The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 4

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] We don’t know exactly how many people heard Junkie’s comment about how Clingy lost her virginity, but the disclosure certainly surprised them!

After all, at the time that they were dating, Lucky was wearing a purity ring! And everyone assumed that Clingy had lost her V-card to a wondrous older singer! Given this revelation, it’s no wonder that Clingy was so upset about her breakup with Lucky in a phone call that only lasted a few seconds!

Anyway, Junkie continued blabbering on and insisting that they all hang out together.

Sassy – who is besties with Clingy – gritted her teeth and sweetly blew off Junkie.

Poppy also politely declined, saying that she was going to be traveling out of the country to do some charity work.

Junkie perked up. She asked Poppy if Poppy’s boyfriend – another celebrity – was going to be going with her on the trip. Poppy said no.

Uh, oh.

Now it’s time to introduce the final member of the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs: Slimy.

Slimy is Poppy’s current boyfriend. Slimy is an actor who is best known for his role on a sitcom that ended several years ago. You might also know him as a hard-partying skirt-chaser and the ex-boyfriend of several Hollywood starlets.

The list of things we dislike about Slimy is long. There was the pregnancy scare he had with a 15-year-old cast member on his former television show. There are the numerous girls that he introduced to “the back door” (his preferred style since there are no more pregnancy scares that way). There is the closet full of costumes that he asks his conquests wear that he never washes the stains out of between uses. There is the occasional bruising smack that he will dole out if a girl irritates him. And, of course, there is the alcohol and the drugs and the cheating and the… like we said, the list is long. Slimy is way too old for Poppy and a bad influence on her. Frankly, Slimy is bad for everyone.

In other words, he was perfect for Junkie’s sister, Horrie!

Like Junkie, Horrie is a nobody who wants to be famous. So Junkie and Horrie hatched an evil plan. While Poppy was out of the country, Junkie would fix up Slimy with Horrie. Then they would then leak to the tabloids that Slimy cheated on Poppy! They could get Poppy and Slimy to break up! Then Horrie and Slimy could date, and Horrie could become famous!

Poppy left on her trip… and Slimy promptly slept with Horrie. Big surprise there. In fact, Slimy hooked up with Horrie for several nights in a row last week.

Of course, Poppy had absolutely no idea what was going on! She thought that Slimy – who sent her such loving public messages on Twitter while she was away – was being a good loyal boyfriend!

But then something unexpected happened. During one of their nights together, Slimy showed Horrie his cell phone.


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82 comments to The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 4

  • Laramcch

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama(?)

  • Masse

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • Sarah J.

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • Aisha

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • nicky

    That leaves Slimey to be Wilmer Valderama.

  • wondergossip

    Slimy is Wilmer Valderrama!

  • stolidog

    Slimy is wilmer valderamma of course.

  • wastedonlife

    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Horrie: Kaja Eggensschwiler
    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Sassy: Selena Gomez
    Clingy: Taylor Swift
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • Ana-nj

    #7 CelebrityDwarfs: Wilmer Valderrama

  • Suman

    Wilmer Valderamma.

    Gross. Love the tirade against him.

  • tlc

    Slimy = Wilmer Valderrama

  • katocody

    Poppy- Demi Lovato
    Lucky- Joe Jonas
    Clingy- Taylor Swift
    Sassy- Selena Gomez, I think
    Twerky- Miley Cyrus
    Flexy- Nick Jonas
    Slimy- Wilmer Valderrama

  • Katyhello

    Slimy has to be Wilmer Valderrama from That 70’s Show

  • Christyd

    Slimy – Wilmer Valderrama
    Is still have no clue who Horrie is.

  • IcanC

    Slimy-Wilmer Valderrama

  • dallerzz

    slimy:Wilmer Valderrama but according to google Wilmer Valderrama is demi’s ex?!

  • GoneGirl

    Slimy: Wilmer
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Horrie: Kaja Eggenschwiler

    • nataliecook

      I goggled Kaja and this is the first thing that came up:


      She really pissed someone off!

  • Annemarie123

    Slimy:Wilmer Valderrama

  • linda86111

    well its pretty obvious that slimy is wilmer valderrama

  • jaico

    In addition to my guess posted under Part 3, new guy – Slimy is Wilmer Valderrama.

  • Molls

    Slimy = Wilmer Valderrama
    Horrie = Blanda Eggenschwiler’s non famous sister

    And either Horie or Slimy leaked the pix of Poppy

  • Weazle

    Oh no Demi’s nude pics. Wonder who Wilmer may have knocked up?

    • nicky

      He didn’t knock up anybody, the blind says there was a pregnancy scare, which means the girl in question ended up not being pregnant after all. Fortunately. And I think they’re insinuating that it’s Mila Kunis, who was the only 15 year old (and the youngest cast member) when she started out on That ’70s Show.

  • maylise

    Poor Demi Lovato[poppy]
    Wilmer Valderrama[slimy]
    Blanda Eggenschwiler
    blanda eggenschwiler’s sister too irrelevant to have a name[horrie]

  • Megan

    Slimy is Wilmer Valderrama ://// this is awful I feel terrible for Demi

  • sabrina325

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderama

  • HereKittyKitty

    Continuing on from Part 3..
    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Clingy: Taylor Swift
    Sassy: Selena Gomez
    Twerky: Miley Cyrus
    Flexy: Nick Jonas
    Chappy: Harry Styles
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Horrie: Blanda’s sister
    Slimy: Wilmar Valderrama

    Can’t wait for the last part of the story!!

  • sassy702

    Poppy – Demi Lovato
    Lucky – Joe Jonas
    Clingy – Taylor Swift
    Sassy – Selena Gomez
    Twerky – Miley Cyrus
    Flexy – Nick Jonas
    Slimy – Wilder Valerama
    HOrrie- Kaja Eggenschwiler
    Junkie – Blanda Eggenschwiler

    That’s my guess!

  • dee45

    And this is how Poppy’s naked pic was leaked. Through Slimy, Horrie and Junkie

  • thelasthigh

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma, former sitcom (and peak of his career) – That 70’s show. He tweeted Poppy (Demi) happy birthday last week

    15 year old costar: Mila Kunis

  • LC_Says

    This is such juicy gossip, I feel so bad for Demi!

  • brobdingnagian

    Yuk, wilmer valderrama!

  • heyhey

    slimy:Wilmer Valderrama ,he’s always been creepy

  • SheilaK

    Slimey- good ol’ slimeball Wilmer V

  • anycolouryoulike

    Slimy = Wilmer Valderrama

  • guestimation

    Wilmer V…wow this is sooo juicy, Ace!

  • chandler02

    Wilmer is such a JERK!!!!

  • noinin

    Slimy = Wilmer Valderrama. Was in That 70’s Show, and sent Poppy aka Demi Lovato a really cute birthday tweet while she was in Africa.

  • kins

    Slimy is Will Valderrama.

  • mistyk

    YUCK. Slimy…Wilmer What’s-His-Face. Ugh.

  • tomlustin

    Slimy: wilmer valderrama

  • celebiddy

    Oh my god this is so great can we get stories like this every week please??

  • carriebradshaw

    Slimy- Wilmer Valderrama

  • DelilaMars

    So Wilder Valdemara showed naked pictures of Demi Lovato to the irrelevant Blenda’s sister. No wonder why there’s a “leak”… Poor Demi!

  • ohgodnook

    Hmm..Clingy: Taylor Swift, Poppy: Demi Lovato, Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama (sp?), Lucky: Joe Jonas, Sassy: Selena Gomez, Junkie: Lindsay Lohan, Horrie: Ally Lohan

  • gossip babe

    omg blind gossip i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you but omg remember when they said that demi was really into reading blind gossip can’t wait to see how that goes omggggggggggggggggggggg

    and slimy Wilmer Valderrama.
    and the sister is offcourse Kaja Eggenschwiler

  • Mia444

    Ah ha, I was expecting the 7th Dwarf to be Wilmer V… what a douche. Time for that douche to start hitting on women his own age.

  • MzDBDB

    I don’t see what anyone sees in Wilmer.

  • blackmahn

    Well, hello, Wilmer Valderama. How’s it hanging?

    This is just getting too juicy. And, Joe, let’s say he’s a major a**hole for not only breaking up with Taylor that way after having taken her V-card but for dating that social climbing bit.

  • kat17

    slimy is wilmer

  • Soulfire

    Slimy: Wilder Walderama… and that obnoxious Jonas brother’s girlfriend’s sister is the one leaking the naked pics of Demi. Poor girl.

  • redstilettos

    Horrie: Blanda’s sister and Slimy: Wilmer whateverhisnameis
    He, Blanda and sister of Blanda are gross. The end.

  • Warrior1461

    Can Silmey I mean Wilmer get a FREAKING acubeating. It is like acupuncture but with like you know fists instead of needles. HE reminds of those sleezy guys in HS who cheated on their GF time and time again but still took them back.

    I cannot wait for the VMA blind items and the eventual implosion of Dilmer.

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    No idea but will guess Wilmer?

  • Veronica

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Horrie: Kaja Eggenschwiler
    I’m not sure.

  • jailene_

    Ok so I know Harry Styles,Demi Lovato Joe Jonas and Nick jonas

  • Warrior1461

    Junkie’s plan sounds like something a 9 year old would come up with. One that will backfire right into their own faces. Demi seems like type when she gets pissed she will be out for blood. Hopefully this will lead to her becoming closer to Selena and Taylor the only two people who can be the best influence on her.

    • PandoraWolf

      Demi DIDN’T get fired from X-Factor and seems to have a pretty good rappor with Simon. I wish he’d flex some star power and erase the rest of these d-bags from the entertainment industry. And Wilmer gets dumped off the yacht into some deep deep water somewhere.

  • newtodaye

    Poppy-Demi Lovato
    Lucky-Joe Jonas
    Clingy-Taylor Swift
    Sassy-Selena Gomez
    Twerky-Miley Cyrus
    Flexy-Nick Jonas
    Junkie-Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Horrie-Kaja Eggenschwiler
    Slimy-Wilmer Valderrama

  • mrsjaymack

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • Bunny Rabbit

    Slimy is Wilmer Valderrama, no doubt. Oh my word…so that’s how the pics were leaked. I feel sorry for Poppy, uh Demi. Girl needs a non famous boyfriend.

  • AndTheWinnerIs

    May I suggest we rename these to the seven dorks? Stupid kids! That “eggs” chick disgusts me, so does Wilmer. They’re all dumb to boot!

  • waitinonthesun

    Wilmer Valderrama

  • jonsmommy408

    Slimy is Wilder Valdarrama

  • JaneDawson

    Taylor Swift gettin’ it on with Joe Jonas
    Demi Lovato travelling to Africa for “CHARITY”
    Wilmer Valderrama bangin’ Kaja Eggenschwiler
    Blanda Eggenschwiler hooking them up
    Kaja sending the nude photos of Demi Lovato to herself from Wilmer’s phone.

    Just pathetic. I hope this backstory is fake. However, Demi Lovato won’t be shedding any tears. Nude photos will up her career. Endorsement deals will fall outta the sky. Hollywood loves a naked, single television star! Blanda & Kaja on the other hand…are still going nowhere.

  • WhatLolaWants

    “There is the occasional bruising smack that he will dole out if a girl irritates him.” Wow. I hope one day this is solved because this is completely unacceptable. Karma is a b*tch.

  • slantrhyme

    Wilmer V! How does he keep getting the ladies, he is so skeevy!!!

  • mizzavrid

    Wilmer, that you boy? No wonder your nasty ass can’t get a job. Not even in Hollywood.

  • Jennie

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    there is a story about him introducing demi lovato to heroin he’s such a bad influence but perfect match with blanda’s sister

    Horrie is Blanda’s Sister Kaja Eggenschwiler and the 15 year old costar: Mila Kunis

    That Eggenschwiler sisters disgusts me… there is a blind that joe jonas was on depression because blanda bosses him on where to go because of the paparazi she is such a fame whore!!!!!!!!!!

  • BoredPerson123

    The 7 Celebrity Dwarfs:
    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Clingy: Taylor Swift
    Sassy: Selena Gomez
    Twerky: Miley Cyrus
    Flexy: Nick Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Horrie: Blanda’s sister [Kaja Eggenschwiler?]
    Chappy: Harry Styles
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    • BoredPerson123

      Sorry! *The 7 Celebrity Dwarfs + 3 side characters! (;
      But the Eggenschwiler sisters disgust me to no end… #sorrynotsorry. :/

  • Lemon

    Wasn’t there a previous blind gossip about John Mayer getting Taylor Swift pregnant and she had an abortion? How could that happen if she dated John before Joe and she lost her virginity to Joe?

  • Warrior1461

    Demi needs to dump Wilmer, joe needs to dump blanda so Wilmer and Blanda can date. Those two sleazebags are perfect for each other.

  • ThatswhatIam98

    Slimy = Wilmer Valderrama
    So Slimy cheated on Poppy? Poor her :(

  • matthew netting

    Twerky: Miley Cyrus, Clingy: Taylor Swift (totally apt for her), Sassy: Selena Gomez, Chappy: Harry Styles (closeted), Flexy: Nick Jonas, Junkie: Blanda Eggenschweiler, Horrie: Kaja Eggenschweiler, Poppy: poor naive Demi Lovato, and now to Slimy: The Utterly Despicable Wilmer Valderrama, that man needs to be neutered.

  • Lisa

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  • God in heaven.

    Junkie: Blanda E.
    Horrie: Kaja E.
    Slimy: Satan Incarnate (Wilmer V.)
    Poppy: Demi L.
    Sassy: Selena G. (cultural appropriator but mostly harmless)
    Twerky (did you even try): Miley C. (hate her)
    Lucky: Joe J. (druggie)
    Flexy: Nick J.
    Clingy: Taylor S.
    Chappy: Harry S. (in the closet/taken)

  • Daviddemi


  • ClosetOrganizer

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Older singer: John Mayer

    15-year-old co-star: Mila Kunis?

    Slimy’s ex-girlfriends: Lindsey Lohan, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt (WHY??? Why did they even date that guy?!)