Blonde At A Golden Globes After Party

woman drink 1[Blind Gossip] This very famous blonde looked absolutely beautiful at the Golden Globes last night. She was engaging in some activity, though, that we have warned her about before.

No, she wasn’t drunk. And she wasn’t doing drugs. She was on a man hunt!

She found one, too. A handsome black guy. She passed by him, did a double take and kept making eyes at him. Then she passed by again, leaned in and said “Hi” and introduced herself. A little while later she was back. This time she threw her arms around him and took a pic with him. Then she spent almost a full hour with him, hanging on him, whispering in his ear, stroking his arm, exchanging digits.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing… except for the fact that she really wants to be in love and he is never going to fall in love with her. Why? Because he’s gay! Girl: We’ve told you about this before! Try to date straight boys! They might actually like you.


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      • Herkeda says

        @Scorpio13, these white male celebs aren’t messing with Taylor (probably afraid that they’ll be the target of her next hit song). Perhaps she figures that she needs to expand her dating pool LOL. Unfortunately for her, this guy (obviously Shemar Moore….who posted photos of them at a Golden Globes after-party on his Twitter and Instagram account) bats for the other team.

    • YoGo8c says

      Taylor Swift and I can’t believe Ms Pro. Contract Beard is THIS naive or this desperate. After all this time.

      Is it just possible she knew he was gay and was simply being a good fag-hag for the night? I mean come on, Tay Tay loves her gays. Maybe you’ve got her all wrong.

  1. inquisitivemind says

    Blonde: Taylor Swift, thinking that because I’m pretty sure that’s what it said on the end of the blind about her “dating” Harry Styles. No idea about the guy though.

  2. Iva says

    Blonde: Taylor Swift
    Clue: “try to date straight boys, they might actually like you” – from the Harry and Taylor article

      • Zap The Sheep says

        Pretty sure that if you are a pedophile into little boys, you are considered gay on some level.

    • Herkeda says

      Usher and Taylor Swift know each other, so it can’t be him (“she passed by again, leaned in and said “Hi” and introduced herself’). Also, I’ve never heard of any gay rumors surrounding Usher. Besides, Usher was at the GGs (pre-party, GG, and post-party) with his longtime girlfriend/manager.

    • mugofmead111 says

      There was John Mayer and he definitely seems to be straight! (If not, he’s been putting on a heck of a convincing act all these years!)

  3. Ahem says

    Okay, so I’m pretty the gay guy is Chiwetel Ejiofor (sad face). As for the blonde – I’ve got nothing.

  4. Grammaticator says

    I’m more excited that Taylor Swift was ready to go for the swirl. Did not expect that! Good for her.

  5. bjd44 says

    Gotta be Taylor Swift given all the ‘gay guy’ clues, as so many of her ‘relationships’ have been with fake gay guys!

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh,not Taylor Swift again…she has a history of dating gay guys(her gaydar is broken or never worked,idk),so it could be her.
    And if she isn’t Taylor,i could guess Kate Hudson too,but i don’t know if she was there.

  7. heybaby25 says

    Taylor Swift. In other blind she was “dating” Harry Styles and you told her to stop dating gay guys.

  8. Franciss says

    Taylor Swift will never learn, will she?

    The real question: who was the handsome man she hanging on?

  9. LC_Says says

    I’m guessing Taylor Swift, but Julianne Hough could fit here too, except I wouldn’t call her “very famous”…

  10. katt388 says

    well Kelly O was there but I am not sure you can call her a blonde. I am not sure what her hair color is

    • katt388 says

      I sorta take this back the woman may have been Mz Swift and I bet the man might have been Usher. She is on a hunt for new material for next group of songs. Ah, nothing like a faghag heartbreak song to win you an award

  11. mugofmead111 says

    My only guess would be Taylor Swift because she reportedly bearded for someone. Other than that I have nothing.

  12. Elisa says

    No doubt, Taylor Swift. Clue: “Try to date straight boys” She ‘dated’ Harry Styles and everyone knows he is definitely not straight.