She’ll Have Something New To Cuddle Next Year

woman kitten[Blind Gossip] She is one of the stars of a very popular television series. She has also been the subject of at least one Blind Gossip item this year because she was participating in a PR-generated relationship with another actor.

Right after they “broke up”, our actress started dating a professional athlete. Five minutes later, they declared that they intended to spend their lives together!

Huh? What’s the rush? Well, as usual, we know the the definitive answer before everyone else: She is pregnant!

Yes, that’s right, pregnant! Her friends are telling us that she is right around the twelve-week mark. She is not quite ready to announce, but will instead spend the next few weeks wearing loose-fitting clothing and hoping that you don’t notice (just like Kerry Washington). She will definitely announce before the end of the year.

Three questions: Is it wise for her to marry someone she hardly knows just because she is pregnant? Will they work her pregnancy into her television show? And who will they say is the TV Daddy?

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TV Show:

PR Beau:

Real Beau:

Potential TV Daddy/ies:

Photo Credit: Gwen McMullin. You can see more of Gwen’s photography here.

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