How To Get A Star To Leave a Hit TV Show



[TV Line] A prospective new TV pilot just landed a big-time actor as its star, but the up-and-coming producer/writer behind the future series can’t pitch it to a single network.

Heck, he can’t even discuss it with anyone — and that’s because there’s a spoiler bomb embedded within the top-secret project.

You see, the headliner in question is currently starring on a popular hour-long drama series. And if word were to get out that he has committed himself to a new full-time gig, it could potentially ruin a major upcoming twist: his onscreen death.

So the scribe has graciously agreed to keep his script — and his stealth casting coup — under wraps until the morning after the character meets his end.

On the bright side, I hear he won’t have to keep his trap shut for much longer.

You know the drill. Start speculating in the comments section below!

Big-time Actor:

Actor’s current TV show:

Upcoming TV Pilot in which Actor will star:

Bonus Question: How will they kill him off on his current show?

homeland 2SOLVED!

Big-time Actor: Damian Lewis

Actor’s current TV show: Homeland

Upcoming TV Pilot in which Actor will star: TBA

Bonus Question: How will they kill him off on his current show? He was hanged.

So they killed off Brody on the Homeland season finale last night. Why? Why? WHY?!?!

This season of Homeland had been pretty odd to begin with, with Brody barely appearing in the first half of the season anyway, but it is very unusual for a show to kill off one of its top two stars.

We’re bummed because Brody was a great character, was played to perfection by Damian Lewis, and was one of the main reasons we watched the show. Plus, we were secretly hoping all along that Brody would be shown to be the father of Carrie’s baby. We’re going to call Saul about that.

From TVLine:

Homeland Season 3 Finale Recap:

Semper Falsus

“Everywhere you go, people die,” disgraced Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody was told earlier this season on Showtime’s Homeland. “But you always manage to survive, like a cockroach after nuclear bombs go off.”

Well, la cucaracha esta muerta.

As Season 3 of the spy drama neared its end, Brody had been deployed to Iran by the CIA, for the purpose of getting close to IRG boss Danesh Akbari and killing him, leaving agency plant Majid Javadi in charge. And though Brody salvaged the op and amazingly pulled off the execution — and this week, even more amazingly sneaked away, getting as far as to a safe house with Carrie, where they awaited extraction — he nonetheless wound up caught by the IRG, imprisoned, and sentenced to death by a military tribunal, as an enemy of the state.

Carrie railed at Javadi, who’d gotten the OK on this change to the op by new CIA boss Lockhart, acting on the president’s orders. Javadi, though, urged her to celebrate the success of the mission, which will only be stronger in Brody’s death. And though Brody asked her not to, Carrie was in attendance and looked on as he was publicly hanged before dusk.

Damian Lewis is working on a TV mini-series called To Appomattox (which also stars Rob Lowe), but that is not the TV series described in the blind item. There should be an announcement in the next two weeks about the TV show that lured Lewis away from Homeland.

There were lots of clues that pointed toward Homeland as the one-hour drama in the original blind item. Did you catch “bomb”, “embedded”, “top-secret project”, “committed” (Carrie), “stealth”, “trap”, and “you know the drill”?

Nobody got a 3 out of 4 on this one. Rosierattle was the first to guess Damian Lewis. Special kudos to Stolidog, TForce7878, and Aperitto for doing a good job picking up on several of the terrorism and military-related clues!



Guess what? The original author of the post has spoken! While we were getting all bent out of shape about Damian Lewis on Homeland, Michael Aussiello was talking about Ron Perlman from Sons of Anarchy! From TVLine:

ron perlman sons of anarchyWell, I can now confirm that the subject of said blind item is… Sons of Anarchy‘s Ron Perlman.

The actor, whose Clay character was brutally killed off during the FX drama’s recently-concluded sixth season, will star in Hand of God, an hour-long drama pilot penned by Burn Notice EP Ben Watkins (aka the up-and-coming writer) that just found a home at Amazon.

Per Deadline, the project centers on the powerful Judge Harris Pernell (Perlman), a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side who has a religious awakening and starts hearing voices through his ventilator-bound son that could be God speaking to him.

World War Z helmer Marc Forster is set to direct.

Thoughts? Admit it — you thought this B.I. had Damian Lewis written all over it. Surprise! Oh, and someday I’ll explain why I couldn’t solve this riddle sooner. It might be worth holding for my memoir.

Yes, we thought this had Damian Lewis written all over it… because it did! You know you were just leading everybody on, Ausiello!

Congratulations to… nobody. A couple of you did guess Ron Perlman, but making multiple guesses in one comment just doesn’t count. Don’t sweat it. Linda Hamilton didn’t get this one right, either.

It’s pilot season! There are no rules!

ron perlman linda hamilton

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      • Ati2d9 says

        This show is killing it, and just as you said Ace, Spader is the reason! Thank goodness….. just wouldn’t make any sense otherwise.

  1. randijane says

    Big-time Actor: Damian Lewis
    Current Show: Homeland

    “spoiler bomb” hints at terrorism, which is the focus of Homeland. Brody was supposed to die in Season 1 anyway…

    • PinkSlip says

      Plus “you know the drill,” as in military…he was a soldier captured in …. uh …. damn, where was he captured?!!! :)

  2. blackmahn says

    I wonder if it’s Tony Goldwyn on Scandal. Have no idea what the new pilot will be. But I bet it’s not an assassination. I bet he commits suicide or is secretly killed by the VP or one of her minions.

  3. stolidog says

    Damien Lewis from Homeland. I don’t know the new show, but, i’d guess they blow him up on Homeland.

    clues: bomb, embedded, committed (Carrie)

    • sugarbread says

      show’s already canceled. nothing to keep secret.
      and askars not going back to tv evah!!

    • luvprue1 says

      I would have agreed with you back in season 6 of True Blood. Hell, it’s still might be true. Pam might not get there in time to save Eric. So yeah they killed him off in season 7.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      Actually I think it might be Jason and this new NBC show, Chicago Fire? random but i swear i saw him in a promo.

  4. NOTellebee says

    OH GOD. Patrick Dempsey?! I’d be sad about McDreamy but pretty pumped he’d still be on TV. Though I feel like “bomb” and “trap” are clues. Maybe someone on Scandal? I don’t watch, but didn’t they have a bomb plot recently?

    Other thought is Rumple on Once.

    • luvprue1 says

      I can see it being Patrick Dempsey. There is already talk about him doing “50 shades of grey”

  5. JToma16 says

    David Boreanez

    Although he did recently openly state that under no circumstances did he want to return to the show, and he actually isn’t using that as a negotiating tactic.

  6. tforce7878 says

    Big Time Actor: Damien Lewis
    Actor’s Current TV Show: Homeland
    Upcoming TV Pilot in with the Actor will star: if it’s under wraps, how would we know the name? Maybe the new Meg Ryan Pilot?
    Bonus Question: Carrie will kill him!!!!

    I am guessing this because the blind has the words: scribe, drill, bomb, stealth. All military terms.

  7. iyamrocky says

    Actor: Damien Lewis
    Current Show: Homeland
    Upcoming Pilot: Don’t know-but I hope he gets to use his natural British accent!
    How killed: Carrie shoots him or IED

  8. jgirl828 says

    Big Time Actor: Damien Lewis
    Actors Current TV Show: Homeland
    Upcoming Pilot: ???
    Bonus Question: He’ll die while still on the run in Iran from the CIA


  9. hyork says


    Actor: Damian Lewis
    Current show: Homeland
    Upcoming TV pilot: no clue
    Bonus Q: Killed by Carrie or someone else in the CIA?

  10. shelaur22 says

    Maybe Jim Cavaziel is leaving Person of Interest. They’ve brought Shaw on as a regular and she functions in the same way as Reese. Jim has mentioned how hard it is for him to film the show because it requires so much physicality. No clue on the upcoming pilot.

  11. pixxxie says

    I really hope this is not brody in homeland. he is the main reason i love watching the show and I won’t watch it without his character. :(

  12. lvsoxfan says

    I concur with Damien Lewis, and hope he takes the show with him, as it jumped the shark after season one.

  13. aperitto says

    Such good news that I needed to comment!!
    I wanted Brody dead for a long time.. His character is long overdue. Plus, I can’t take the obsession Carrie has for him..

    Big-time Actor: Damian Lewis
    Drama Show; Homeland

    Clues: spoiler bomb, top-secret project, committed, scribe, stealth, trap, drill, speculating


  14. CoCoJoe says

    I’ve only seen season one, but is there really a show without Brody? I thought he was the whole point of the show.

    • samsayssix says

      In the initial draft he died in the pilot and later on they wanted to kill him off at the end of season 1, so they could easily kill him now since the idea was always on the table.

    • pixxxie says

      he is really popular and people want to see him. i would think they would keep him around. i for one will not watch if they kill him

  15. Mrs.Marshmellow says

    Thomas Gibson, Criminal Minds. No idea on the upcoming pilot.
    Clues being “top secret” and “stealth” and “speculating” because he plays a profiler FBI agent. “Bomb” for being a crime drama.

    I could be mistaken but when I first read the item, I thought it mentioned something about the fifth episode being the one he dies in, and next week is the fifth episode of Criminal Minds.

  16. luvprue1 says

    Big-time Actor: Paul Wesley

    Actor’s current TV show: The Vampire Diaries

    Upcoming TV Pilot in which Actor will star: Any show that cast him in the lead

    Bonus Question: How will they kill him off on his current show?

    Stefan has to die in order to kill Silas. Stefan will be killed by Jeremy/or Bonnie

  17. dasox says

    I vote for Brody, please writers, producers of Homeland if this isn’t Brody kill him anyway, enough already and a few more Quinn shirtless shots please. Thank you

  18. honeybunny says

    My first thought was Phil Coulson on Agents of Shhh.

    Then I saw the previews of next week’s Criminal Minds combined with Thomas Gibson’s pool problems, and I figured, yep!

  19. shannonhumphreys says

    Andrew Lincoln (Not a big time actor) Rick in Walking Dead has a new show coming out, doesn’t he?

  20. worldsoldestkitten says

    Not Thomas Gibson, although if he had any brains he’d leave Criminal Minds, which is floundering.

    He’s slated to direct at least one episode again this season and the promos for the Nov. 6th episode mention him as Unit Chief, so he survives 10/23.

    I think this is Charming from Once Upon a Time but I can’t fill in any of the other blanks.

  21. f. flintstone says

    Actor: Tyler Hoechlin pronounced “Heck”lin Co-Starred in ‘Road to Perdition’ with Tom Hanks
    Show: Teen Wolf
    Producer/Creator: Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis has been talking about creating another show. I assume he has a multi-show deal with MTV. ‘Teen Wolf’ is the highest rated scripted show on MTV. Tyler Hoechlin’s character left at the end of Season 3A and will be back for 3B with no mention if it is a permanent return.

    The word “Heck” is in the Blind Item. Who talks like that these days?

  22. abetty98 says

    I am thinking it may be David Boreanaz leaving Bones…Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night repeated this same Blind Gossip and the bartendar said it was not from a show on ABC, CBS, or NBC. So it is either Fox or cable.

  23. goldie103 says

    Chris Noth of the Good Wife (“big-time” — he played “Mr. Big”). No idea about the pilot.

  24. Karrene says

    My guess is

    Big-time Actor:


    Actor’s current TV show:

    Upcoming TV Pilot in which Actor will star:

    I DO NOT KNOW…maybe RED by Producers of the Mentalist about Mars?

    Bonus Question: How will they kill him off on his current show?

    In a fire…if he dies, it will be episode airing Tuesday, November 19, 2013…

    If he survives, I am wrong…

  25. KathyPacific says

    Hey Ace, how we doin’ with this blind? Lotsa possibilities now:

    Ron Perlman
    Taraji P. Henson — nope, the blind repeatedly says “he”
    Jack Huston
    Scott Wilson
    David Morrissey
    Whoever’s going down on Supernatural tonight, though unless it’s one of the bros or Misha it wouldn’t be news that anyone else landed a pilot.

    What shows haven’t finished(or half finished) yet? Homeland has two eps to go, right? The Brody/Damien Lewis guess is still a good one IMO.

  26. Seeker2020 says

    They are always saying, “You know the drill” in Grey’s Anatomy. So, I’m going with Patrick Dempsey.

  27. tweety77 says

    Thanks a bunch! Us lot in the UK didn’t see that episode last night!!! Thanks for spoiling it for us!! You could have put a note at the top saying something like *spoiler for UK audiences* C’mon, Ace, this is a bit naughty of you…

  28. KathyPacific says

    Thanks, Ace, for posting the pic from Beauty and the Beast. I’ve loved Ron ever since that show. Memories! *sniff*

  29. lottablue says

    I’m confused, does this mean it wasn’t Brody after all? I’m not sure I consider Ron Perlman a major star.