Another Young Star Secretly Has Secretly Checked Into Rehab

[Naughty But Nice Rob] After Selena Gomez shocked the world by announcing that she had been to rehab, another young star has secretly checked in to deal with all the problems that come with fame and fortune.

No one has any idea, and she wants to keep this private. She has built her entire career on being that “normal” girl, and does not want fans to know the truth. If it comes out that she is getting help, they will use the “exhausted” answer, when in reality the poor dear is in big trouble with booze and pills!


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    • kspeedian says

      I second this. In the past two years especially, I’ve felt there was something off about her.. Thast she was being very phony and seemed different NOT in a normal “teen transitioning into adulthood,” way. Plus, she’s really one of very few strars whose schtick os being a sweet, goody two shoes who loves to bake and has a cat! (Barf.)

      Anyway, I’d be less surprised if o heard Taylor was I’m rehab than I was when I hears about Selena. And Justin and Selena’s matching red outfits reference Taylor’s most recent album, Red, so that’s one of several clues that made me think of Swift.

      Whoever it is, I hope rehab helps. Addiction sucks.

    • stolenlemming says

      I third this! When I read the blind this is the first name that popped into my head when it said ‘made her career on being a normal girl’

    • Mtlmeee says

      She just left Montreal a few days ago, so this must be really recent. If this is her, she was so great with the fans here and kept a
      low profile by herself or with Nicholas when he was here filming. She even took a few pics with fans when they stalked her haha…she really is a sweetheart and I hope this isn’t her. But if it is, at least she’s getting help.

      • boyzmom says

        This. You nailed it. She’s the only one considered “normal.” No one would say that about Taylor Swift, a popular answer here.

    • kspeedian says

      Shes the only other person I can think of who fits this description to me besides Taylor Swift. That they used the word “normal,” specifically, makes me question if its JLaw. Cause w swift I’d use wholesome over normal….

      But I still get the impression they mean someone who presents themselves as super wholesome, J Law comes off as truly normal… She doesn’t act like an unrealistic goody two shoes who’s entire image would be ruined by something like this… Swift would come off as a fraud, TBH.

      • kspeedian says

        *if this were to come out about her. Whereas JLaw, I think people would more just feel sorry and hope she got better, as opposed to ESCANDALO!

    • NYCAccountant says

      She does not have a reputation as “normal”. In fact, she has sadly become more famous for her drug/alcohol problems than her work, like Lindsay Lohan.

    • krosechi says

      “exhausted”, could be maybe a clue because of the lyrics of never ever getting back together…¿?

  1. JennUx says

    i’m really going to be shocked if this is taylor swift… saw her just over two weeks ago and she seems confident and on point as ever! but the abundance of red in the photo and “trouble” in the post has me doubting myself.
    if it is, get well soon!

    • mugofmead111 says

      I’m not sure how “normal” Katy Perry’s image was.

      She was married to Russell Brand.

      She often sports technicolor hair.

      She’s also coupled with that (formerly) douche and freak John Mayer.

  2. leseid2152 says

    Taylor Swift, clues being the red dress on Selena, and the reference to Selena (they are best friends). Also “normal” girl (MTV did the “DIary of a Normal Girl” for her 22 video) and “big trouble” refrenceing her song “Trouble”.

  3. Naija_girl says

    Jennifer Lawrence? She seems to be MIA during this awards season. Everyone keeps saying she’s working though…so maybe that’s it. But she definitely has the “normal girl” actress market cornered. I hope its not her.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    Taylor Swift? She’s the only one I can think of who has not been rumored to be a hot mess.*

    *I mean Taylor herself, not her love life! 😉

  5. jillmzab says

    Miranda Lambert? She has lost a ton of weight recently. I thought maybe the booze and pills was a reference to her pistol annies song poppin pills?!

    • chandler02 says

      I think Perez was pretty obviously saying those comments out of spite. It all started when he insulted her Grammy dress. Her fans got mad at him on Twitter, he tweeted her to call them off. She did nothing, so he then started tweeting to her, Nickelodeon, and others that she has a drug problem. Those accusations seemed to directly come as payback for the Grammy Dress drama. (I just learned all of this today, lol!)

      Perez has no integrity. I am not a fan of hers, but he is pretty obvious in his petty attempts to hurt people’s careers through made-up gossip.

  6. ioannes says

    Abigail Breslin? She’s always had a ‘normal’ vibe, but lately there are some questions about her. That nasty photoshoot she did with Tyler Shields, being linked with a couple of musicians, spending quite a lot of time out in LA where the bad influences are. Her career isn’t really hitting the heights, maybe she’s self-medicating?

  7. jennycee says

    If its very recent I’m thinking Emma Watson – although she was at the Elle Style Awards the other day – the Telegraph recently ran a story about how “exhausted” she was from filming Noah and she always seems to stress how normal she is.

  8. sssss says

    Taylor Swift? She is friends with Selena Gomez (picture), and “poor dear” could be a reference to her “Dear John” song. She has an empire for sure, and is seen as the normal girl. Wow did not see this coming if this is true!!!

  9. Warrior1461 says

    Taylor is on tour, do not think it is her. but she is always doing the NORMAL routine. Think this could be a TV or FILM person not a music act. I would not be surprised if in a few years she does start to crack and needs to take a much deserved break.

  10. soapboxbetty says

    I know everyone is going to probably guess J Law for this, but it’s award season and she’s also busy shooting movies. She’s way too busy to hiding out anywhere. I’m going to go with T Swizzle, only because I can’t think of anyone else who is young and tries to “appear” normal.

    • chandler02 says

      I don’t think Perez was being honest, I think he was trying to get revenge. He was already fighting with her about her fans “attacking” him because of what he said about her Grammy dress. Perez said she should call off her fans, and she didn’t respond to him, so he then started tweeting all sorts of people (including Nickelodeon, her employer) that she had a drug problem.

      I think that reflects VERY poorly on him, not her.

    • goodgollyholly says

      I think this is it. I was thinking that secretly being there 2x was a clue – her twin sisters.

    • PandoraWolf says

      And she is the “normal” one in that she wasn’t a famous billionaire by 21 like MK & A were.

  11. cutieswift13 says

    It can’t be Taylor there are tons of pics leaving dance studio or recording studio from last days. And she was on tour before. So it has to be JLaw.

  12. LeahLynn28 says

    Taylor Swift?
    Ariana Grande?
    Abigail Breslin?
    What’s going on with those young celebrities?They’re all getting addicted to drugs,booze and pills.And where are their parents?

  13. swaggiest says

    Taylor Swift; “exhausting,” in we are never getting back together, in her tiny monologue she uses the word.

  14. beyondthesun says

    It can’t be Demi or Miley because they are both in tour at the moment and are being spotted every day/night
    Can’t be Taylor swift because she was spotted going to dance class yesterday or the day before and nothing has seemed off about her in anyway for a while.
    I wanna say looking at the picture it might be someone close to jb or sg or same area/group of people.
    I wanna say “Ariana Grande” because her imagine is the good/normal girl
    But idk because there has be a few blinds about her being hooked the ‘white powder’
    I am most likely wrong.

  15. Warrior1461 says

    I do think Taylor and J Law are both overdue for a nice break from it all. Maybe they can break together and Jen can bring her butt plug collection.

  16. Fergus says

    Sounds like Tay Tay. At the beginning of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together she does the ‘exhausted’ voiceover.

  17. kcphilly says

    Gonna say Taylor Swift “big trouble” = her song I Knew You Were Trouble, and the Selena reference since they are good friends. Tries to have a super clean image…but I would think it would be hard to become as famous as she did as young as she did. She tours like crazy to sold out football stadiums, that has got to be a lot of pressure.

  18. JaneDawson says

    I wanna say Ariana but apparently her issue is coke/mdma, not booze or pills.

    Gonna say Taylor Swift. She was out the major druggie Cara De-whatshername quite a bit lately. Hints already solved: dear, her show diary of a normal girl, big “trouble”.

  19. austen93 says

    The first person I thought of was Jennifer Lawrence and the second was Taylor Swift. I’m a big fan of both so I really don’t want it to be either. I’d rather it was someone like Ariana Grande, and maybe it is, I don’t know much about her.

    I’m going to say that I don’t think it’s Taylor Swift because I’ve been googling her and she’s been getting papped in LA going to her dance classes over the last few days, as well as posting stuff on Instagram like videos of her watching basketball with her cat. She looks well and put together like she always is. I think she has pretty strong willpower and principles. Also, I get the impression she’s distancing herself from Selena and just because she’s friends with her doesn’t mean she’s like her. Also, I wouldn’t call Taylor Swift image the ‘normal’ girl, it’s more the ‘the girl who started writing songs because she didn’t fit in at school and wasn’t invited to parties and has risen above all that’, ie more the outsider than normal one. Even though she’s been hanging out with Cara Delevingne lately I think that’s more due to the fact she was in London on tour and that whole One Direction/Cara/Ed Sheeran crowd is already known to her and were at her gigs. Plus Cara just appears wherever there’s someone famous.

    The ‘normal’ label is most often applied to Jennifer because she seems down to earth and goofy. Taylor is seen as more prissy and perfect than normal. Jennifer has missed two big awards shows this season that I know of. One was the BAFTAs and I can’t remember the other. That was blamed on her shooting schedule (Hunger Games and X-Men in separate locations), which is probably true, but it would be easy to say she was off doing a reshoot in the other location when she wasn’t. She was photographed with wine and probably weed in Hawaii previously – not that that’s an indictment here, but pot could be the stepping stone to more? The last photos I saw of her in Toronto showed her looking absolutely exhausted. None of this is proof obviously, but my final guess is:

    Jennifer Lawrence

  20. paper doll says

    It is not Taylor Swift. She has been seen consistently over the last few weeks: finishing her tour in the UK, grocery shopping, dance class, recording studios. Not to mention, almost everyone who meets her (other celebs, tv hosts, fans) says she is as level-headed as she appears to be.

    • fiddyw says

      I was so not buying the JLaw theory until I read your post. ‘Poor dear’ is too much of a coincidence. This actually makes me really sad.

  21. GrayerThanDorian says

    I don’t know if she’s still considered famous, but I think this is Carly Rae Jepsen.

  22. thebutlerdidit says

    Ariana Grande. I’ve been saying for over a year that she and Selena used substances, which seemed to upset folks. I’m a grandmother,I hope they ALL are ok! The idea of any young person caught up in drugs is incredibly sad to me. I also think Demi L is not entirely clean even when speaking to religious organizations recently. Being young and famous is incredibly hard.

  23. Martin says

    “She has built her entire career on being that “normal” girl”
    That’s Miranda Cosgrove. She tries to live as if she was not that famous and just one ordinary girl. But realistically, I think that blind is about Ariana Grande.

  24. SuzNYC says

    I unfortunately think of Jennifer Lawrence for this one. She is a brilliant, girl-next-door actress, but I feel like I have read other blinds that could have been about substance issues with her. She’s young, beautiful and on top of her game, makes sense. Hope for the best for however it is!

  25. SammyD says

    Jennifer Lawrence. The whole self-deprecating shtick she does in interviews & her whole thing about how the media affects girls’ body image is all a part of her down to earth “of the people” persona. “Exhaustion” would be a perfect excuse to explain her stint in rehab because she has been working a lot lately & her Hunger Games’ director David O. Russell has recently talked about how everyone has been overworking her.

  26. bsawyer4 says

    it’s not taylor swift, she was spotted leaving a dance class on February 21. still think jennifer lawrence is the best bet on this one, she hasn’t been seen in awhile

  27. ishipbslarrystylinson says

    I think it’s Taylor Swift I think I remember hearing her say that she didn’t drink once but there’s a video of her drinking with One Direction and she’s pretty drunk. Poor dear sounds like it would be a lyric in one of her songs. Since the whole Harry Styles thing it seemed like she went a little crazy too

  28. flower says

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring by guessing Carly Rae Jepsen. She’s not super young, but looks younger than she is, to my knowledge she’s fairly plain by celebrity standards, and she’s friends/colleagues with Bieber.

  29. Fergus says

    JLaw: As mega-producer, and Lawrence’s producer on Silver Linings Playbook (for which Lawrence won an Oscar) Harvey Weinstein said,

    “She’s going to have a long break for a year where she won’t do anything. It’s been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest,” the Silver Linings Playbook producer told the U.K.’s Sun on Sunday,

  30. dashcandy says

    I don’t think it’s JLaw cause it wouldn’t effect her career. Why would she care what her fans think? It’s someone who’s linked to both Bieber and Selena. I’d say Ashley Benson.

  31. ClosetOrganizer says

    Probably Taylor Swift, whose whole appeal is built around being the “normal” teenage girl dealing with heartbreak through song, even though only two of the relationships she’s ever been in were not PR-engineered relationships (Joe Jonas and John Mayer).

  32. igotthisone says

    Ariana Grande is, for sure, on c*ke. Its really as obvious at this point after an insane slimdown that just does not show a shred of evidence toward diet/exercise. Someone on her camp is pushing her because, yea, reality being she wasn’t making it at a “real” size.

  33. AR09 says

    It is definitely Taylor this why she moved to New York? But she looks so darn happy all the time.