He Ran Like Usain Bolt To Avoid A Beat Down

usain bolt[Hollywood Street King] This west coast rapper is known to boss up and roll with G’d up goons. But, back in the day, he once took off like track star Usain Bolt and “flew over a six-foot fence” to dodge a beat-down.

Don’t believe me… Ask Suge Knight. Know why? Our blind item subject had a beef with the Death Row Records founder, and took it to wax. That’s before the day sources tell us “he was chilling in the backyard at Jamie Foxx’s house” when Suge showed up at the front door.

He has some shows lined up in England, but the U.K. government has yet to clear his passport, and he’s said to need that guap. Don’t believe me… Ask Tami Roman.

He would make more money if he went the independent route. The problem is he’s choosing to wait for “Baby” to sign him. He’s a regular paid-to-appear Hollywood club-hopper, used by venues to attract other celebs and media reports. Ask Khloe Kardashian.

BG Notes: Boss up = step up your game. G’d up = gangstered up. Took it to wax = recorded a song. Guap = money.


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  1. highbrow says

    Rapper: The Game

    Sounds like The Game to me. Often photo’d in night clubs, recent subject of hook-up rumors with Khloe Kardashian. Former member of G-Unit, hence the g’d up reference. Also known to be a whiny baby who says too much about artists and industry folks, landing himself in hot water. Think he feuded with Dr. Dre before too

    • mugofmead111 says

      I thought the real tea was that even though Game’s been spotted with Khloe, Khloe really has been kicking it with Game’s brother. (Game was just serving as a distraction.)

      Game should have known he would have needed Secret Service-like protection if he were going to diss Suge Knight.

  2. Cyanna George says

    Did HSK just out Jamie Foxx AND The Game?!? (Love HSK blinds! It isn’t so much about who it is, but what is in between the lines!)

    • Samra1116 says

      The Game—he didn’t say who he ran from but he’s admitted to running away, to keep from getting his arse beat. You are so correct HSK jacky is a trip. I just laugh at the things on that site.

  3. travoltasbeard says

    The Game

    Love, love, Love the glossary!

    Can I get that whole glossary in PDF?

    It’s like reading Clockwark Orange, or Trainspotting!

    Peace homie = Goodbye Friend

  4. Visha says

    The Game who’s ex-fiance is purported to have started a lesbian relationship with Tami Roman and whose fake relationship with Khloe Kartrashian which is being paid for by Kris Jenner to make her daughter

  5. justcurious says

    The Game, due to KK reference. Also Usain Bolt pictured at the Olympic Games, also called “The Games” is a clue I think. First time poster!

  6. _stacysmom says

    The Game.
    ‘Baby’ signing him is possibly Justin Bieber? He’s signing a few rappers/trying to forge his own rap career atm.
    He’s also been associated with Khloe Kardashian.