Fix The Faux Pas With A Photo

blonde woman frozen[Blind Gossip] Right after this Actor stumbled over a Singer, his publicist was heard on the phone, “No, he’s not drunk! No, he’s not on drugs! No, he’s not having a stroke!”

Are you sure?

Anyway, a few minutes later, the publicist was trying to find out which after-parties The Singer was going to attend so that they could arrange a photo op of The Actor and The Singer together. Because photos fix everything, right? No, we don’t know if they ever got the photo. Our advice to The Actor about the faux pas? Just… let it go.

Frankly, we think it is ridiculous to expect a professional actor to memorize an entire sentence. That is far too great a burden to place on any one man. Brave Actor, you are phenomenal and perfect just as you are! We here at Blonde Warship salute you!



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