The Fake Meet and Greet

selena gomez meet and greet[Blind Gossip] This performer – who is currently on tour – has sunk to a new low by engaging in fraud during a Meet & Greet.

A “Meet and Greet” is a an important revenue component of the music tour. Fans pay a huge amount of money (usually several multiples of the price of a concert ticket) to meet the celebrity in person before the concert begins.

The typical M&G is 45 seconds long. It’s just enough time for the fan and celebrity to shake hands or hug, to exchange a few words, and to have their photo taken by the tour photographer.  Depending on the tour, their M&G package might also include a T-shirt or a signed poster or a gift bag. At $500 a pop (sometimes more), the celebrity could earn a cool $50,000 for a one hour M&G.

Most young performers – like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and Taylor Swift – are very kind and personal and engaging during the M&G.

But, very recently, one singer was too wasted to show up for his own Meet & Greet a couple of hours before his concert. So what did his management do? Cancel the M&G and refund the money to his fans?

Nope! They hired a body double for the M&G, stuck some sunglasses on him, and had him stand there pretending to be the star! Then they rushed the fans in and out in two to three seconds each before they could figure out that they had just paid hundreds of dollars… to have their photo taken with a complete nobody!

Yes, this performer is behaving very unprofessionally. But his management team is to blame for behaving both unprofessionally and illegally. Yes, illegally. By taking the fans’ money and promising them something that they haven’t delivered, they have committed multiple acts of fraud.



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