He Ran Like Usain Bolt To Avoid A Beat Down

usain bolt[Hollywood Street King] This west coast rapper is known to boss up and roll with G’d up goons. But, back in the day, he once took off like track star Usain Bolt and “flew over a six-foot fence” to dodge a beat-down.

Don’t believe me… Ask Suge Knight. Know why? Our blind item subject had a beef with the Death Row Records founder, and took it to wax. That’s before the day sources tell us “he was chilling in the backyard at Jamie Foxx’s house” when Suge showed up at the front door.

He has some shows lined up in England, but the U.K. government has yet to clear his passport, and he’s said to need that guap. Don’t believe me… Ask Tami Roman.

He would make more money if he went the independent route. The problem is he’s choosing to wait for “Baby” to sign him. He’s a regular paid-to-appear Hollywood club-hopper, used by venues to attract other celebs and media reports. Ask Khloe Kardashian.

BG Notes: Boss up = step up your game. G’d up = gangstered up. Took it to wax = recorded a song. Guap = money.


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