This Diva’s Husband Is Cheating On Her

couple bed 11SOLVED!

[Mouth to Ears] Money isn’t an issue for these two, but infidelity is!

This former child star comedian got his start on Nickelodeon. He then turned into a rapper and now an entrepreneur. He’s not only sleeping with his high-note singing wife these days, but his employees too!

Their marriage came as a surprise, but this news isn’t at all. His wife had to see it coming…his show is full of younger women closer to his age and they’re all trying to get his attention since he’s the boss.

He’s not the Prince Charming she thinks he is, but we doubt we’ll see a divorce. He definitely won’t be leaving his her because she’s the perfect trophy wife…she has her own money, own fame, but is slightly clumsy at times.

Lets just hope her recent presence on the show puts a stop to his school boy antics.

Diva Wife:

Her Husband:

mariah nickSOLVED!

Diva Wife: Mariah Carey

Her Husband: Nick Cannon

Source:, VLAD TV, and RadarOnline

Nick Cannon Cheated on Mariah Carey!

Nick has been very busy in the press blaming  Mariah Carey for their marriage woes. He doesn’t do it directly. Instead, he has other people – his father and unnamed sources – do it for him.

Well, Nick, your own bad behavior is now getting thrown back in your face!

We originally published this blind item a year ago. It spelled out the relationship between Nick Cannon and his employee from Wild N’ Out, which is a TV show created and hosted by Cannon.

Now, other outlets are catching on to Nick’s affair/s.


After news of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s split, rumors have flown about reasons behind it, including age difference, Mariah wanting control, and Nick allegedly cheating with one of his Wild N’ Out vixens.

Now Brittany Dailey, a vixen who currently stars on the comedian’s show has responded to the rumors on Twitter.

“Let me just address this right now.. I’ve never had an inappropriate relationship with Nick, never been in a room alone with Nick.” she tweeted Wednesday.

The rumors of their relationship began when Nick confirmed that he was living separately from Carey.

“He’s my boss and a friend, that’s it,” she continued. “Idk where this rumor is coming from. That’s some crazy s***.. Smh.”

Below is the header from Brittany Dailey’s Twitter account.

brittany dailey

So, as you can clearly see, Brittany is just a nice, astrology-loving girl who likes a clean car. She has no interest in sexxing up her boss. Her parents must be so proud!

Unfortunately for her, RadarOnline says that they have received confirmation of the affair:

Nick Cannon may be trying to save face now that he let it spill that he and Mariah Carey are living separate lives. But he wasn’t fooling anyone on the set of his hit show Wild ‘N Out.

“Their separation wasn’t a surprise. People knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time,” an on-set source told Radar.

The telltale sign: The Grammy-winner’s noticeable absence on the MTV set.

“During the first season Mariah made an appearance. But this season she didn’t come to the set at all,” the insider added. “She was working on her own stuff and Nick just did his stuff.”

And Carey had other close companions she’d rather spend quality time with instead of the 33-year-old actor.

“Mariah always wanted to be with her kids,” added the source of their 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe. “She didn’t seem to care about Nick and more focused on her music.

“They were trying to do two different things — her album and his TV gigs.”

After months of speculation, Cannon told The Insider Aug. 21 that rumors their marriage was on the rocks were, in fact, true and there is “trouble in paradise.”

As reported by Radar, it was the 44-year-old songbird’s jealously that was a catalyst for the break-up: “Mariah thinks that when Nick travels that he cheats on her! Mariah is super jealous and things are clearly not good between them,” an insider previously said.

Despite reports that Cannon strayed with a co-star, the America’s Got Talent host didn’t give away to those working with him that there was any domestic discord or infidelity.

“He didn’t act single. And he didn’t show any ‘trouble in paradise’ on set,” said our source. “When he was on the road he was cool, but he would go his separate ways and the girls would go their separate ways.”

nick cannon brittany dailey

Nick, are you going to have your Daddy blame Mariah for this mess, too?

Everybody and their mother got this one right. Congratulations to Suzq for being first!

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  1. amburrito says

    Diva Wife: Mariah Carey

    Her Husband: Nick Cannon

    I never got them but I definitely knew money was a factor. But I’ve never liked him, Mimi can do much better.

  2. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Mimi and Nick Cannon, and she popped up on Wildn’ Out and told everyone there she would shut that sh** down!!!

  3. QubbuQ says

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

    Though I wonder about these ‘affairs’ sometimes. I think perhaps the partner knows, and even is ok with it in many cases. When it becomes a problem is when the public starts sticking their noses in. Then the couple feels they must respond to the buzz with something. But if it’s just quiet, perhaps both parties are getting their needs met in a way that even if unspoken, could very well be just how they like it.

    I remember a blind that I think was about them that when she was pregnant he was relegated to self pleasure. Also they didn’t do anything sexual until married. I get the impression (from afar, of course) that perhaps Mariah doesn’t have high sexual frequency needs and that’s totally cool if that’s the case for her. Perhaps his needs are different and she lets him do what he needs, so long as he’s Her man and puts family first. Which he seems to do. Publicly anyway. :-)

    So, perhaps Nick just needs to tone it down a little. Some discretion out of respect for his wife and family. Then all will be fine.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: no sex before marriage…Well, Mariah and Nick only dated for like a couple of months (or so) before actually marrying. :)

  4. hrhfedup says

    Damn, Nick Cannon and Mariah? I just saw an interview where she said she didn’t trust any man…looks like she has reasons for that.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Her reasons for not trusting a man probably date back to her dysfunctional childhood.

      Of course, Tommy Mottola didn’t help matters…or Eminem continually putting her on blast throughout the years.

  5. sharziwan says

    Diva wife: Mariah Carey
    Her Husband: Nick Cannon

    Started on Nickelodeon on All That, moved to rapping and now has his own business in the entertainment industry. Not sure about the clumsy reference, we don’t see much of ‘M’ in Australia?

    Can’t believe I am the first to post!

    Long, long time lurker – first time poster! Keep up the great work Ace :)

    • PandoraWolf says

      I think she tripped or whacked her elbow on something; that’s the clumsy reference.

      I wouldn’t think he’s the boss of SYTYGT, but I think he’s got other crap on TV, too.

      He’s a cutie, but I think that Mariah’s nutty enough to reeeeeeeaaaallly not take very lightly to this. He needs to watch his boyparts for sure!

  6. SecondBest says

    I hate to say this but Mariah Carey and nick Cannon which sucks because I like them. Also the pic kinda looks like them.

  7. littlemissdramaqueen says

    Diva Wife: Mariah Carey, Her Husband: Nick Cannon
    I love “Wild ‘N Out”, so hilarious! But I’m so disappointed in Nick Cannon. :( I loved Mariah’s appearance on the show! “Imma shut all this **** down” Lmao. Oh btw I’m a long time lurker and finally registered today! I’m new ^_^ Love this site!

  8. DaGoldenGirl says

    Diva Wife: Mariah Carey Cannon
    Her Husband: Nick Cannon
    Lately news is that she is depressed and drowning her sorrow in alcohol maybe the explanation his right there! He’s a cheater!!!

  9. Nicole0416 says

    easy peasy…
    Diva wife: Mariah Carey
    Her wife (i mean, husband): Nick Cannon
    clues: Nickelodeon, he’s like the Chairman, high note singing wife..kind of limits your choices

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: clumsiness – Yes, she dislocated her shoulder recently while dancing during a video shoot.

  10. OoLaLana says

    Diva Wife: Mariah Carey
    Her Husband: Nick Cannon
    LOL at the clue: woman’s arm in bed…. just waiting for a bit of bedazzling.