of using Demi Moore – who laughably denies ever having had plastic surgery – as a role model for positive body image? Fast forward two years later, and Tallulah admits to her own eating disorder. From Stylelikeyou via EOnline:

Tallulah Willis Opens Up About Past Eating Disorder:

I Used to Starve Myself and Weigh 95 Pounds

tallulah willis 1The 20-year-old admitted that she was diagnosed with an eating disorder and had trouble living her life in the public eye due to her famous parents.

“I struggled a lot when I was younger. Like I’m diagnosed with body dysmorphia with reading those stupid f–king tabloids when I was like 13 and feeling like I was ugly, like always. I believed the strangers more than the people that loved me because why would the people who loved me be honest?”

For every question that the green-haired fashionista answered, she was asked to remove an article of clothing (of her choosing) while on camera.

“That made me start to dress showing off my boobs and my butt and showing off those things that I was getting attention for…It took me until like a year ago and I remember specifically one day outing on a button-up and buttoning it all the way up to my neck and putting on pants that weren’t tight. And feeling so beautiful and the fact that all the attention was on my face was so scary for me because I always wanted to distract people. I felt like I was trapped in this body and I hated that I was sexy. ”

Willis continued, “I started starving myself and losing a bunch of weight and I got down to like 95 pounds. When I lost my curves and when my boobs shriveled up into like nothing and I had no shape…It put me in even more of a cage.”

Frankly, we find strip poker interviews to be more than a little bit distasteful. And if you don’t want people talking about your looks or your body, don’t dye your hair green and strip down to your underwear for a magazine layout! That’s just an open invitation to commentary.

On to the rehab part of this story. From Radar Online:

Tallulah Willis Secretly Enters Rehab After Months Of Out-Of-Control Behavior —

‘Demi Feels So Much Guilt,’ Insider Says

tallulah willis 4Demi Moore and Bruce Willis‘ youngest daughter, Tallulah, secretly entered a rehab treatment center last month for cocaine and alcohol abuse, according to a new report.

Star magazine reports that the 20-year-old admitted herself into The Meadows in Arizona on July 23 after spiraling down a dangerous path — and mom Moore fears her daughter is taking after her.

“Demi feels so much guilt about Tallulah spiraling out of control like she did,” a source told the magazine, recalling Moore’s rehab stint in 2012.

“It’s like she’s living past experiences all over again. But she’s trying to be strong for her daughter.”

Arrested when she was just 17 for underage drinking, Scout and Rumer‘s younger sister has been a fixture on the Hollywood party scene.

“Tallulah doesn’t know right from wrong, because she was raised without boundaries,” another source said. “She looks for trouble to get attention.”

The magazine claims that on May 8 while partying at a Roosevelt Hotel event, her sister Scout caught Tallulah snorting cocaine and told their father, Bruce.

The Die Hard star threatened to cut his daughter off financially if she didn’t seek help, according to the report, but feeling betrayed by her sister Scout, Tallulah moved to New York City in mid-June where she actually dove deeper into the cocaine abuse.

Tallulah comes from a family very familiar with substance abuse. Demi Moore’s cocaine habit was so crazy that it landed her in rehab for two weeks during her Brat Pack days. Bruce Willis has acknowledged that addiction is a problem on both sides of the family. In 2007 he said, “We have an ongoing conversation [with our kids]. They have the gene, and we warn them: ‘You have a predisposition to be an alcoholic.’ It’s on her side of the family and mine. It’s something to be aware of. My kids are strongly anti-drug,” he said.

Despite the warnings and the precedents, kids grow up and there is only so much parents can do to guide and contain them. We think that going to college or having a steady job can help celebrity kids fill up their days with something other than partying, but that’s not something that the Willis family seems to emphasize with their children.

We wish Tallulah well in her recovery.

Several of you guessed Rumer Willis, which was close… but no cigar.

tallulah willis 3

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