He Is Cheap And Hateful

money 16[Hollywood Street King] He may be a millionaire, but what many people may not know is his infamous Hollywood reputation for being a cheapskate. According to our tipster, he treats his black employees “like garbage,” leaving them to “beg and chase him for their paychecks.”

Insiders reveal he’s got a hidden “hatred for women.” Don’t believe me… just ask his baby momma Norma, who this dude wants locked up over his issues with his visitations with his daughter. We’re told that’s why Will Smith is constantly over at Baby Boy’s house to console him.

This after he recently put his daughter on the back burner so he could visit his half Arab, half Black deported heiress ex-girlfriend/beard Maya in Dubai.

Now, Can you guess who I’m talking about?


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    • kspeedian says

      Gotta be him…weird that he treats his black employees badly when he himself is black though… He’s definitely always had my gaydar going off a bit too lol…

    • jmk says

      I agree!!! That’s what I love about HSK blinds, it’s what they are NOT saying that is so awesome.

      • terry123 says

        Yes. You are right. You have to read between the lines to figure out what is going on between the sheets.

    • ClosetOrganizer says

      Hollywood Street King mostly deals with black celebrities, which The Donald is NOT. And considering his political leanings, will probably NEVER get featured on ANY black celebrity gossip sites, except in passing.

  1. swaggiest says

    tyrese Gibson; he was in the movie baby boy and his baby mama isn’t letting him see his kid. hmm, what a damn shame.

  2. ohlalageegee says

    Tyrese Gibson
    The sneaky reference to Will’s frequent visits and the mention of Tyrese’s girlfriend/beard caught my eye too…

  3. Shawny2222 says

    Leaving them to beg and chase for their paychecks? So this person intentionally withholds his employees paychecks? That’s highly illegal. Unless they’re getting paid under the table.

  4. jocar says

    Saw Tyrese on some show promoting his book w/ Rev Run,”Menology”. The one review I read was scathing!!!

  5. Madeleine says

    Tyrese. His ex-wife (not a baby mama!) Norma Mitchell said he was recently partying in Dubai after production on the Fast and Furious set was halted after Paul Walker’s death, when he could have been spending time with their daughter instead. They have been battling over child support. Tyrese was in Dubai with Will Smith and Maxwell celebrating his 35th birthday, and also was working, claiming he had several paid appearances there.

  6. Lefemmenikita says

    Tyrese Gibson

    Baby boy: A movie that Tyrese is in + a name of one of his songs
    Will Smith travelled to Dubai (where Tyrese was at the end of Dec-13 and early Jan-14) to surprise him
    Tyrese has a daughter
    Norma Gibson: Tyrese’s wife from 2007-2009

    • stolenlemming says

      I was going to reply with this exact comment! Tyrese also reportedly dated a woman named Maya in 2011.

  7. SuperNose says

    Millionaire: Tyrese.
    His Ex wife is called Norma, and he was in Dubai last month.
    If the “hatred for women” bit is true, that’s kind of sad. He’s only child is female. : (

  8. ClosetOrganizer says

    Tyrese Gibson (was in the movie “Baby Boy” and probably runs in the same circles as Will Smith)