Breakup Guy and Mouthy

woman eating ice cream 2[Blind Gossip] This famous couple split up recently. While she may be crying in her Cheerios, Breakup Guy certainly isn’t. He has already moved on to a new girl!

Actually, the new girl is an old girl. Before he started dating Cheerio, she used to be one of his favorite hookups!

She is famous, too, but in a different field from Breakup Guy. She is a hot and tasty little number who likes to wrap her mouth around more then just ice cream.

As soon as Mouthy found out that Breakup Guy was splitting up with Cheerio – Bam! – she was back on the scene.

You will actually see Breakup Guy and Mouthy together soon in a professional capacity. Our jaws dropped when we heard this was happening. Why? Because when Breakup Guy and Mouthy were involved a few years back, it almost ruined one of their careers, and their management teams had to scramble so hard to completely disassociate them from each other!

Breakup Guy:



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