Fix The Faux Pas With A Photo

blonde woman frozen[Blind Gossip] Right after this Actor stumbled over a Singer, his publicist was heard on the phone, “No, he’s not drunk! No, he’s not on drugs! No, he’s not having a stroke!”

Are you sure?

Anyway, a few minutes later, the publicist was trying to find out which after-parties The Singer was going to attend so that they could arrange a photo op of The Actor and The Singer together. Because photos fix everything, right? No, we don’t know if they ever got the photo. Our advice to The Actor about the faux pas? Just… let it go.

Frankly, we think it is ridiculous to expect a professional actor to memorize an entire sentence. That is far too great a burden to place on any one man. Brave Actor, you are phenomenal and perfect just as you are! We here at Blonde Warship salute you!



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  1. Cindy Louhoo says

    Oh my God, could you get any more clues in there LOL??? Too funny.

    Actor: John Travolta

    Singer: Idina Menzel forever to be known as Adele Dazim LOL!

    • stanton says

      I think most of the audience knew her name and knew the old queen screwed it up! That is ONE of the reasons why she got a standing ovation however she would of gotten one anyway she was amazing. (Now Universal Cast her in the film version of Wicked)

    • Cindy Louhoo says

      I got thinking about this later and wondered if he has dyslexia but jeez louise don’t they rehearse?????

  2. LeahLynn28 says

    I don’t know who he is, nor who she is…i’ll wait for the guesses.
    Now, what’s Blonde Warship? Why is it written in BlindGossip’s place?

  3. Mackintosh says

    Actor: John Travolta

    Singer: Idina Menzel

    He pronounced her name so wrong. People are calling his dyslexia but I’m not so sure.

  4. bananas says

    Must be that James Voltara and Adele Mazeta or whatever he called her. I love Blonde Warship!! Best warship form Whoreywood website ever lol

  5. mariaj says

    Oh, please, give the guy-actor a rest, he has sooo many( attempted) lawsuits to settle down;)

  6. malkatz says

    ‘”He’s not having a stroke.” Are you sure?’
    Oh man, Ace. I see what you did there.

  7. ravenglass says

    Actor: John Travolta

    Singer: Idina Menzel

    No, John wasn’t having a stroke. He only has “strokes” while on the massage table.

      • Tyger Lily says

        Terry, that’s awesome! I thought I heard that too! Now who’s “Blonde Warship” and how did they notice anything with their lips so firmly glued to Travolta’s a$$? If I wanted to hear someone so publicly worshiping this closet queen I’d YouTube one of Kirstie Alley’s old “Look Who’s Talking” interviews on ET.

  8. CatBallou says

    John Travolta

    Idina Menzel (apparently Adele Dazeem is the name Xenu gave her Im sure)

  9. JeanRalphio says

    John Travolta? He brutally mispronounced Idina Menzel’s name. I don’t get the other clues, but Warship makes me think of Xenu and scientology.

  10. MsOverstreet says

    Actor: John Travolta
    Singer: Idina Menzel, or as Travolta knows her, Adele Dazeem

    So embarrassing. Hints: “Just… Let it go” referring to Idina’s Oscar-winning song, and the picture is her character in “Frozen”.

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    John Travolta calling Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem” – he blamed it on dyslexia.

  12. stacat1 says

    Just considered this SOLVED–everyone will get this one.

    ACTOR: John Travolta
    Singer: Idina Menzel (or according to JT- Adele Dizim??)


  13. reverie says

    Actor: John Travolta?
    Singer: Idina Menzel

    John messed up her name when introducing her performance of “Let It Go”

  14. Lelaina Pierce says

    Clearly Johnny T.

    I think he needed a massage.

    So…do tell about the “Blonde Warship.” I believe I am a bit too blonde to figure it out.

    • Lelaina Pierce says

      Oh for Pete’s Sake!

      It’s taken me all day but I finally figured it out!

      It has to do with Johann Trupentla.

  15. MikeInSanJose says

    Didn’t Travolta screw up the name of the person he was presenting to?

    Idina Menzel became “Adele Danzeem”…

  16. IconCU says

    Actor: John (“Do I have time to get a massage”) Travolta

    Singer: Idina Menzel (now known as Adele Dazime)

  17. carlita says

    Travolta. What a total jerk! I wish that masseuse would just tell the press instead of settling in court.

  18. lobe says

    John Travolta, trippin gover the name of Idina Menzel, pronounced it Adele Dazim. Let it go referencing the song she sang, the image is the character of that songs film, Frozen.,

  19. Sophie Claire says

    This is obviously John Travolta and how he butchered Idina Menzel’s name when he introduced her. Funniest thing at the oscars in my opinion!!!!!

  20. ShhDontTell says

    Actor: John Travolta
    Singer: Idina Menzel

    All that being said; John Travolta does have Dyslexia, but that should really mean he should memorize his lines more thoroughly…

  21. teach819 says

    Loved all the clues! This is definitely John Travolta who could not pronounce Idina Menzel correctly last night.

  22. breadcrumbs says

    Actor: John Travolta
    Singer: Idina Menzel

    Travolta had some… difficulties spelling Menzel’s name lol. I think he had a similar problem last year as well with “Les Miserables”. Oh John.

  23. wfreshie says

    john travolta

    idina menzel

    he butchered her name, she sang the song from frozen

    can’t wait for the rest of the oscar gossip!

  24. PoniTayl says

    Actor: John Travolta

    Singer: Adela Dazeem *sic

    Hence: “Thank you Jorn Tramolta”

  25. Icebox30 says

    Actor: John Travolta
    Singer: India Menzel
    John messed up Menzel name… Who is Adele Dazeem?! What a name!

  26. Synapse3 says

    Travolta and Idine Menzel
    Everyone is making fun of Kim Novak’s face. How about that thing Travolta was passing off as hair?

  27. Ask Me, I'm Alice says

    John travolta and Adele deezelbsomrthing (idena menzel). I’m curious about the new name…

  28. hbb2699 says

    John Travolta
    Indina Menzel

    He royally messed up her name when introducing her at the oscars. Better than being splooged on by him though!

  29. Anilas says

    Ha! So obvious.
    Actor: John Travolta
    Singer: Adele Dazeem (Idina Menzel)

    Clues: Phenomenal- John was in Phenomenon Let It Go and the Picture is from Frozen and Idina Menzel is Elsa –