One Way To Distract From A Failing Marriage

Marriage & Divorce[Blind Gossip] This girl has been a celebrity for a long time, but she is getting increasingly desperate for attention. Her marriage has fallen apart and she is drinking too much to cope with the stress.

However, she wants her fans to think that her marriage and her career and everything is just fine. So she’s taken on a new publicity stunt: She wants you to think that she is pregnant!

No, she’s not really pregnant. She just wants you to think that she might be. In fact, she and her husband haven’t been intimate in a while (probably because he’s been too busy sleeping around with someone else). But, while their messy marriage stumbles inevitably toward divorce next year, she wants you to keep talking about her… thus the pregnancy publicity stunt.

By the way, she won’t actually say that’s she’s pregnant. She’s just going to hint at it through lots of paparazzi shots. Just know that it’s all bogus.



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  1. saywhaaat says

    First time poster!

    Wife: LeAnn Rhimes
    Husband: Eddie Cibrian

    Photos were published today of her shopping for baby clothes. Smh.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Yep, I think there are a lot of hints…

      Celebrity for a long time – she was famous at 14
      Desperate for attention – MAYBE Desperate, as in Housewives, and Eddie’s ex is on RHOBH
      Drinking to cope with stress – went into treatment for stress (AKA rehab for alcoholism)
      Also, she’s the queen of staging paparazzi shots

      There was a blind that seemed to indicate Eddie had a vasectomy, so if that’s true, she couldn’t be pregnant anyway.

  2. kermit1969 says

    Wife: Melissa Joan Hart- the clue is the heart candy

    Husband: Last name is Wilkerson – he is a song writer

  3. ahmarna says

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosdale

    There have been pictures of her with a “bump” but she hasnt said if she was or wasnt pregnant.

    • kspeedian says

      She actually has come out as being pregnant and it being a huge surprise… some time in the past few weeks she said she was. Otherwise that would’ve been an awesome guess. It’s definitely that headcase LeAnn Rimes.

  4. EastlakeGirl says

    Easy Peasy – Leann Rimes was just walking around the other day with a bag from a baby store. Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian FTW!

  5. Veralynn says

    Wife – LeAnn Rimes

    Husband – Eddie Cibrian

    Seen shopping for baby clothes lately. He denies any playing around!

  6. WaitLemmeGuess says

    LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian. He’s supposedly cheating on her with his own ex-wife. These people confuse me.

  7. stonn says

    Wife: Leann Rimes
    Husband: Eddie Cibrian

    There are recent pics of Leann shopping for baby clothes.

  8. pattyc24 says

    Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

    She was spotted shopping for children’s clothes. Talk about desperate!

  9. jenstar says

    Wife: LeAnn Rimes
    Husband: Eddie Cibrian

    She was recently spotted shopping for baby clothes.. weirdo.

  10. karriganelyse says

    Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrean. She was photograpged shopping for baby clothes recently…I think we’ll all breathe a collective sigh of release when the sun sets on this couple.

  11. gadgetgal says

    Can’t see everyone else’s comments yet, so I’ll have to go “blind”

    Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon?

    I know there are probably clues here with the words “messy” and “stumbles” but I’m not exactly sure how they tie in with my guess.

  12. ConfusedHarpy says

    Hmmm, Leeann Rimes and her hubby? She’s been looking better lately so I do wonder if she’s the lush being hinted at, but otherwise she and her seemingly useless husband fit the clues.

  13. icantbelieveitsnotbutter says

    Leann Rimes
    Eddie Cibrian

    An adulterous marriage has a fragile foundation and is difficult to sustain.

    Eddie is so adorable though!! LOL!!!

  14. GossipIsMyLife says

    first time posting!

    Wife: Olivia Wilde

    Husband: Jason Sudakis

    I hope it isn’t them but they seem to be the only couple that fits this desceiption to me.

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      They’re engaged, not married. And she has spoken about being pregnant already. It is confirmed.

  15. ajmac says

    First time poster…looking at picture clue, I’m thinking this could be Reece Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth.

  16. PrettyInPink84 says

    As soon as I read the first paragraph I KNEW this was about Drew Barrymore! I stopped and thought to myself no, it can’t be ’cause she’s pregnant.. And then I read the next line. So my DEFINITE guess:

    Drew Barrymore
    Will Kopelman
    Clues: Cope – Kopelman. She’s been an actress a very long time. Acting like she’s pregnant.

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      And I also want to add that I feel very sorry for Drew. It seemed as though she finally found someone to spend a good chunk of her life with and as always that’s not the case. Some of us just aren’t meant to settle down and have that life Drew. Just accept it. Today is a modern age. You can raise a child without having a husband around. Embrace the free bird that you are and stick to a hook up buddy.

  17. cheapchick says

    Obvi Leann and dirt head Ed. Sorry Leann thats what you get.After all the pain you have caused it is time for your “just desserts” Now you can change your tatoo from “the only one that matters” (should be who matters) to “the only one that matters just ditched my crazy ass and know im all alone after I told the world we would prove our love would last for ever” THATS WHAT YOU DESERVE!!

  18. pattijoy says

    Wife: Mimi
    Husband: Nick

    …from lurker to first-time poster … thought I’d take a stab at things with a fairly obvious guess. Love to Ace!

  19. decemberfourth says

    WIFE: jessica biel
    HUSBAND: justin timberlake

    its pretty obvious these two are not IN love and jessica is a known famewhore. I don’t think these two will make it till this time next year

  20. Mommy2two says

    Wife: Gwen Stefani
    Husband: Gavin Rossdale
    “Girl” = No Doubt’s song “Just a Girl”
    Lots of paparazzi shots including one where she cradles the belly, but no official confirmation or announcement

    • im_not_here says

      LeAnn Rimes also has a song on her new album called ‘Just a Girl’ which she wrote about Brandi.