She Sabotaged Her Husband’s Stuff

maria shriver arnold schwarzenegger[New York Post] Hollywood’s top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser was careful not to give up any secrets about her celebrity clients in her book, It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way: How To Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself.

There’s the wife who sabotaged her husband’s wine collection before she moved out of their marital abode. “At some tremendous effort, she had managed to steam the labels off all of the several hundred bottles . . . rendering the collection worthless in the global wine market,” Wasser wrote. That doesn’t sound like Wasser’s clients Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie and Maria Shriver.



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53 comments to She Sabotaged Her Husband’s Stuff

  • Synapse3


    • Whatzmyname

      Stuffing seafood in curtain rods,steaming expensive wine labels off….These females are brilliant!!! LOL!!!

  • rosiedoes

    Vanessa Bryant. Isn’t his nickname ‘Vino’ which is Italian for wine?

  • raslebol

    it’s funny! i know a woman who washed NIN tee-shirt wore by Trent Reznor when she broke with her NIN fan boyfriend

    • ThinkerBelle

      A friend of mine cut all the buttons off her ex’s shirts, jackets, pants, etc. She was one cray cray b!tc# but she was so freaking funny. Ah, memories. Miss that girl.

  • OoLaLana

    Wife: Amy Irving
    Husband: Steven Spielberg

  • randijane

    Wife: Robyn Moore
    Husband: Mel Gibson

  • haley1020

    Mel and robin Gibson?
    Charlie sheen and Denise Richards?

  • Virginia

    Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy?

  • geewhiz

    Cheers, whoever you are, that was truly inspired!

    • PandoraWolf

      Maybe, but what if the woman was beating the crap out of the guy during the marriage and that’s why he divorced her? My BF was on the receiving end of an abusive, alcoholic wife who was arrested for spousal battery, disappeared for a YEAR after getting out of jail, then KIDNAPPED their kids. Because of her, she and the 4 kids are living in a SHELTER since she won’t go get a job, and he’s running around ragged trying to find an apartment or buy a house FOR HER so they can get out, and she won’t give temporary full custody to him to get them out of that environment and get her shit together so she can be a better mom. Okay, rant over.

      I wish this was Nigella Lawson. Then my previous rant is invalidated and YES, this would be brilliant!!!!

  • PapillonLover

    Sandra Bullock
    Jessie James
    And good for if she did!!!

  • wfreshie

    no clue, but that is different for sure!

  • Ivee

    Katie Lee and Billy Joel.

  • madla

    I hate to say that I loved it!!! a good ol’sophisticated revenge!

    no idea who it might have been though

  • kermit1969

    Wife: Camille Grammer

    Husband: Kelsey Grammer

  • guessingbg

    I don’t know who this is, but that requires patience and dedication. He must have really embarrassed her!

  • What Had Happened Was ...

    Wow, I’ll bet she has some doozies to tell. Too bad we can’t get hints!

  • shelaur22

    Alexander Payne and Sandra Oh. Payne is a huge wine connoisseur (he picked all the wines used in his movie Sideways) and seems like he’d have a big trophy collection. Sandra also seems smart enough to use steam to get the labels off. A less intelligent person would take a knife and start scraping.

  • kbd61186

    hmmm.. she also represented Christian Aguilera. She is a crazy diva. Also, Britney Spears who is def. cray, and Kate Walsh and Kim K.

    But I’m going to go with Heidi Klum and Seal.

  • kbd61186

    TAKE IT BACK! It’s kate walsh! They had a wine cellar.

  • kbd61186

    kate walsh and alex young

  • caela94

    Camille Grammar, Kelsey’s ex

  • stanton

    Tim Allens wife or Mel Gibson’s wife

  • Veralynn

    Wasser’s clients include: Mel Gibson’s wife, Kobe’s wife, as well as Britney Spears, Kim K, and Heidi Klum.

    I will go with that kind of wrath – Vanessa (Kobe’s wife)

    Very spiteful thing to do….so if there is reason for a spouse to be mad, it would be her.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Peter and Jaqui Getty. They had a nasty divorce, and he’s easily rich enough to own hundreds of bottles of wine.

  • Mia444

    But wait… does this mean those pretentious wine snobs can’t really tell a great vintage from 2-buck-Chuck swill by simply using their superior senses of smell & taste & of course their peerless glass swirling technique? Bummer.

    • LooLoo

      It does. I read a study just a few days ago that found that there is virtually no difference between the two. Even seasoned experts can’t tell the difference between expensive vintages and the stuff you buy at the gas station.

    • lepidoteran

      No it’s not whether or not it’s good. Imagine something that can be bottled: soda, perfume, whatever, and it’s in a nondescript bottle. You can’t tell which it is. Like if it’s soda, maybe you can tell that it’s dark, but you can’t tell if it’s Coke, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, etc. You want one in particular, it has more value to you and maybe others too, but you can’t tell which it is. Not so great, huh?

    • channel orange

      LOL. XD

    • gaelgirl

      It depends on their level of wine expertise. Some people really can identify a wine (type, year, region, etc.) based only on what they see, smell and taste. Most people don’t go to that level of study.

      It all depends on your level of wine experience, but generally ultra-cheap gas station wine/Two-Buck Chuck wines are pretty easily discerned from a high-end wine. It’s sort of like the difference between a Ho-Ho and a $25 chocolate cake restaurant dessert. Whether you prefer the Ho-Ho or the restaurant cake, you can usually tell which one is more expensive. The trouble with wine identification is usually in the mid-range, so like deciding between the local bakery’s $5 chocolate cake slice and the restaurant dessert. It really all depends on what you prefer, taste-wise. Wine really needn’t be this complicated.

  • slantrhyme

    She’s brilliant, whoever she is!

    Kinda hope it was Mrs. Bryant.

  • jacksonian

    Crazy Kelly Rutherford.

  • rudy

    alec baldwin
    kim bassinger

  • HermioneG

    Haha good one, I have no idea but I bow to her!

  • jonesing

    Since the photo is of a political couple I’m going to guess former Governor Mark Sandford and his ex-wife. She had lots of time when he was “hiking.”

  • gagirl

    Whoever this genius is gets a standing ovation. I mean, really, that is just brilliant. And it probably went unnoticed for a long time. Hahaha

  • nolabelle

    Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman, or
    Talia Balsam and George Clooney, or
    Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt, or
    Kimora Simmons and Russell Simmons, or
    Christie Brinkley and Peter whatshisface?, or
    Katy Perry and Russell Brand, or
    Kate Winslet and director ex (name?), or
    Cher and Sonny Bono, or
    Goldie Hawn and x Hudson, or
    My gosh, this is tiresome, there are just too many!

  • Ati2d9

    Was totally gonna say Elin nordegren, but doesn’t look like she was a client…

  • bleargh

    It just came to me… Liberty Ross. It had to be her!

  • tru leigh

    She didn’t need to go to so much trouble. A Magic Marker would have done the trick.

  • augustmom

    Magic marker wouldn’t have that deep satisfaction. I really like the Ellen Barkin guess!

  • Grandma3

    Bravo and hats off to this woman scorned.