BG12345: Wednesday

camel snow 6Good Morning, Blinders!

Snow Camel went down south for a little R&R and found himself in the middle of another winter storm. That look on his face says it all. Snow Camel hates digging his car out in the morning.

Fortunately, we know that only thing that will cheer up Snow Camel: a BG12345!

Happy Hump Day!

Love, Ace

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  1. GayleStorm says

    Awww…poor Snow Camel! Come to CA, we’ve pretty much had a perpetual spring out here. :-/

    Looking forward to the BG12345!

  2. KWDragon says

    Poor Snow Camel! Not much is safe east of the Mississippi these days. Thank you, though, for the hot gossip!

  3. mommagoosed says

    Snow Camel – I understand! I live at a beach on the Mid – Atlantic coast and we’ve had some level of snow every week for the past four weeks! A BG12345 is just what I needed today, Ace. Thanks! #ripSidCaesar