Sharing A Stall At The Golden Globes

beverly hills hotel hilton[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which Golden Globe-nominated actor was spotted leaving a stall in the men’s room at the Beverly Hills Hotel with a mystery man?

The younger gentleman could have been an assistant or stylist, calming the actors nerves. Or he could have been a “very special” friend trying to help the celebrity relax before the big show. Wink!

However, what was very strange is that after the guys got VERY close in the privacy of the bathroom, they were never seen again together in public ALL NIGHT LONG!

Guess who?


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    • ivyleaguer says

      could be him but frankly half the time two guys are in a stall together they are doing blow and not the kind with job attached to the end.

  1. august says

    I see you’re playing it safe ace, Matthew was caught playing bongos naked with another man.

    However he won and you are saying nominated, I’m really wondering who your spy is to tell you this to tell us.

  2. CanaryCry says

    Don’t remember all who got nominated, but I’ll toss out some names:

    George Clooney?
    Kevin Spacey?

      • xrupii says

        I never said I was any good at guessing, haha. I only guessed him because he was nominated. I usually just leave it up to others because I genuinely suck at figuring things out.

  3. guessingbg says

    George Clooney…clue being that he was nominated but didn’t win (otherwise I’d have guessed Leo) and the pic of the villa with the Italian and American flags makes me think of his private villa.

    • Virgo826 says

      George wasn’t at the GGs, and that is the flag of Mexico, not Italy, along with US and Cali State flags in the pic.

      • Virgo826 says

        …the pic of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Which is throwing me off, because aren’t the GGs held at the Beverly Hilton and not the Beverly Hills Hotel? Whatever, just not sure how the pic hints at the BI…

  4. Fan says

    My first thought was Jared Leto, but it could be Bradley Cooper (with his long history of gay rumors) or Michael Fassbender, but I don’t remember seeing him at the awards.

  5. stolidog says

    Huh, I didn’t think George Clooney was at the Golden Globes.
    In that case, I’ll go with Jared Leto, because….yowza.

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    The only nominated actor i remember is Jared Leto,but i’ve never heard of rumors about his sexuality.I don’t even know if he’s dating right now…but i may be wrong,who knows.
    Ok,by reading the comments…i’ll guess,maybe Leo D. or Bradley Cooper.Both have rumors about being gays and hiring beards,aka fake girlfriends.

  7. zephyr66 says

    I could see this blind referring to two different scenarios. In one, somebody went into the stall to either get frisky or do some substance of some kind, in which case I don’t really know but will guess Rob Lowe (just to throw it out there). This interpretation seems to be what we are supposed to think, or at least what most of us will conclude.

    The other way of looking at this is if an older gentleman perhaps needed help using the stall for its intended purpose, maybe someone closer to the elderly age range? If that’s the case, then as an equally blind guess I will say Jon Voight. I can’t remember seeing him for many years before his acceptance speech, and when the voice-over guy said he was in Midnight Cowboy as he was walking to the stage, I felt really old when I realized that was the same actor.

    • donkeykong says

      I could see it as an actor doing some coke in the stalls before the show.

      It definitely was an older actor. Spacey, Voight, Dern and Douglas were all nominated.

  8. Rose Stark says

    The Mexican flag seems to be a clue so I would guess: Joaquin Phoenix… He’s from Puerto Rico but he and his family lived in Mexico for sometime…

    • donkeykong says

      The picture is just of the Beverly Hills Hotel where the incident took place. The GG take place at the Beverly Hilton. Kevin Spacey and Leo D. were pictured at parties there.

  9. bec215 says

    I have no idea – but one of those flags looks like the Mexican flag … and Bradley Cooper was there with his mother, so I really find it hard to believe he’d be engaging in any illicit behavior while she was glued to his hip – he doesn’t seem to be douchey enough to do that, but it is Hollywood after all…

    • mugofmead111 says

      …except that his mom wasn’t going to accompany him to the bathroom 😉

      he could have made up an excuse for why he was gone so long.

  10. mizzles says

    Kevin Spacey played Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea…and All Night Long is a song by Bobby Darin.

  11. donkeykong says

    The pic isn’t a clue to the actor, but just a picture of the hotel the alleged event took place at.

  12. pandora says

    First time poster, long time reader! I love this site! I guess Martin Sheen because he is older and the Mexican flag could be a clue pointing towards his Mexican heritage.