Blonde At A Golden Globes After Party

woman drink 1[Blind Gossip] This very famous blonde looked absolutely beautiful at the Golden Globes last night. She was engaging in some activity, though, that we have warned her about before.

No, she wasn’t drunk. And she wasn’t doing drugs. She was on a man hunt!

She found one, too. A handsome black guy. She passed by him, did a double take and kept making eyes at him. Then she passed by again, leaned in and said “Hi” and introduced herself. A little while later she was back. This time she threw her arms around him and took a pic with him. Then she spent almost a full hour with him, hanging on him, whispering in his ear, stroking his arm, exchanging digits.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing… except for the fact that she really wants to be in love and he is never going to fall in love with her. Why? Because he’s gay! Girl: We’ve told you about this before! Try to date straight boys! They might actually like you.


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