Breakup Guy and Mouthy

woman eating ice cream 2[Blind Gossip] This famous couple split up recently. While she may be crying in her Cheerios, Breakup Guy certainly isn’t. He has already moved on to a new girl!

Actually, the new girl is an old girl. Before he started dating Cheerio, she used to be one of his favorite hookups!

She is famous, too, but in a different field from Breakup Guy. She is a hot and tasty little number who likes to wrap her mouth around more then just ice cream.

As soon as Mouthy found out that Breakup Guy was splitting up with Cheerio – Bam! – she was back on the scene.

You will actually see Breakup Guy and Mouthy together soon in a professional capacity. Our jaws dropped when we heard this was happening. Why? Because when Breakup Guy and Mouthy were involved a few years back, it almost ruined one of their careers, and their management teams had to scramble so hard to completely disassociate them from each other!

Breakup Guy:



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    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      I’ve never read anything about them being together. If she hasn’t blown Mayer, then he’s amongst the few straight men in Hollywood she’s missed. Perhaps he was out of town when she got to the M’s.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Taylor isn’t in a different field than John Mayer. They are both music industry. Not sure why everyone is guessing her given she is a singer. I’d say MOUTHY could describe her in one regard – her confessional and obnoxious relationship driven lyrics – and she also was supposedly trying desperately NOT to be linked to Mayer lest the liaison kill her good girl image, but I still think Aniston or GIADA are DECIDEDLY in other industries.

  1. gingersnappped says

    John Mayer, Katy Perry and the slutty chef who’s name I don’t remember…. clues: food references and mouthy (wink wink) and different field than him.

  2. Waspajuju says

    John Mayer and Katy Perry, with the Italian chef girl as mouthy (sorry, can’t remember her name!)

  3. me43 says

    Breakup Guy: Maksim DWTS

    Cheerio: Peta M DWTs

    Mouthy: Erin Andrews – new host for DWTS but sports reporter by trade. Ex of Maks.

  4. allison53 says

    probably waaaaaaaay off but

    Breakup Guy: John Mayor

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Taylor Swift?

    thats the only couple i can think of breaking up except for hendall even though they weren’t real

    • luvprue1 says

      Break up guy- John Mayer
      Cheerio-Katy Perry
      Mouthy – Giada
      If word had gotten out about Giada and John’s affair,it would have ruin her career, since she is married.

  5. ccattwood says

    Breakup Guy – John Mayer
    Cheerio – Katy Perry
    Mouthy – Giada Delaurentiis

    can’t fathom what they will do together ‘professionally’!

  6. blackcurrant says

    Easy blind is the best blind!
    Breakup Guy: John Mayer
    Cheerio: Katy Perry
    Mouthy: Giada De Laurentiis

  7. brobdingnagian says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Giada de Laurentiis

    Yuk, yuk, just overall yuk!! LOL!!

  8. QubbuQ says

    Breakup Guy = John Mayer

    Cheerio = Katy Perry re: Cheerio, her ex-husband a Brit…. or she just really likes Cherrios for brekky

    Mouthy = Giada DeLaurentis – different field = chef; there have been several blinds about her oral skills with various men (her being the popular guess)including Drake and John. Also said her relationship and TV show were in jeopardy. Also, “Bam!” is what the chef Emeril says- hint to her profession, also words ‘hot’ and ‘tasty’.

  9. TulipInBloom says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Giada DeLaurentis

    John and Giada will be at Food Network in Concert which John will be headlining. I can’t stand to watch Giada anymore. She gives me the creeps! That mouth! Ugh!

  10. MaybeImRight says

    Breakup Guy – John Mayer
    Cheerio – Katy Perry
    Mouthy – Giada

    So many clues to food and Food Network and Giada in general. Not surprised to hear this, would LOVE for the truth to be revealed about that fake little sl*t!

  11. kcphilly says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Giada De Laurentiis

    Clue – picture with the ice cream/ice cream reference in item hints to previous BGIs about how she likes different “flavors” of men.

    Had to look up how to spell her name and saw that she’ll be opening a restaurant in Vegas soon. Not sure if that’s how JM will be involved…but no matter what that’s pretty stupid for both of them, especially her since she’s married, to draw attention to those rumors.

  12. carriebradshaw says

    Ryan Gosling / Eva Mendes.

    cheerios is a clue and comes from thos “won’t eat this cereal” thing.

    no clue who this “mouthy”- girl is

  13. Jennifer says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer
    Cheerio: Katy Perry
    Mouthy: Giada DeLaurentis

    *shudder* Ew. Just ew all around.

  14. TheEnglishTexan says

    Honestly no idea, but…

    Breakup Guy: Nelly
    Cheerio: Tae Heckard
    Mouthy: Ashanti

    I base this solely on ‘Cheerios’, even though Nelly is the one involved with Cheerios and not Tae.

  15. iyamrocky says

    If my dreams came true it would be:
    Wilmer – yuck yuck yuck
    Demi – Santana’s love interest and a “Cheerio” on Glee
    Lohan – though I wouldn’t consider her hot/tasty (but maybe that’s a clue somehow)

    • mugofmead111 says

      I thought of her briefly, but ruled her out because

      1. She’s engaged with two small kids, and she seems very content.
      2. After John Mayer made those comments about her in that infamous interview, she’d be foolish to hook up with him ever again (if they were both free and clear).
      3. She’s also a singer and thus she and John are in the same industry.

  16. ThinkerBelle says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer
    Cheerio: Katy Perry
    Mouthy: Giada De Laurentiis

    She is/was married. And she’s a hot and tasty little celebrity chef he had a rumored affair with a few years ago. I’m sure he’s enjoying her dishes again.

  17. timesink says

    This may be totally off, but I am thinking John Mayer for BUG and Cameron Diaz for Mouthy. She definitely has a mouth and I can see how being around him would impact her career. Not sure if she is as skanky as this seems to imply. Cheerio would be Katy Perry.

  18. bec215 says

    Iada has been rumored to enjoy using her mouth for extra curricular activities, so John Mayer and Katy Perry make the logical trifecta. Giada and Mayer were linked in 2011.

  19. Fan says

    My first guess was Katy Perry and John Mayer. The third party could be one of the hundreds thst he’s been with.

    • Fan says

      Ugh, I forgot about Giada Bigmouth….don’t they call her the BJ Queen? So classy, especially since she has a kid.

  20. gabgal says

    Cheerio= Katy Perry
    Breakup Guy= John Mayer
    Mouthy= Giada De Laurentiis

    Clues are new girl is an old girl (Giada is older and was a hookup before) and lots of food references such as tasty little girl, Bam! and Mouthy as a reference to other blind items of her alleged preferences to servicing men.

  21. JaneDawson says

    Giada’s denial statement still makes me laugh. “I wouldn’t consider our meeting intimate.” Nice one.

    Goes without saying John Mayer, Katy and Giada.

  22. layla525 says

    Break up guy:John Mayer
    Cheerio:Katy Perry
    Mouthy:Jessica Simpson(there’s a video where she’s mimicking a blow job with an ice cream….so classy^^)

  23. Bamadex says

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Giada De Laurentiis

    I wonder if Giada is aware that douchey Mayer blabbed to everyone about their affair. Or that it earned her a nickname that stuck: The Blow Job Queen.

  24. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Break-Up Guy – John Mayer
    Cheerio – Katy Perry
    Mouthy – Anniston? there are rumors that her and her guy broke-up? I also know they had a very controversial past.

    Other than that I have no clue.

  25. KWDragon says

    Thinking of ice cream as a clue to a) Katy Perry’s whip cream bra and b) food:

    Breakup Guy: John Mayer

    Cheerio: Katy Perry

    Mouthy: Giada de Laurentiis

    Giada has a new Las Vegas restaurant opening, right? Maybe John is going to be there. I think last time she ate a hot dog with him, her management had to spin her homemaker image hard to keep her off the boil.

  26. nrtomf says

    Cheerio: Wonder Woman (Because her villain is Cheetah which is close to Cheerio, kinda)
    Mouthy: Louis Lane (She is known as having a Mouth on her)
    Therefore Breakup Guy: Superman


  27. yinyang says

    Katy Perry
    John Mayer
    GagMe DeLalliDoIsUseMyMouth (just not to EAT what she cooks) thanks to BG I no longer can watch her on TV.. All I see is her big mouth & can’t stop thinking “where has that been before taping?” ) just can’t w her !

  28. annabelle77 says

    Or alternately, Katy Perry and John Mayer ‘s breakup, and he’s now back to dating Miley Cyrus, who was barely legal last time he dated her?

  29. Ana-nj says

    Breakup Guy: Chris Brown

    Cheerio: Karrueche Tran

    Mouthy: Rihanna

    We all know what happened a few years back that’s why I know is them. Despite the rumors of Rihanna hooking up with Drake, I know she is getting back with Chris Brown. It looks like Rihanna never gonna learn. She might act tough but I know he is going to hit her again and she would not do anything about it. She is high all the time and maybe she would no feel pain. <– This is so mean, im sorry :)

    • mugofmead111 says

      Chris Brown has ping ponged between Karrueche and Rihanna so many times, it’d be hard to tell which “new girl” would also be “the old girl”. 😉