Her Slim Little Helper

woman weighing herself[Blind Gossip] This girl has been in the public eye for a long time and is very used to being watched and photographed. While she can handle criticism about her talent, she is not very good about handling criticism about her body!

Upset about being called “fat”, she recently lost quite a bit of weight. Her new, slimmed-down body looks great. However, she didn’t get there by diet and exercise alone!

She had help in the form of a little something that helps to “speed up” her activitiy, and makes the normal hunger pangs go away. Yes, it’s bad for her. Yes, she’s still on it.





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    • chandler02 says

      It might be C.A. but I think the drug isn’t coke. They way they quote “speed up” and that they make the hunger pangs go away makes me think it is the drug in diet pills, amphetamines.

      • Tasia says

        +1. Blind refers to handling criticism about her talent = Christina’s been struggling to land a hit song or album for the past couple years, despite how insanely talented she is. Also the blind refers to her as a “girl” even though she’s been in the public eye for a long time = hint at her song, “What a Girl Wants”.

    • wendy hood says

      There was a similar blind about the celebrity being outraged people weren’t talking about how hot she was now that she lost weight with the help of everyones favorite ADHD drug – Adderall. Speaking as someone who took it for similar reasons for a VERY brief time (encountered a doctor that had some sort of water retention/weight loss theory and used Add. to treat it), it is probably the worst thing to take for that. Ever. Worse than coke. You will find message board after message board of people BEGGING people to never get on the stuff – people that have chosen to take it to lose weight or to get through med school.

      Definitely Christina. Note to Christina: get off the legal meth, stat.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      I thought it might be CA too but looking at the photo again I am going to say Miranda Lambert. Especially since she was just on the cover of People recently talking about her weight loss?

    • ImThinking says

      Xtina might have had criticism about a lot of things, but I don’t think anybody ever made any criticism or had any doubts about her talent.

  1. cupcakes says

    Christina Aguilera? I’ve read something recently about her saying she was fat but feels great now

  2. Fan says

    Jennifer Lawrence is always squawking about anyone who mentions anything about her (or anyone elses) body/weight/looks, etc.

    Some sort of drugs, obviously…coke probably.

    • pinkice716 says

      While I don’t think its JLaw, I do agree with what you’re saying. I wish she’d stop going on this weight tirade. We get it, somebody called you fat.

  3. lobsterbabe says

    Jessica Simpson

    She just had her 2nd baby right after her first so I would have thought it would take her longer to lose the weight, and since she had problems losing weight even before she had kids it would be even harder.

  4. MelliUK says

    Kim Kardashian = T5 (speed/weight cutter) or whatever its known as in the USA or even more worrying coke and not the type you drink..

  5. modelle18 says

    Christina Aguilera has lost a gang of weight, but who ever critized her talent?

    Britney Spears everyone critizes her talent, are people calling her fat though?

    helper would have to cocaine or potentially speed

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Britney is not fat,but people noticed her videos and covers photos were clearly photoshopped.Everybody can see her real body doesn’t look like the body in official photos.And talent…sorry,there is no talent left.

      • Katmandu says

        Where would she get any drugs? Isn’t she babysat, still, by her minders? They aren’t going to let her slide down into the gutter ever again!

    • mugofmead111 says

      Leah hasn’t been the subject of the spotlight in the public eye as long as Xtina, Britney, or J. Simpson…or even dare I say Kim K.

  6. TVespy says

    Jennifer Lawerence, clue hunger pangs. She also has spoken out about the media picking on weight and how it’s not nice.

    • KittiePunk says

      +1 This
      I think the drug is some form of speed clue ‘speeding’ where it is meth or normal speed she is motorheading it.
      If not her then maybe Christina people are so much crueler to her than britney maybe because Xtina can actually sing. I can’t see it being Kim K just cos she would be breastfeeding and I doubt her Yeezus want the babies first teeth falling out before a photo op

  7. stolidog says

    I’ll guess Abigail Breslin. And I’m possitive many, many young (and old) starlets are using Meth to help them lose weight. It keeps you going and you’re never, ever hungry (but your teeth might fall out….)

  8. bellashade says

    Christina Aguilera

    Could also be Jessica Simpson, but Christina just got super skinny so she’s my first guess.

  9. NOTellebee says

    Kim K? Obviously a lot of it was baby weight (and I thought she looked beautiful!) but she’s definitely showing up naked in public a lot. Plus, she has to be tolerant of people making fun of her talent because she doesn’t have any, aside from skillful paparazzi usage.

  10. mugofmead111 says

    This really could be any number of people, but for this my guess is
    Girl: Kim Kardashian

    Helper:Plastic surgery (What a surprise…)

    Life & Style magazine just ran a story on her.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re:”While she can handle criticism about her talent”

      A lot of people like to say that Kim K. *has* no real talent. (People even talked smack about her “technique” on the infamous sex tape.) :)

  11. muuuuu says

    Christina Aguilera? She’s been performing since she was a kid (Mickey Mouse Club), and she did slim down recently. Though she’s also dealt with weight fluctuations before too. I could be wrong.

  12. mugofmead111 says

    My other guesses would be:

    Girl: Christine Aguilera or Jessica Simpson

    Helper: a certain white powdered substance

    Both recently took off some weight. They are blonde like the pictured girl.

  13. linda86111 says

    girl: christina aguilera
    helper: coke

    if it is her, it’s soo funny cause i was watching x factor yesterday on my dvr and her body was NICE and i remembered how it used to look just last time she was a judge on there and i thought “man, blindgossip is about to do a story on how she used coke to lose weight” lmao

    • Lisha says

      Nah that’s not coke, that’s her being surrounded by vampires PMK and Yeezus sucking the life force out of her.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I forgot about her.

      Maybe Xtina passed along some tips if/when Miranda visited her husband on the set…

  14. petunya says

    Kristen stewart. She was told to gain weight for a movie but that is over. She is also no stranger to criticism and been lots of rumors and even some tweets that she looks coked out pf her mind.

    • Sarabeth says

      No. That’s Pattinson. As for K-Stew, when you gain two pounds, most people don’t consider it losing a lot of weight when you lose two pounds.

  15. Rellyh says

    Girl : – Khloe Kardashian

    Helper – Coke or Speed?

    She did an interview in Australia the other day about the 16kg she has lost

  16. JoshuaTree says

    Gotta be Kim Kardashian

    The constant paparazzi and criticism of “talent” (of which she has none) are the giveaway. No one ever critizes Aguilera’s talent.

    And Kim lost the weight ridiculously fast, cause she was HUGE. And everyone knows she doesn’t exercise.

    Probably used Adderall. Or it could be coke, hard to tell with that frozen botoxed face of hers.

  17. Sarabeth says

    Three choices and it is probably Xtina. She has been in the public eye for over a decade and is very used to criticism. But I can’t see her taking kindly to being called fat. Miranda Lambert would be a good guess if it didn’t say “girl”. Jennifer Lawrence fits but I don’t know if she has had a lot of weight loss and hasn’t been in the public eye more than three years.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Xtina’s “fat”* period seemed to coincide with the period following her divorce, the lackluster sales of her album Bionic and the release of that movie with Cher. She even was quoted that her boyfriend liked her “curves”, but I think the talk about her being “fat” had to hurt on some level. She never had been that large since she was in the public eye, not even when she was pregnant.

      *Disclaimer – Nothing wrong with Xtina when she was a bit bigger!

  18. ingrid says

    Christina is my guess. Been around a lonnng time, talented, public weight issue with recent weight loss…..yes

    I cannot see this as Kim as she cares too much about what the public thinks, image, persona….

    Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t fit to me as I wouldn’t say she’s been in the public eye long. 2 years maybe because of Hunger Games.

  19. nutkin says

    Christina Aguilera

    Topamax – It is an anticonvulsant also used to treat bipolar disorder. Some celebrities use it to lose weight because it causes you to simply NEVER feel hungry. It could also explain why she seems to be in a better mood lately and why she is always writing stuff down on The Voice (it can affect short-term memory).

  20. starryhayz says

    Girl: Miley Cyrus!

    Helper: Speed (methamphetamines)

    Hints: “Speed up” and “hunger pangs”. She was engaged to Liam Hemsworth who stars in the Hunger Games trilogy!

  21. sugarbread says

    Jessica simpson
    Adderall from sis Ashley
    hunger pangs- contract from weight watchers hangs in limbo over her stalled weight loss. until now.
    doesn’t care if people think shes dumb as long as she gets paid

  22. kcphilly says

    Christina Aguilera


    She’s been on the cover of magazines with her weight loss this year. Clues – “Hunger pangs” = She works with World Hunger Relief and also has a song on the new Hunger Games soundtrack. Also “this girl” = her song What A Girl Wants.

    Jennifer Lawrence has not lost any noticeable amount of weight recently, except if you count her new haircut. She’s always stayed the same thank goodness.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Doubt it’s her.

      Re: “Her new, slimmed-down body looks great. ”

      There was a recent blind here in which Lea was described as being *too* skinny.

  23. Whatzmyname says

    Is Jessica Simpson considered talented? Apparently she lost lots of weight but shows only the blurred pics online. Otherwise my guess would be Christina Aguilera. She is defnitely talented.

  24. mickey88 says

    Miranda Lambert

    Clues being “speed up” her song fastest girl in town and “normal hunger pangs” pistol annies had a song on the hunger games soundtrack. Just a guess!